They say “you can’t take it with you”. Of possessions, at death. Implicit suggestion being you should shift energy away from accumulating them towards accumulating… memories? happiness?

But if you can’t take it with you, at least someone else can inherit and use it. Whereas your memories and happiness…

That’s part of why I don’t fuck with the whole EA utilitarian thing. Hedonism is a consumer good. Considering how regularly you need to refresh your happiness, it’s not even a consumer durable. Why the fuck would you maximize for that, at the expense of the charismatic capital goods - the standing waves of meaning that are culture and social technology - that can be generated through denying happiness, through inflicting repressive force?

The other part, and this is going to sound simple as hell but took a whole Ivy League grad seminar on political philosophy to get through to supergenius me, is this - let’s accept, arguendo, that you’ve got a morality that correctly distinguishes good from evil.

Why prefer good to evil?

The Christians have a reason - doing so wins the favor of the most powerful being in existence, that controls all earthly events and can bestow afterlives of eternal pleasure or eternal torment at whim.

That’s the point of a god, to slap together out of pure storytelling charisma a kludge of an instrumental force to prop up your morality.

That’s what Nietzsche was on about when he said that God is dead but it has not yet reached the ears of men - that too many athiests haven’t followed things through to their conclusion.

A lot of attempts at humanistic philosophy try to built a Big Other out of humanity to serve the same purpose - because people will only like and help you if you’re good and thus good is necessary to the conduct of human endeavors.

But it’s the people who go around most strongly insisting on any particular vision of good and evil - social activists, imagine - who can most readily name the most instances of people creating, and attaining and maintaining control over human endeavors specifically by doing “evil”.

how dare moral realist transhumanist anti-death utilitarians coercively, oppressively impose their morality on me by telling me i have to drink water when it is necessary for my health and i have also said people should tell me to drink water and have admitted to feeling lightheaded

also i did lots of stupid inefficient sacrifices for the sake of fighting global warming for years, i shouldn’t have to deal with a heat wave when i want to be on vacation, it’s not fair, why must the just world fallacy be wrong


Here’s a utilitarian use for your recyclables. In Warnes, 30km from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, former lawyer Ingrid Vaca Díez is helping poor families build affordable housing using the stuff we normally throw away.

Her project, Centro Ecoagroturistico (EcoAgroTouristic Center) was born from the idea of using unwanted material to build eco-friendly houses. With six other like-minded women, she collected four thousand plastic bottles, known as pet, from friends, local schools and bountiful garbage dumps to obtain the materials needed for their work.

The bottles were filled with sand, earth or sawdust to make them hard, then bound to each other using cement, one on top of the other. When that work was completed, another coat of cement, clay or straw was applied to both sides to reinforce the wall.

Eighty-one bottles are needed to create one square meter and at least ten thousand are needed to build one small house with two bedrooms, living/dining area, kitchen and bathroom.