Life is a maze
With people caught up in a distinctive chase

Love is a craze
For all it takes is just a gaze

Depression is just a phase
Relax, look into yourself and clear the haze

Nature makes your soul ablaze
It’s the greatest evidence of God’s over glaze

Who doesn’t loves to stargaze
For it rescues your heart from the prison of thoughts molded in braze

In hard times your feeble heart would make you sleaze
Don’t give up cause in the end it’s always worth a praise

*“ we embrace imperfections - that’s how we’re supposed to love; the difference between drowning and suffocating is how you kiss me. sometimes your hands will bleed sunsets embodying every heart you’ve tried to capture without holding them upside down. sometimes your eyes will block the ocean so there’s one less song to sing. I looked for answers on the moon but the face that looked back at me didn’t move its lips. silence takes on more forms than your smile, and though I’ve only been taught how to, teach me how to build. goodbye hurts when I’m still learning how to write hello. how many deaths have you died while loving? I’m still waiting for the one star that spends its wish on me.”*

Collaboration with the one and only @teacup13

Why watch 3% on Netflix

- it’s fucking amazing???

- and foreign production.

- It is a HUGE HEAVY social critique

- It’s a dystopia based on merit and equality for all (which is nice in our capitalist world that supposedly enables those)

- so it’s not like the Hunger Games exactly (it has many resemblances) where it’s totally fictional, because it is a huge reflection of a current society and actually makes sense

- while also being an analogy to a country’s fucked up educational system
(and not only the educational system but society (and government) as a whole)

- presents so many important issues???

- poc main characters and minority representation

- main character, poc, on a wheelchair??? where will you find that

- badass as in, B A D A S S poc girl

- complex and dynamic characters

- not the old cliche’s stories

- presents mental disorders mote realistically