I don’t want you to run to me and to kiss me. I don’t want a huge love story. I don’t want a life full of happiness nor easy things. I want the hard way, the hard girl, the hard world, the hard life. I’m full of desire. I’m full of power. I’m full of fire. I want to climb the highest mountain. Scream to this shitty world that I can do it. That I can do everything. As long as i’ll be on top is as long as i drop the world. I’ll drop it. I’ll put it inside a box and I’ll give it to you when i come down of the mountain. I’ll give you that box and I’ll say that I love you. Pretty Utopic, hum? Not that Utopic, when it’s all about you mountains become small hills, people become ants and the world become my heart. Now, you still don’t believe me?

I guess I’m out of my mind. I’ve always been running faster than what i really should. Love chases us. It catches us. She’s got me now. And what about now? Now I’m just seating here, doing nothing. I want to run, but i dream about it. I want a kiss, but i dream about it. I want her here, but i just fly over it. I dream about it, again and again. I need a hope, but i got nothing. I need power, but I just postpone and postpone it. By the way, it’s not that bad to be dreaming. I’m happy to be able to have her face in my head, her lips in my wish; Her in my Utopia. How Utopic love is. Utopic utopic. But I’m still happy - I’m able to love. Oh, but I remember, she’s still missing.