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Hey, Tumblr.

Today is May 1. The first day of Mental Health Month. This entire month we want to nudge all of you to celebrate triumphs, acknowledge struggles, and just come together. Let other people know they’re not alone. Feel less alone yourself. It’s what Post it Forward is all about.

One of the incredible ways you—all of you—have helped shape Tumblr is with your ability to be open and honest.  It was you that turned this platform into a community, one based on genuine expression, creativity, and acceptance.

Neat. How can I participate?

Glad you asked! Each week, for all four weeks, we’ll be giving you ideas for ways to Post it Forward.

  • Week 1—Post it for you: How you practice self-care and personal well-being.
  • Week 2—Post it for each other: Ways you can be there for each other.
  • Week 3—Post it for reflection: Sharing stories of personal growth and development.
  • Week 4—Post it for the future: Committing to continuous reflection and improvement.

This week is all about posting for you. Acts of self-care. Here are some places to start:

  • Post an emoji spell for self-care and positivity. 🌈 🔮 💕 🌱
  • Share a photo or GIF of something that calms you down. Don’t have one? Here’s one.
  • What’s the one thing that always cheers you up? Post a photo of it, take a GIF, or illustrate it. Toss a sticker on it, if you’d like.
  • Never forget that you are valid! Post a selfie with “valid” sticker (see below).
  • Make a list of things you like about yourself.
  • Make a checklist of 5 acts of self-care you promise to do for yourself this week.
  • Make an audio post with a song that helps you zone out and re-energize.

Don’t forget to tag all your posts with #postitforward this month! It makes it easier for everyone to find each other’s contributions.

What else?

We’ve asked our pal Tumblrbot (@tumblrbot) to help out with any extra encouragement you might need. Try sending them messages like “tell me about Mental Health Month” or “what’s this week’s prompt?” Tumblrbot will let you know what’s up, because Tumblrbot is a friend to all of us.

We got Answer Times, all of them taking place right here on Post it Forward unless indicated otherwise:

We even have some limited edition stickers ready for you in the Tumblr app right now:

<3 Tumblr

Want to ask Utkarsh ‘UTK’ Ambudkar a question? Now’s your chance. 🙂

Utkarsh Ambudkar is a NAMI (@namiorg​) ambassador who has starred in Pitch Perfect, The Mindy Project, is a member of the hip-hop improv group, Freestyle Love Supreme, and host of podcast ‘Let’s Talk About Me, Baby.’ He will be taking your questions in an Answer Time on Thursday, May 4 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT right here on @postitforward​ for Mental Health Month. 

Utkarsh will be here to talk about positivity, self care, and how to stay mindful.

Submit your questions to our Ask Box now!: postitforward.tumblr.com/ask


“We have 4 Tonys, but yeah.”

But did they ever fix the printer?


Returning for the 13th year, the New York Television Festival has revealed the lineup of original pilots competing in this year’s Independent Pilot Competition. According to the official release, the 2017 entries represent the festival’s most diverse slate yet.

“Bartlett” [World Festival Premiere]
Created by Martin Edwards and Chrissy Mazzeo – San Francisco, CA
Washed up advertising exec Roger Newhouse has just 10 hours to turn his life around in a series set in that vast gray area between fraud and re-invention.
From the team behind Freestyle Love Supreme and Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton”) and Utkarsh Ambudkar (“The Mindy Project”)


I have no idea what this is but I strongly hope that Lin is credited as “Jesus”.