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B utterfly - BTS

A dult Child - BTS (Jin RM and Yoongles)

N o - BTS

G o Go - BTS

T he Last - Agust D

A gust D - Agust D

N o More Dream -BTS


C offee - BTS

H ouse of Cards - BTS

A m I Wrong? - BTS

T wo! Three! - BTS

S econd Grade - BTS


A wake - BTS (Jin)

N evermind - BTS



M ic Drop - BTS

E xpensive Girl - BTS (RM)

M ama - BTS (Hobi Hobi)

E pilogue: Young Forever - BTS

S ave Me - BTS

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Fly Boy

Request:  hi there! I was just wondering if you could do a sorta lengthy (if that’s okay) one shot with Poe and the reader where they grow up together and become teenage lovers. The reader becomes pregnant right before Poe leaves but doesn’t have to heart to tell him and he doesn’t know when he leaves. One day, he’s saving a planet from the FO and he recognizes you and he sees the child and he connects the dots and offers the reader to join him. Thank you so much and thanks for writing so well! Good day!

Character: Poe Dameron

Word Count: 2,652


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“Come on Poe! The water looks more fun to play in then a tree!” you giggled, your short legs carrying you closer to the edge of the pond.

“Y/N climbing trees is more fun though!” Poe said with a pout on his face as you turned to look back at him. “Being in a tree reminds me of flying.”

“Why are you so obsessed with flying? Cause your parents do it?” you asked as you slowly backed yourself into the water and kneeled down to stick your hands in the sand.

“Yeah, why are you so obsessed with water? Cause your mom is part fish or something?” he said and walked towards you and sat on a rock. You looked up at the older boy and splashed him.

“She’s not part fish! She just comes from a planet where it’s mostly water and not trees you dingus!” you shouted and kept on splashing him playfully. Poe smiled and eased himself into the water, starting to splash you back. The two of you kept splashing at one another and wading into the water, your small legs not allowing you to go in more than a few feet deep.

The two of you ended up spending time growing up by the water at the edge of the forest, him exploring the trees as you would lay on your back and float around, watching him climb higher and higher. Eventually you grew up and you would sit at the edge of the water with your feet in the sand, Poes jacket around your shoulders as you watched him fly his dads old X-Wing around the settlement you lived on. You smiled as your friend lived out his dreams but you felt also like something was missing, like you should have a dream to be living out too.

“You know Y/N, you remind me a lot like water,” Poe said after one of his training lessons. He was trying to convince you to join him in the Resistance but you were still on the edge about it.

“Why do I remind you of water Poe?” you said softly and walked a bit closer to him, sliding your hand into his.

“Because even when you can get so upset, you find a way to become calm again,” he said and squeezed your hand, looking down at you. You blushed slightly as he said that and pulled his jacket that was hanging around your shoulders closer to you.

“Just because I have a bad temper doesn’t mean I’m like water,” you chuckled before looking up at him. He smiled and kissed your head gently. This is how you two went on, it not being a surprise to anyone that you two ended up together. You were the calm to his storm and the reason he wanted to fight for the Resistance, to be one of the best pilots that was known. And you joined him on his journey, bidding your parents good bye as you got onto a ship with other Resistance recruits and sitting next to Poe, the single bag with your possessions clutched to your chest and sitting close to him.

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