As of Friday at 11am, the current iteration of Ish is over.

  • I had four amazing audiences full of love and laughter and a few tears.
  • I had the most response ribbon answers of the projects in my space.
  • I had Sherry Kramer and Polly Karl and Kirk Lynn and Lisa Tompson in my first audience [Lisa told me I could tour the play as it is].
  • I had the entire audience dance with me in the second performance.
  • I filmed the third performance, and will put it on the internet soon.
  • I made my mother and Nana cry intermittently in the fourth performance.  
  • I didn’t cry until I started thanking the last audience, who gave me a standing ovation in response. 

I’m still processing, but I think I might be the luckiest girl Texas has ever seen.