utopia series


“I see [Wilson] as a person who is quite idealistic in how he perceives the world, and I think in pursuit of that idealism he ends up struggling a lot. He definitely takes the path that’s more difficult to go down, because of his idealism. It’s a massive struggle for him. He has a very strong moral direction, and because of that, he finds himself in situations he wouldn’t ordinarily end up in. But he can’t be any other way.” - Adeel Akhtar


Get to know me meme: [1/7] tv shows : UTOPIA (2013)
My dad wrote Utopia. I never knew him. Not really. I grew up on the run. I learned not to trust people, because you know what ? People always let you down. And they want to sugarcoat it, treat you like a kid. That’s fine for them. They’ve been kids. Some of us don’t get to have childhoods. Becky and Ian are great, but they’re not like us. 


“The voice that you probably need to listen to might not be the loudest voice inside your head. It might be a real quiet whisper of, ‘go on, you’re alright, you can do it’. But usually that’s the voice to listen to, and the loud voice which is saying, ‘you’re not good at what you do’ is the one you shouldn’t listen to. So you’ve got to listen very carefully to your own instincts and your reasons for doing stuff.” - Adeel Akhtar