utilizing your creative brain

Lecture 1 - The RVJ (Reflective Visual Journal)

Principle 2: Utilizing Your Creative Brain

Your brain is split into two cerebral hemispheres which are connected by the corpus callosum. The left side of your brain is considered the more logical while the right side is thought to be more creative. 

As creative’s ourselves we use the left side of our brain to come up with new experimental ideas but our right side tends to be more logical to our creative thoughts, silently working in the background organising, clarifying and sometimes undermining our own thought process. While this can be frustrating it’s what takes a flippant idea and makes it a logical reality.

Mercedes Benz newest advertising champagne depicts and illustrates the left and right side of the brain. On the left most of the images show it as black and white, simple line drawings or analytical drawings of buildings, chess boards and pieces or mathematical equations which makes sense as that side of your brain is analytical, mathematical and scientific. The right is bursting with colour, paint splats and musical instruments considering its the creative side, childish, creative and continuously exploring it all fits.

Our right side can come up with many ideas, some flippant, some extravagant but all creative. It’s the job of the left side to shape them but as both sides have different perspectives to consider both parts of your brain can be at war over one idea.

Who? What? Where? When? And why? Are all questions in which we must ask ourselves after creating an idea, these questions come from the left side of your brain. The answers help to form and mold an idea into something usable.

An awareness of both sides of your brain can create something beautifully thought provoking but to not use one side can severely disadvantage you. Both sides help you explore an ideas every angle, possibility and the method of said idea to help make a pretty picture into something with meaning.