utsonomiya toramaru

@amusefilledpark: Welcome to Fifth Sector!

It was a regular day in Inazuma Town, not a thing out of place and of course, soccer was rigidly controlled by Fifth Sector. Things were peaceful and quiet as intended. Utsonomiya Toramaru thought to himself as he paused and looked at Raimon Junior High in the distance. “Well almost peaceful, my former school and the soccer club are making unfortunate choices.”

Tora said to himself as he pulled out his tablet and looked at a Fifth Sector report on a special person whom had abilities that might assist Fifth in making the Raimon soccer club conform to Fifth’s wishes. Fifth Sector could do it themselves of course, but the whole idea of torturing young boys to their breaking point was still considered unsavory by some of Fifth’s supporters.

Which brings me here. Tora thought as he walked to a circus. Hopefully this “free agent” that Gouenji had sent him to meet would be able to help. Walking through the monkey park, he slowly approached an individual who matched the description in the Fifth Sector database. “Good day, are you the one known as Specter?” Toramaru asked firmly as he examined his tablet in his black gloved hands and took a picture of the individual and began recording their meeting to preserve what each side would agree to.

(I hope it’s workable! =) I look forward to rping with you!)

Inazuma Legend Japan!

Now that the Fifth Sector trial is over and I was cleared, Endou-san arranged for me to join my former teammates in ILJ! It feels good, but it’ll be a while before all the wounds heal. It’s good to play again with them though and I even got my old jersey number.

Utsonomiya, Toramaru #11 FW, ILJ sounds great!!!

@disgraced: Toramaru’s amnesia!

Utsonomiya Toramaru was very confused and frightened!

He’d woken up surrounded by strange men in a building and they had apparently just finished injecting him with something. There was one problem for himself, a big one! And that was he didn’t know much of anything anymore, his identity was a blank and where he was was a mystery. The only thing he was sure of was these lab coated men and the security guards with them were not there to help him.

He reasoned this because the restraints on his wrists and ankles were chafing at his skin and he saw evidence that he’d been struggling against them. Eventually, their guard was let down and he managed to slip away and out of the building when one of the Doctors? Nurses? Were examining him. They gave chase, but he managed to slip out onto the street and leaned against a wall and panted as he sought to regain his breath. This is Tokyo. Toramaru thought to himself as he looked down the street. Nice to know I know something.

And then a box was shoved over down the street and more guards were rushing towards him. “Nuts.” Tora said as he began running again. “Help! Someone…help!”