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Fire and Ice- A Potion for Balance

This potion/oil utilizes the opposing forces of solar and lunar energies, fire and water, hot and cold. It can be used to bring balance to your emotions, a situation, your life… lots of things. 

I like to keep it simple so it can be customized/ edited for different purposes or tastes.

  • Use fractionated coconut oil as the base, and add equal drops of cinnamon oil and peppermint/ spearmint oil. 
  • Go for about a 1:20 ratio of essential oil to base oil. 
  • Charge the oil (not in direct sunlight) when the sun and moon are both in the sky.
  • This can be applied like a perfume. Be careful if you have sensitive skin.

While the oil itself is not for consumption, this same basic concept can also be made into a tea for the same purpose! 

  • Use equal parts cinnamon bark chips and mint leaves.
  • Put them in a jar and fill it with water.
  • Brew this tea by putting the jar outside when the sun and the moon are both in the sky.
  • Since this method of tea-making involves a lot less heat than the usual way, it needs to sit in the sun for a long time. I usually leave it outside for a few hours.

If you want, you can also add astrological symbols for the sun and moon, or a sigil for balance to the bottles of either of the above potions.


California Votes to Retain System That Pays Solar Users Retail Rate for Excess Power
Regulators extended a policy that has helped the expansion of rooftop solar power, adding fees for future users but rejecting changes sought by big utilities.
By Diane Cardwell

In a big win for renewables, California votes to keep net metering for rooftop solar

California regulators voted in favor of net metering yesterday, continuing the program that provides benefits to rooftop solar users. Consumers who produce their own power through rooftop solar can then sell that power back to the grid, both benefiting economically and improving overall efficiency. The vote comes at a time when nearly half the states out of the more than 40 that have net metering policies are considering changing them to the detriment of the customer. Utilities in California said they were “disappointed” by the decision, but solar stocks jumped after the vote.

4.5" Earth Satellite View - with Cloud Cover MOVA Globe | Buy-Now!

  • A satellite view with cloud cover makes for a calm depiction of Earth as seen from outer space. Graphic does not label cities or countries, making for a natural view of our planet
  • MOVA Globe utilizes solar cell technology to rotate silently on its own with any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight, no batteries or wires required. Non-toxic fluids rest between the inner and outer acrylic shells for low-friction environment
  • Measures 4.5 inches in diameter, fitting in the palm of your hand; slightly larger than a softball. After base assembly, measures approximately 7 inches in height and weighs 4 pounds
  • Globe comes with easy-to-assemble 3-pronged acrylic stand and user manual, all in secure foam packaging
  • Unique gift item for home decorators, tech geeks, world travelers, astronomy enthusiasts, educators, corporation gifts and the person who already has everything. Globe’s silent movement reflects the steady rotation of the earth while sparking conversation and wonder for anyone who comes across its path

The real question is: do people realize that Costa Rica is basically the solarpunk nation that they are looking for?
-40% of the land here is protected national parks.
-The government pays stipends to plant farmland with trees for ten, fifteen, or twenty years.
-Most of the packaging is biodegradable.
-Nearly all the buildings have windows to let the breeze in as a natural air conditioning.
-So many places utilize solar and wind power. In fact, Costa Rica has been completely powered by renewable energy since January (I think? For a while, anyway).

Also check out Don Juan organic farms, because its very cool.

21/09/2017 Update!

Hey guys! We’re back with another update!

There’s been a lot of things going on this year in kokoro and there’s a lot more to come!

One of the first changes you’ll notice is our little greetings board has been updated! You can find a lot of handy dandy information here and useful links for kokoro.

Inside the school, we hand a teachers lounge added! Now kokoro’s sensei’s have a quiet place to drink coffee and mark exams!

Our science lab is well started in the works with some cool effects being implemented to make it cool! Soon you’ll be able to do actual experiments with your classmates!

One of our newest additions is on the top floor, the art room!

Here the Kokoro students can show off their creativity! If you would like to make a picture for our art room, feel free to IM me (royallyjinxed resident) for a template and we’ll hang yours up!

Kokoro is now very energy efficient, utilizing new solar panels! Also the addition of air conditioning throughout the school is a welcomed addition for the heat over the summer!

Another room that was added was our little library! here students can take out a book or read some of the school’s own magazines. Watch out for updates in here because I’ve heard whispers that books will be added soon!

One of our coolest new additions is Saya’s new projector system! This will let everyone in the class browse in sync which will be a great resource for teachers and students! Be sure to stop by and have a go on it!

While all these updates have been taking place, there is a very new large one in the works which you might be seeing some time very soon! Be sure to check back with us for the update!

See you in the next one!

- Jinx ✌

This Is What Happens When A State Seriously Invests In Clean Energy
A clean energy rush is transforming California so quickly that nearly a quarter of its electricity now comes from renewable sources.

This article is one of the best I’ve read about the energy transformation in the State of California. Because some of my volunteer work engages my organization directly with utility grade solar and wind power facilities, we’ve seen the growing pains and benefits as more and more of the power consumed in California is generated through renewable sources. The article also points out some of the problems, including battles with desert conservationists (such as yours truly), bird deaths, habitat destruction, a transmission system that has its kinks, and what about excess energy generated when the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky and the wind is blowing strong.

Now if only some of that renewable energy magic can be converted into water, all problems would be solved.