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Soviet newcomer Alexei Kasatanov brought down the house this week when he was picked as one of an American Hockey League game’s three stars.

    The defenceman, breaking into North American hockey with the New Jersey  Devils’ Utica farm team, was picked as the second star in a game against  the Hershey Bears.

    “When they call his name out (on the public-address system) they have  to push him out on the ice,” recalled Utica coach Tommy McVie.

    “He goes, but has no idea what he’s doing. He skates to the net at the  far end of the ice and the people start to cheer. He waves to them and  they stand up to cheer. Now he waves to each section and every time the  people give him a standing ovation.

    ’‘Meanwhile (first star Jeff) Madill is yelling to him, 'Alex, Alex,’   trying to get him off the ice, but by now the noise is deafening.

    ’'Finally, Madill skates out to him and Kasatonov gives him the 'high  five.’ This really gets the crowd going and the next thing I know,  Kasatonov and Madill are skating aroung arm-in-arm and the whole building  is going nuts.’' 

  –Toronto Globe and Mail, January 1990

anonymous asked:

Dunno who told you that, but THAT is not Martin Brodeur's mask. I promise you he never wore a mask like that. Maybe a back up in the 90's but not Marty, that's for sure

Except for the fact that he did, indeed, wear that mask for a time.

Martin Brodeur Game Used Mask: One of the rarest masks to obtain as Martin has worn very few masks in his career, this was Martin’s first professional mask. Martin wore this mask for the Utica Devils during the 1992/93 season prior to joining the Devils full time. Ed Cubberly cast Martin for this mask on 4/13/1992 and delivered the mask on 5/13/1992. It was later repainted to the present colors in January 1993. The design is essentially the same as his first with the original colors changing from purple to red, black to white, and white to black. This mask was an integral part in Ed Cubberly’s rise to becoming an NHL mask maker for 12 seasons. Outstanding game use on this mask and is truly one of the rarest masks in the hobby.

All of this found at gameusedmasks.com,  the same link that was included as the source of this post that you’re complaining about.