My memories (m!a)

He’d started out walking but now his legs had thrown him into an all out sprint. Tearing through the city, he didn’t bother apologizing to the people he shoved from his path. Tears streamed down his mismatched eyes and mixed with the blood that streaked his face. His bladed finger tips tearing into his skin when he tried to hold his head or rub his eyes.

What was he?! What had happened to him!? 

He knew this woman would have the answers. The woman with the blue eyes and kind smile. The one that made his heart hammer violently in his chest any time she wandered through his mind even the slightest. 

Throwing the door back, startling at his own strength when it flew from the hinges.  His eyes were wide with fear as he ran into the house, some how knowing where to go. He opened the door his hands trembling. Looking in he saw her gathering up her paints where she’d knocked them over at the slamming door.

Pausing a moment he looked at her, lips parted, eyebrows furrowed memories bombarding him violently as his heart tried to beat through his ribs. 

In two quick strides he was to her and only another second longer he had fallen to his knees his arms wrapping around her legs, his face against her stomach. Tears began to pour as he shook. He didn’t know what to say what he could say. He just knew that with her there was a safety and a comfort that he could find no where else.

Aquene couldn’t put to words the panic shooting through her as he clung to her legs breaking down and crying. Her mate, her dominate alpha who was strong, resilient and dangerous, though he maintained that kind and innocent charm, was in metaphorical pieces

“Utino…what..what’s wrong…?” She asked hugging his head the best she could since he wouldn’t allow her legs to bend.

“F-fesial.” He stuttered out through his sobs. 

Aquene’s brows creased more as she looked down at him. “What?”

“My name is Fesial.” He looked up at her and shook his head. “I….it hurts. I can remember everything.” He frowned. “But …but I can’t remember what happened after Omashu..” He looked up at her. “But you… i remember you. I don’t like this. I want to be like before. I remember I love you and  your my world..but I can’t remember your name…your favorite color, anything like that…Help me.”

The thundering in her chest felt as if it were deafening. She knew something was wrong with him before all of this, but they never took the time to dwell on it much. After all, what was in the past was in the past. Nothing could change this.

But hearing him say he remembered something of it, hearing him give a name that must be as familiar to him as Utino was to her wrenched her heart. The beginnings of tears pricked her eyes but she wouldn’t let them fall. How could she? Aquene had to be strong for him, a rock for him to lean on.

She carefully knelt in his hold. “Aquene, U… Fesial. My name’s Aquene.” She took in the blood on his face before drawing his hand toward her and took off the blades he wore carefully. “My favorite color is a deep, forest green, like the evergreens in the northern parts of the Earth kingdom.” The blades were set aside and away from her paint. Next thing she did was get a clean cloth and worked on cleaning the blood from her mate’s face. “I found you one day, just down the street from here.” A small, sad smile tugged on her face. “You were just as lost then, I believe.”

@bendingpsychopaths: Valentine

Aquene hummed to herself, setting up a plate of cookies. Utino should be home any moment, and everything was set up perfectly. Sure, it was probably cliche to have jasmine petals dusting the floor and for the candles to be burning instead of the electric lights. The effect cast a soft glow in the rooms, making it easier on her eyes. The cliche-ness could have been far worse. After all, the saleswoman at a boutique she stopped at for some essential oils tried to convince her to get a sheer negligee to wear for her mate.

That wasn’t for her.

She settled, for once, on an ankle length skirt, an amber tunic that almost matched Utino’s eye, and an under-bust bodice. The bodice, so she thought, was the most uncomfortable thing she had ever worn, but with the the low neckline of the tunic it was clear what it did for her breasts. Her hair was down from the usual pigtails, the wavy curls falling down her back and shoulders.

Teeth worried her lower lip for several seconds before she went to settle on the couch. Dinner was set to deliver in the next twenty minutes – just in case he was late. If Utino was on time and things progressed the way she intended… the poor delivery person. Still, she had paid in advanced with a tip and instructions that if there was no answer to just leave the delivery inside the clinic door.


It was all a game of trust, his female knew this. She was tied to the bed, gloriously nude before him. The smell of arousal came off of her in waves, as well as a bit of curiosity since he wasn't ravishing her yet. He watched carefully with his mismatched eyes as she looked up at him, a brow arched questioningly.

“You trust Utino?” he asked, licking his lips.

Both brows furrowed this time and more confusion set in as the question was processed. There was a small nod. “I do,” she answered. She wasn’t lying and that eased some of Utino’s worries.

He finally moved, but not in the way she expected. He straddled her hips, carefully settling some of his weight on her. “You're my female,” he rumbled, his hands resting on her belly.  "Utino would never hurt what is his.“ He heard her swallow and saw her nod in the dark room.

"Trust me,” he whispered, giving a wave of his hands to either side of the bed. A series of candles lit up the room. He knew the moment he did that she was scared – the acrid scent of fear was not hard to miss.

“U-Utino,” she started, tensing under him. Bright blue eyes looked worriedly at him as he breathed into his hands, heating them with his bending.

The little female had been terrified of fire bending ever since he met her, and would jump whenever he would use it around her. What was more was he knew why she was terrified and that was because of the scar on her leg. He would have killed the fucker that hurt her, but Aquene had told him that she had killed him herself. That made him proud to call her his female. Still, he wanted to change it so his Kouhi would be scared of any part of him.

“Trust me,” he repeated. His hands settled on her ribs, his fingers working in small circles on her. Their eyes locked with each other as she fought the rising panic. His female was strong, this Utino knew for certain. He moved his hands up slowly as the panic started to subside. By the time his hands cupped her face it was gone and the scent of fear was gone. 

A smile tugged on his lips as he watched Aquene turn her head to kiss his palm. When her eyes met his and she smiled back he knew the game had been won by both.

“I trust you, Utino.”


Aquene hated two things in life. One was feeling guilty and the other was going on an eating binge where she ate all the sweets in the house. There was a reason why she had gone so long with keeping them out (with the exception of the moon peach tarts – those were a staple in her eating habits). With Utino living with her, though, sweets of other sorts were kept in the apartment. And she had eaten the last of the cookies that Utino had bought for them. 

So this afternoon she had both gone on the eating binge and felt guilty because of it. She huffed as she glanced to the clock. Utino wouldn’t be home for a while still, but it was raining cats and dogs outside. After another sigh she got up to retrieve her fleece coat. As an afterthought she grabbed a hat and a scarf. The collar was turned up and Aquene headed out quickly.

The rain was bitterly cold, but she would go through with it. Aquene didn’t want to have to see his disappointed face if she told him she ate the cookies. When she got to the bakery down the way she pouted. There was a sale on moon peach tarts, but she’d only brought enough yuans for his cookies.

This trip was for him, she reminded herself. Utino made her happier than she had ever been, so the least she could do was make him happy in return. The cookies were placed in a box which was then placed in a bag to stave off any potential rain getting inside. 

There was hesitation at the door. The rain had grown heavier while she was inside the bakery. Figured. Huddling over the bundle Aquene hurried home.

When she arrived she heard the shower. Utino was home! She looked around before stashing the box of cookies on top of the icebox. Her drenched jacket and scarf were pulled off and set on the hooks near the door. Boots and cap followed suit, and her clothes were pulled off and hung up to dry, too.

By the time he had gotten out Aquene had redressed in a pair of yoga pants and one of his shirts. There were her own shirts, of course, but his felt better – probably just because they were his. 

Utino, however, was sniffing around the kitchen, a box in hand. When he saw her he turned to watch her silently. Guilt bubbled up in her again and she managed to muster up a sheepish smile. “I… kind of ate… um.. you’re cookies,” she said softly.

He blinked then and looked to the box in hand. “Got these for Kouhi,” he said, holding the box out to her. “But Aquene got Utino more cookies?”

He got her something? Had she heard that right? Aquene looked from the box he held out to him before taking it. “I did,” she said, motioning to the top of the icebox. Her mate perked up and pulled the box down. 

“Open up both on count of three?” he asked, grinning like a child on the winter solstice. The grin, she realized, was infectious.

“Yes.” The pair counted slowly, and Aquene even teasingly added in a half and a three quarters along the way. Utino only grumbled about it, but begrudgingly went with it. 


While he was staring at the cookies like they were a gift from some messiah she was left staring at the moon peach tarts she had wanted when she went into the bakery.

“Thought Kouhi would like,” he offered when he saw her staring. A cookie was sniffed deeply before he ate it, slowly savoring the flavor explosion over his tongue.

He was given a smile and a kiss on the cheek. “I do like, and you are the best, ‘tino,” she murmured. Despite the little confection Aquene favored, she knew the best treat in life she ever had was him.

And she would spend her whole life in an attempt to make him as crazy about her as she was about him.