rough-toothed dolphins by Dan Clem

Bay islands, Honduras. They dont speak english nor spanish. But something in between… Also the cheapest place in the world to learn how to scuba dive, which is why we went. Judging by this photo there might not be much live coral to see in 10 years time. Humans doing what they do best, Destroying! 

Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras, 08

  • Justin: Um don't- please don't trip, I'm wearing a skirt. Don't even BUG on that.
  • Griffin: Like a-
  • Justin: Like of COURSE I'm wearing a-
  • Clint: A kilt!
  • Justin: Not a kilt.
  • Griffin: Like a man kilt?
  • Clint: Not a kilt?
  • Justin: Not a kilt.
  • Clint: You don't wanna go with a-
  • Travis: No, MERLE would have a utila-kilt. That's a fact.
  • Justin: No, like a skirt! But like, a magical one.
  • Clint: Ah, okay.
  • Griffin: Okay!

Morpha Utila finally up!  (Some animation I finished earlier this year.)