These guys. You gotta love em.

A little consolation after the epilogue ;.;  Although, I do like Boruto ^^;

Quiero que me miren con amor, que me abracen fuerte, que me vayan a buscar, que me pregunten qué soñé, si me siento bien, que me besen cuando no me espero un beso, que me agarren la mano y me guíen hacia dónde ir, que no se vayan, que me quieran así.

“In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction.” - Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

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I’m sure you people want the fun stuff though.

Miko giving a Trump-esque speech about building a wall to stop the youkai immigrants and getting the youkai to pay for it (didn’t actually happen).

The three tengu complain about their jobs and pose for suggestive pictures for some reason.

Mysterious woman has tea with Eirin, what are they plotting?! Local shrine maiden refuses to investigate the Eientei conspiracy.

Competition runs fierce between two rival dango vendors.

Shinmyoumaru, rising star in the world of competitive river-rafting, made the move from Singles to Doubles, where her physique switched from a handicap to an advantage. With her partner Wakasagihime, she took home the championship. It’s unclear if Wakasagihime should’ve been allowed to compete at all, but there’s no rule against it.

Come see the Manzairaku Show/Come join the SDM maid crew

Reporter accidentally triggers urban legend by taking a picture of these three: Yoshika Miyako, center, was later confirmed dead. Be careful when taking pictures!

“Y te la tenés que empezar a creer, un poco, pero bien. Es algo que nunca hiciste y tenes que empezar a hacer. A pisar fuerte a partir de ahora. No podes retroceder el tiempo ni volver a atrás, todo eso: es mierda. Se queda dentro de una caja. Ahora empezas de nuevo mostrándole al mundo como sos. En lo que te convertiste, por vos y para vos.
Decirles: ¡Acá estoy yo! ¡Sí, ya lo sé!
No dudar. Salí de estas cuatro paredes y deja de quedarte con todo lo malo. Estas llena de información, todo el tiempo te llenas de información maravillosa y tomas lo malo de ella. Enseñale al mundo que sos increíble. Deja de tener miedo, mandate sin pensar, usa la impulsividad, jugate por las cosas. Levanta la cabeza. Te van a mirar, te aseguro que te van a mirar. Y a los que te quieran joder, pero que se vayan a la mierda. Estás divina. Lo sabés.”

Amor propio y orgulloso.

It’s time for Marisa’s horoscopes! The genius magician has come up with her own innovative method of fortunetelling by combining traditional astrology with her own brand of danmaku fortunetelling. Simply get hit by these danmaku to receive incredible luck for the rest of your life. Marisa is not liable for any damage incurred while getting hit by danmaku.

Aries: Flying Sign “Flying Head” (used by Sekibanki)

When you’re struck by this, your head will go flying just like the user. Apparently you’re still conscious for a few moments after that, so that’s pretty lucky.

Taurus: Deva Sign “Knockout in Three Steps” (Yuugi Hoshiguma)

She punches you right in the gut. Normally you’d die, but it’s a spellcard so you don’t. Lucky you.

Gemini: Strings “Storm Ensemble” (Tsukumo Sisters)

The nightmare melody causes you to lose your sanity as you die. Those with musical experience will be able to extend their life. Normal luck.

Cancer: Transformation “Bunbuku Hot Soup Bathtub” (Mamizou Futatsuiwa)

When you’re hit by this you’re forcefully boiled into a delicious soup. Even your bones become soft and edible. Nothing is wasted, so you’re pretty lucky.

Leo: Nue Sign “Danmaku Chimera” (Nue Houjuu)

Anyone hit by this danmaku becomes unidentifiable as they die. Being able to become unidentifable without drinking? Lucky!

Virgo: Instinct “Release of the Id” (Koishi Komeiji)

When hit by this, your heart opens up as you die. Most people live their entire lives with their heart closed, so that’s actually pretty lucky.

Libra: Glint “Seventeen Articles Laser” (Toyosatomimi no Miko)

Get impartially struck by lasers. Naturally, you’ll die, but you’ll die 17 times. Pretty lucky if you ask me.

Scorpio: Poison Sign “Poison Breath” (Medicine Melancholy)

This isn’t danmaku so much as just poison. Obviously you’ll suffer and die. But if you do manage to survive, that’s pretty lucky of you.

Sagittarius: Light Sign “Earthlight Ray” (Marisa Kirisame)

Gotta say, being pierced from below sucks. Especially if you get pierced by so many of them that you die. But still, at least you got to meet me so that’s lucky.

Capricorn: Forbidden Danmaku “Starbow Break” (Flandre Scarlet)

It’s not every day you run into a rare character like her. In all likelihood you’ll meet a cruel death, but hey, at least she actually used danmaku this time. Lucky you.

Aquarius: Horror “Tsurube-Otoshi Apparition” (Kisume)

You get hit in the head and die of cerebral hemorrhage. People with thick skulls will live, but will have such horrible head injuries that they’d wish they hadn’t. Aren’t you lucky you died?

Pisces: Hellfire “Infernal Essence of Grazing” (Clownpiece)

Caught between the frying pan and the fire, you’ll be cooked to well-done by the end of it. Hellfire is pretty rare though, so you were lucky to see that.