• Toramaru:My mom's sick.
  • Kogure:Yeah, well my mom abandoned me.
  • Gouenji:My mother is dead.
  • Fubuki + Kidou + Haruna + Fuyuka:Both of our parents are dead.
  • Hitomiko:My brother died.
  • Fubuki:So did mine.
  • Gouenji:My little sister got hit by a truck and fell in a coma for a year.
  • Kidou:I was separated from my sister for years and couldn't contact her during that time.
  • Hijikata:I'm raising my five younger siblings on my own.
  • Fudou:(financial problems leading to family issues)
  • Aliea Academy/Sun Garden Kids:(do i even need to say it)

link to the photoset ishidoshuuji posted that inspired me to draw this;; 

i finally got myself to draw something;;;. there wasn’t enough room for kidou’s entire rant wups