Growing Building

Loek Vugs, Artist, The Netherlands

When I think about the future I often think about architecture. I think it’s great when architects try to design eco-friendly buildings. Of course, this is allready happening right now, but I hope that for the future ‘eco-friendly’ will be considered as standard.

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Wenzel Hablik & the colorful dining room of his house in Itzehoe, Germany, 1923. 1 | ceiling before restoration. Photos Sönke Wurr. 4 | The room in 1926. © Wenzel-Hablik-Stiftung. Via Hablik Projekt.

Hablik was inspired by the bauhaus, and Walter Gropius was even a guest here, but his wife, the weaver Elisabeth Lindemann, got headaches in the room. In 1933 he did cover his work with a japanese sidewall.