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Things that are crust as fuck

1. Realtree
2. Mossy Oak
3. Little Cesar’s pizza
4. 211 Steel Reserve
5. Taaka Vodka
6. Carhartt
7. Walls (workwear)
8. Dollar stores
9. Wal-Mart
10. Bottom shelf booze
11. Knives
12. Utility belts
13. Graffiti
14. Markal
15. Food stamps
16. Free healthcare
17. Tracphone
18. Boost mobile
19. MetroPCS
20. Cricket wireless
21. Obamaphone
22. No service iPhone
23. Rail fans
24. Knowing the quality of dog foods
25. Boy Scout survival skills

Ugh, I just hate people who are anti-self-defense so much. 

Today in Criminal Law we had a guest speaker from Legal Aid who told us about how they’re trying to change the way the state “gravity knife statute” is enforced in New York City. A lot of working-class guys get arrested for having utility knives that a cop can flick open if he flicks hard enough. This kind of enforcement is unique to New York City, and it’s completely wrong.

The people fighting this have joined with knife advocates in this instance, though they only care about protecting people who didn’t know that the knives they had could open with the flick of a wrist and were therefore illegal. I think they should join forces with knife advocates to make these knives legal. I think probably any kind of knife should be legal, even if one intends to use it as a weapon, because I think people should get to choose a variety of options to defend themselves. If you can’t defend your rights, what rights do you really have?

Anyway, that put me in a bad mood. Nicholas Kristof with his idealistic progressive gun control bullshit just put me in a bad mood all over again. (I genuinely believe he’s stupid, so I feel sorry for him rather than actually hating him.) People deserve easy access to efficient ways to defend themselves. By all means, I think you should stab, shoot, or do whatever it is you need to do to get someone who would do you harm away from you. I will never stop believing that is a basic, fundamental right. 


RUT kydex .

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