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༼  As far as good ideas went, Kibum was sure he had had his own stack of brilliant plans now and then, so when the half-demon warned him continuing in this path would only bring him sorrow, Kibum was skeptic about it.

  “It’s her,” the half-demon growled, dark hues averting to the side. “She will eat your head if you mess up.”

  Kibum hummed as he looked at the lady right across the street. There was a nice lounge a few meters ahead, and Kibum’s heart was already beating with wild, aching excitement at what the entire scene meant. After all those months of waiting and searching frantically, he was finally seeing some light ahead.

  “Thank you, now you can go away. If I find out you’re lying, I will not hesitate to go back and kill you. I hope you understand it would be kinda personal. And the same would happen if you tell anyone else what happened here,” he threatens the other.

  Ever since Kibum stepped back into the human realm, his attitude has changed. Before, kindness and compassion were shown freely and given without hesitation. Life had roughened him up however. Now demons and half-demons alike, the fae folk and more others knew the once-a-kind-Shadowhunter had become someone colder, a Nephilim so alike to his comrades.

  Hazel orbs took another look at the pretty woman in disguise ahead. Her long hair flew freely with the summer breeze. It was getting dark little by little, and the usual stifling humidity of the season was starting to lower down each day a bit more. Kibum couldn’t see anything about her that revealed who she was, but he could sense the half-demon had told him the truth.

  With sure steps, he crossed the street and walked after the beautiful woman, soon reaching her. With both hands behind his back, fingers laced together lightly, he allowed himself a small smile.

  “Hello, would it be too much of a bother to ask you for some time to talk about business right now?” he said. “I’m Kibum, and I heard you have the means to help me with a problem I have.” ♚