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Here is a compilation of some of the people I have in mind for Cinder. Cinder is described as 16, Asian/Caucasian(?) mixed race, tan from walking outside all the time, brown eyes, straight/fine hair, messy ponytail, 5′8″, slender, few curves, almost boyish figure, dresses utilitarian style (and also cyborg).

The list starts at the top left corner, going right.



(more from my Pinterest board)

  1. Arden Cho (have seen in an edit or two)
  2. Kelly Gale (also have seen in a couple of edits)
  3. Kaitlyn Leeb
  4. Natalia Munoz


Here is an updated fan cast post @quxxnselene :D

@cinniharpy , I’d like to join your Parroteers! Parroteer Scribes here to help or probably make the situation worse accidentally!

I liked the outfit design that was reblogged earlier (the fabulous design by @pinkyisblue to be exact!), so I attempted to emulate some of the design elements with a more steampunkish/utilitarian style twist!

Just a doodle for now, but I may clean it up and add my team later on!

My team would definitely include a burly Noctowl named Duchess, and other assorted birds like a Skarmory or a Rufflet/Braviary perhaps, possibly an oddball like Drifloon/Drifblim, but that’s still in the works!

Hope you enjoy~!

(Also, kudos if you can identify the generation and trainer class sprite I based this on!)

DA Combat Headcanons pt. 1


  • Trained in basically anything that can hold a block. So lots of stuff, but not daggers or bows or crossbows. Also trained in unarmed combat.
  • Uses Tevinter martial arts, which are unfamiliar to most opponents in the Marches. Very advantageous, as long as he stayed aggressive, as they could not defend his techniques. On the reverse side, being unfamiliar with non-Tevinter styles, he had difficulty the first few years on his own. After living in Kirkwall for a while, though, he learned Marches styles and how to defend them. 
  • Tevinter styles are aggressive, decisive, rigid, and flashy (the degree depends on the fighter—for example, Fenris tamps down some of these flourishes, whereas Dorian milks them). Marches styles are utilitarian and flexible. 
  • Used to rely VERY heavily on his martial forms, but since meeting Hawke has begun to incorporate a small amount of improvisation.
  • Okay battlefield awareness. It used to be better but he lost it some in Kirkwall, since the others would usually pick that up and he was free to just focus on doing damage.
  • Wears light armor. It makes him a lot faster than opponents expect for a greatsword fighter. The lyrium, when he calls on it, forms a kind of shield over his skin. It’ll deflect some of the force from a blow, and it will nullify a portion of the magic from spells.
  • The lyrium phasing takes a few seconds to invoke. Good for threatening, surprise attacks, or a finishing blow, but bad for the thick of combat.
  • Awesome balance.
  • Does not use his environment when he has a weapon in hand with which he’s familiar. For him it’s sort of a last resort rather than a tactic to incorporate.
  • He’s a vanguard fighter, used to drawing attention (as a bodyguard, he would try and keep opponents’ eyes away from Danarius). He’s still alway the first one sprinting forward fearlessly into combat—or the second, just behind Aveline.
  • Not a stealth fighter. He can be quiet and still when he needs to be, but as mentioned above, he is trained to draw attention. (Also he is reflective.)

Today I’m reading a witchcraft 101 book that was published in 2014. I don’t think I’ve read an intro book that was published in the last 10 years. At least it acknowledges you can do witchcraft without religion. However, I could do with out some of the concepts like the law of attraction, all witches work with nature, the utilitarian style moralizing, or spelling Magick (with the k)

I’ve also been thinking about much I hate the idea of destiny as fixed points. There is no grand plan. We are all just at the whims of tides, winds, and the desires of other humans around us. For me, witchcraft is a tool to weather but also steer and work with those whims towards my own outcomes.

Erron Black x Kung Jin The Fluff Continues

So I decided to continue my previous fluffy story here –> Click Here And basically it’s just a continuation of the last one of course and again it’s just fluffy feelings so please go easy on me! Also disclaimer, I kinda decided for myself what Erron would look like under his mask I’m not 100 percent sure of course but this is just my rendition. 

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