utopia in cassiopeia

Tbqh, I can’t remember if I ever did a follow forever before, so here’s one now. ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


 db5kislife  kas2umi itschangminnie keepthefaithtilltheend back-to-five wshinki uknowhyukjae tobetreasured hobangjae dongbangsexual yuntokkii digiime hyukjae-please cassie-mine  yoochunsnoona youknowhero ruveyda95 punkeedejunsu jaejoongshi quincy97 yehettinginthegalaxy the-nancinator tohofuckingshinki lee-teukk flamingpetalangel fiveternal standbymyfivegods utopia-in-cassiopeia theonesapphiredheart apoge-e

BLOGS I RECOMMEND (this is for all my fellow Cassies who have no idea who to follow anymore(there are some JYJ-TV2Q only blogs on the list, but I follow everyone who supports at least one of our 5 idols soooooo….))

 youknowhero dbshinki dbsk-sshi babyshim yunhojaejoong d-b-s-k d-b-s-g 0101elinatic 5redballoons 5redlights 4ktfe5 addictedtvxq aixcassiopeia aktfeathers allaboutdbsk allrisexiahtic alwaysasfive andromeda-db5k angel-xiah bangyourshinki boojae bornfreeyunjae breakin-myrulez casshawol505 imbreakingmyrulesagain cassieaktf cassiefiedbsk cassiopeia-to-bigeast changbooty changdeer changdoll chun-box chunpala cuteshinki dbsk-heaven dbsk-ing dbskthe1eternally derpshinki dong-bang-love eggselent eternalyunho fckyeahcassielf fiveintheice freakinlovefive fuckyeah-tvxqjyj-lyrics fuckyeah-tvxq-dbsk-jyj-songs fuckyeah-yoochun fuckyeahdongbangshinki fuckyeahjaejoong heroshinki herotics heymickymouse holyjaes ichigochunsa ilikejunsusbutt jaejoongfanboy jaejoongsexual jaelephy jejebae jessie-shim jjaejoongie ju–ng junsuchingu jyj jyj-from-tvfxq kjjejes laterie m-i-r-o-t-i-c maeriji memoriesof5 mi-ro-tic mjjaejae monochrome-shin-ki my-jaejoongie mysekushiboo nae-sesang ninetyninety-five onetimeskiss parkyoochunn pearlredballoon pearl-red-ocean pornshinki prettierthanfemalelead princeinprague rhinopillar rise-again-dbsk saramoonwolf sasomadb5k sexy-in-my-dna shinhwa-dbsk-forever shoyukoto slushyshinki stilltvxq suju-dbsk sujushinki db5k-cassie-w t-ofushinki the6002 theholyforehead this-feeling-wont-change thisfeeling-of-forever thskism tjvyxjq toho-fucking-shin-ki tohoshinkism tohoshinqui tohoz trustthem5 tv5xq tvxq-is-my-rising-sun tvxqt twinkleshim u-knowjaejoong unnamedsong waejoong wasurenaide wekeepthefaitheternally xiahshinki xiiah yhcm yunho-pression yunjaetime yunjaemrcn yuntime 

Here are all the Monbebe’s who entered my Monsta x Monster giveaway! I’d like to thank you guys, really. Your messages were so heartwarming and it makes me so happy to be apart of this fandom! Even if you didn’t win, all your messages wont be uncalled for. I have something really special planned and any other monobebe’s out there that would like to be apart of this project, don’t hesitate to send me a message on why you love Monsta X! 

For now, I will be sure that the boys read your messages, or at least have them see how many precious Monbebe’s love them dearly! More details will be shown in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned! Thanks again for entering and please look forward to my future giveaway!

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