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some 90s deep house favorites



Dada Nada ► Deep Love (Too Deep to Get Under Instrumental)
Dream 2 Science ► Dream 2 Science
Dreamhouse ► Jump & Prance (Dream Mix)
Egotrip ► Dreamworld (Deep in Swing Mix)
G Strings ► Motivation
Key Tronics Ensemble ► Calypso of House (Paradise Version)
Bobby Konders ► The Poem
Logic ► I Got Somethin (Deep Mix)
Tropical Moon ► Love Is a Mystery
The Underground Crew ► Feel the Melody
The Utopia Project ► File #2


After Hours ► Waterfalls (3 A.M. Mix)
Basil Hardhouse ► Breezin’
Eighth Ray ► Axis of Love
Equation ► I’ll Say a Prayer 4 U
Vincent Floyd ► I Dream You
House 2 House ► Boom (A Touch of Jazz)
The King Street Crew ► Gonna Be Alright (10:00 AM Reprise)
Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada ► Low Tension
MBG ► The Quiet
Pal Joey ► Spend the Night
Paradise Inc. ► Deep Thoughts (Black Magic Mix)
R.E. ► Rain Forest
Sound Source ► Waterfall (All Weather Mix)
St. Etienne ► Nothing Can Stop Us (Masters at Work Dub)
Zzone Inc. ► Cosmic Dub


50% ► Deepness (Do Do D'Up) (The Deep Mix)
Azucar ► Feel the Love (Jazzy Cymbals Mix)
Beat 4 Life ► Dat Rhythm
Classic Man ► Love (Love Ride Mix)
Choice Vibe ► Somebody 4 Me (Up to Parr Dub)
Code 718 ► Equinox (Heavenly Club Mix)
Da Rebels ► Come to Me (Night Mix)
Deep Choice ► Fix of 4:38 AM
Dub Poets ► Black & White
Braxton Holmes ► 12 Inches of Pleasure (Ron’s Foreplay)
Innervision ► My Love for You
Lectroluv ► If We Try (Ambient Dub)
Los Santeros ► Fiesta Santera (La Mescla Dizmal)
Love Tempo ► Change for the Better (Alternate Instrumental Mix)
Matrix ► Get Out (Chill Out Mix)
Molima ► Think’in Bout U
Montego Bay ► Magic (Don Carlos Jazzy Mix)
Mood Swing ► Inspiration Point (Love Mix)
Never on Sunday ► In the Breeze
The New Sound of Soul ► The Strength (Deep in New York)
Rhythm II Rhythm ► A Touch Of Jazz (Lifestyles of the Rich Mix)
Techno Soul ► I Don’t Need U
Vil-N-X ► Give Ya Luv Show Ya Luv (Deep Luv Mix)
When Worlds Collide ► Jus Luv


909 ► Got to Have It (Dream Mix)
4th Measure Men ► Given (MK Dub)
Black Rascals ► So in Love (Shelter Mix)
Blunted Dummies ► House for All (House 4 All Robots Mix)
Choo Ables ► Hard to Get (B.T.’s Massive Groove)
Family of Few ► Sunrise (Vocal Heat Mix)
Hardrive ► Maurice’s Vibe
House of Blue ► Oblique (The Blue Mix)
Myakka ► City Jungle City
RT ► Magic Woman
Scottie Deep ► Soul Searchin’ (Deep Dish Dub)
Tears of Velva ► The Way I Feel (4 Daye Mix)
Terrence Parker & Claude Young Jr. ► Untitled (A2)
Time Undefined ► Cascade (Dawn Mix)


Deception ► Seventh Heaven (Uptown Mix)
DJ Dove ► Illusions
DJ Duke ► Stuck in the Middle (Mo’ Deep for Sticky Stewart Mix)
East Men ► U Dig (Pacific Dub)
Elements of Life ► Innocence + Inspiration
House of Labasia ► (U Make Me) Feel Real (Working Dub)
Arnold Jarvis ► The Way You (Trego Dub 3)
Jazz-n-Groove ► House Vibe No. 1
Liquid City ► Givin’ My All (Liquid Jazz Movement)
Moodymann ► Tribute! (To the Soul We Lost)
Joey Musaphia ► I Miss You
Tokyo Gospel Renegades ► Mardi Gras Baby (Magnolia Caboose Baby Mix)
Yoshito ► Love Motion


95 North ► Let Yourself Go (Capitol Dub)
Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen ► Forever Monna (Mix 1)
Kenny Dixon Jr. ► Emotional Content (TP’s Emotionally Deep Remix)
Fibre Foundation ► Free Your Mind (NJ Mix)
Glenn Underground ► Detroitism
House of Jazz ► Hold Your Head Up
Paul Johnson ► Hour Glass Figure
Jump Cutz ► Deep Introspection
Mindchime ► Discoboogie (Tokyo Dub Mix)
Papermusic ► Downtime
Terrence Parker ► The Emancipation of My Soul
Takecha ► Kind of Deep


Abacus ► Sunrayz
The Afrodizzyact ► B.J 1994
Da Vibe Project ► Live from da Underground (Wonderland Deeper Dub)
Deep Sensation ► Talkin’… (Deep Soul Dub)
Dirty Jesus ► Cut a Rug (Jazz Dat Ride Mix)
Sean Grant ► Untitled
GWM ► Breezy Loop
Tim Harper ► Lake Shore Drive
Herbert ► Shuffler
Walt J ► Love Is On My Side (Smudge Mix)
Jazz Groove Syndicate ► A Touch of Jazz (Jazzee House Ride Mix)
Roman IV ► Fkk
The Wamdue Project ► Three-Toed Frog


Aaron Arce ► Pressure
Buzzin’ Cuzzins feat. Romanthony ► Good Feeling (Salt City Orchestra Mix)
City People ► Let It Rain (Dub)
The Deviants ► Being Someone Else
DJ Slym Fas ► Luv Music
Double 99 ► Happy 2 Be Deep
Downton Loop ► Keep Holdin’ On
Earth Boys ► Destination Heaven
Fresh and Low ► New Life
House Dawgs ► Praise Him (Jazz'n Mix)
Theo Parrish ► Cloudy Morning
Rick Wade ► Night Track
Kevin Yost ► ‘Round 'Bout Midnight


.g ► It Feels
Ancestry ► You’re the One
Callisto ► Fanta C
Kerri Chandler ► Atmosphere (Kerri’s Foundation Dub)
DJ Trax ► Deep Modern Jazz
Les gens de la grande ville ► The Men Who Are Worth More (Deep Mix)
Alton Miller ► Time & Space
Misa Negra ► Spiritual Vibes (Afro Boogie House Mix)


Andrés ► Reality
Blak Beat Niks ► Celebration (Club Jazz Mix)
Roy Davis Jr. ► Michael (Love from San Francisco Vocal Mix)
DJ Rasoul ► Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe)
Groove Relation ► Mellow Mellow
Merle ► Fannie Likes 2 Dance
Osunlade ► Oshun’s Arrival
Ursula Rucker ► Circe (Rob Yancey Vocal Mix)
Toronto Track Company ► A Word from Mr. Prince

I hear so many “tone police” one another–silencing people by attacking their vehemence or volume and ignoring the substance of what they are saying, always insisting that we should respond more calmly, more rationally, to keep people comfortable rather than truly expressing ourselves. This policing of behavior is a form of surveillance–a form of patriarchal gatekeeping. It’s concerning that when we do show emotions people are quick to label that as “crazy”, which is of course stigmatizing, which is of course limiting. Emotions are part of being alive and human.

- Suey Park, The Feminist Utopia Project: Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future

time after time: season 1, episode 4, review

review:   Jane and H.G. travel to 1980 based on information they find in Chad’s apartment which leads them to Vanessa’s childhood home ((Chad was the guy following H.G. in the series premier)).   turns out, Vanessa’s father built their family fortune off the murder of Chad’s father and something called “Project Utopia”.

meanwhile, John escapes from Brooke.   Griffin grabs the key card that gives him access to the time machine.   and plot-twist surprise, Griffin and Brooke are brother and sister.   and Vanessa’s father stole Project Utopia from Griffin and Brooke’s father.   BTW, did i mention Brooke told John about the son he fathered in Paris?

that’s why John steals the time machine and goes back to Paris, 1918.   meh, i’m still not a fan of this show – but i’mma keep watching to support sci-fi in network primetime TV.   footnote, the rom-com scenes between Jane and Wells are too saccharine sweet for my taste.   i’m just say’n.

GMW: When history repeats itself.

I just feel the need to express myself with this whole Rucas vs Lucaya situation. Especially since many Rucas fans are either outraged or disappointed with the fact Riley realizes she loves Lucas like a brother.

I know a lot of fans of Girl Meets World are in conflict with who ends up who.

However, I have the hugest feeling that Riley will end up with Farkle.

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Doctor Who: Captain Jack Harkness [ESTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by gondorcalls4aid 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): When faced with a problem Captain Jack almost always takes the direct approach. When he sees that the Utopia project needs power he immediately plugs it in…even though the wires are live with electricity. Aboard the Valiant he finds the Paradox machine. Knowing that The Doctor wants it eliminated he simply opens fire with an automatic weapon, an effective and immediate solution. His reckless inclinations pairs well with the fact that he can’t die and he takes full advantage. He flirts with anyone and everyone he meets unashamedly. When he thinks he’s about to die for real he activates “Protocol 417,” gin, vodka, dry vermouth, and lemon twist. 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): While Captain Jack likes the direct approach, he understands the consequences and usually has an outcome in mind based a deduction. He concocts a plan to con the Doctor when they first meet, trying to sell him a “warship” which is actually a medical ship. (Unfortunately he’s trying to con The Doctor and we all know how that ends) He doesn’t usually talk about his ideas, keeping them to himself. The fact that he left the time agency shows that he values autonomy and he excels as a solitary operative or with a small team.  

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): While often putting up a “Tough guy” front, Captain Jack is actually very sensitive to criticism. His usually, “guns blazing” attitude is subdued at a word from the Doctor. When the Doctor is around Jack strive to keep him happy, refraining from using weapons when possible. His naturally independent nature contrasts with his urge to please. He left the Time Agency after learning that they altered his memories, feeling betrayed. He comes back to save the Doctor and Rose from a falling bomb, as opposed to an Fi/Te who may have seen it as “not his problem.”  

Introverted Intuition  (Ni): Paired with his Ti, Jack’s Ni helps him understand the consequences of his reckless actions and direct them in a way that is helpful. On occasion Jack has good foresight, such as the time he plans to intercept the Doctor in Cardiff when comes back to refuel. Captain Jack also envisions a new Torch-wood and works to bring the organization back in a form that eliminates it’s old mistakes.

Note: I considered ESFP for a while until I realized how he will put aside his own impulses when other people disprove, specifically The Doctor. He always accepts the Doctor’s verdict and avoids open confrontation, a natural Fe trait.