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Random but... What's your favourite Morgana scene and why?

Omg I can’t choose just one! You’re asking the most indecisive person ever and the fact that I love every single time she’s on screen doesn’t help! 

I’m not really good with words so I will use gifs!

One of my favorites is this one. This entire sequence is so amazing and this shot was perfect. 

I also loved all her scenes with Mordred, I love their relationship. Even when she was evil she still cared so much for him.

Every time she defied Uther while being his ward, no matter the consequences. She was so good.

And these scenes with Aithusa, especially the second one. I also love their relationship and Morgana would have done anything for her, we saw this. At the end Aithusa was the only thing she had left and she truly loved her. Also in that second scene you can see how broken and lost she’s become, especially after those awful two years, and I think you can see how deep down she’s still the same scared and pure person she used to be.

So yeah, sorry I can’t choose. I just love her and her scenes too much. I’m probably forgetting a lot of them.

And sorry for the late answer! I might have gotten a little bit distracted while I was making the gifs

Thanks for the question! Have a nice day :)


Name: Not perfect
Pairing: Gwaine x reader
Comment: Let’s suppose that Gwaine was allowed to stay in Camelot as the knight. And you know that Merlin has magic.

“Prince Arthur’s squad is back,” you hear a servant yell from a tower, so you turn to your maid and shine a wide, happy smile at her.

“Sir Gwaine is back,” she smiles back, as you stand up and quickly fix your hair. “You look beautiful, my lady.”

“Thank you,” you run out of your room, rushing towards the gates of the castle, as the squad enters it. Gwaine jumps off his horse, hands the reins to a boy that ran to him, and slowly walks towards you, not taking his eyes off you even for a moment. “Sir Gwaine,” you lower your head, greeting him, and Gwaine smiles, lowering his.

“I am happy to be back, my lady,” he takes your hand and slowly kisses it.

“How was your trip?” you ask him, turning around and leaving the yard to get to the dimly lit halls of the castle. Gwaine follows you.

“It was quite well, my lady. But I believe Prince Arthur could say more about it,” as soon as you are out of people’s sight, he grabs your hand and makes you turn around, face-to-face with him. “Hello Y/N.”

“Good afternoon, Gwaine,” you smile happily, as he gently strokes your cheek and pulls you in a slow, soft kiss. You kiss him back, running your fingers though his hair. “Is everything well?”

“Yes, yes. Everything is good,” he pulls away for a second, then raises your hand and slightly touches your fingertips with his, slowly sliding down, until he gets the grip on your wrist with his pinky and thumb, with his other fingers gently stroking your palm. You cross your fingers, allowing him to rest your hands on his chest, right over his heart under the armor. “How was your day?”

“It was boring,” he grins. “What? Nothing is happening here.”

“Poor Y/N,” you both laugh quietly, and he strokes your hair with the kind smile, as if you are some kind of treasure.

“What is going on here?” your idyll is interrupted with Uther’s voice, and, as you both turn towards the voice, you see the King, staring at you. “Y/N?”

“I can explain,” you say, knowing you can’t really explain.

“Your Highness,” Gwaine gently pushes you behind his back, as if protecting you. “I understand that you won’t approve of it, but…”

“Don’t you dare say it! I let you be a knight, I let you stay in Camelot… Damn, I let you stay alive! And this is how you pay me back? By seducing my ward?” Uther is furious, and you feel like he could even use his sword against your knight.

“I am not seducing her!” Gwaine yells back.

“Really? Then what is that?”

“I am going to marry her,” states Gwaine loudly, not even thinking of bowing or asking Uther to let you get married.

“Y/N, go to your chambers,” orders Uther, approaching Gwaine. “I will talk to you later. And have Gaius check you for any sorcery or disease. We have to heal you from this magic before you do anything stupid.”

“I am under no spell, Sire,” you claim bravely, standing next to Gwaine. “We fell in love, and I am sorry that it is upsetting you so much.”

“That is impossible. First, Arthur states he will marry a girl he met two days ago, now you want to get married to this…”

“Knight. I am a knight, Sire.”

“You are not a nobleman!”

“That doesn’t matter,” you state quietly, holding Gwaine’s hand. You know that Uther would have already called the guards, but this part of the castle is empty. “I love him, Your Highness.”

“Don’t be a child. It’s your first love,” you shake your head. “Fine, it’s not the first one. You will fall in love again! Look, I only want your happiness, and marrying a simple man, even though he became a knight… That is not happiness, Y/N.”

“Then just give him this stupid title! It will solve all the problems!” you offer, tired of Uther being so narrow-minded.

“No. That will not happen,” Gwaine states before Uther can say anything. “I won’t accept a title as a way to marry you.”

“Gwaine, don’t… Gwaine,” you look him in the eye. “Look at it from another side.”

“What kind of knight I am if I get a title like that?”

“Stop talking,” orders Uther before you explain to Gwaine that everyone will understand that he deserves this title more than anyone else, that he has done enough for Camelot, that he is the worthy knight. “Sir Gwaine, you will fight my son, Prince Arthur, tomorrow. If you win, you will have my permission to marry Y/N and I will give you one of the lands of my son’s. If you lose, you will leave Camelot forever and never return, and Y/N will remain here,” Uther grabs your shoulder and pulls you away from Gwaine. “It is not a question or an option, Sir Gwaine. Prepare for the combat.”

“Thank you, Sire,” he obediently lowers his head, as you walk away, almost pushed by Uther.

“Thank you,” you repeat, as Uther lets go of you and walks away, mumbling something about not knowing how he ended up with two kids falling so hard for not perfect people.

“That was extremely stupid of you,” you hear a laughing voice and notice Merlin, hiding in the shadow. “What if I weren’t following Uther?”

“Well, you would have two dead friends by now,” you laugh and hug him. “Did you actually do that?”

“Making him accept you two with just a single combat?” he grins. “I may have affected his hatred, yes.”

“Merlin, you are the best ‘worst servant’ ever!” you grin. “Arthur doesn’t deserve you.”

“Finally, someone appreciating me,” you both smile. “Now go and let me talk to Arthur about the combat. I am sure he won’t mind letting Gwaine win this one time.”

“What about you let Gwaine win himself?” Merlin rolls his eyes, but nods and raises his hands.

“I give up on you, noble people. You have the servant that may convince Arthur to ensure your happiness, yet you choose the high road.”

“That’s what makes us noble,” you can’t stop smiling, so Merlin has to warn you.

“You know, if you look that happy, Uther will realize that something is wrong. And he may reconsider his niceness,” you nod, yet keep smiling, so he just waves his hand. “Oh, you are a hopeless romantic person.”

“Indeed I am.”

Things were awkward with Morgana. 

Okay, fair, that may be putting it lightly, but Merlin didn’t particularly want to put more thought into his description. As it was, every time he thought of Uther’s ward, his stomach churned and his chest burned with guilt. Shame. Anger. Refusal…. and dammit, see! Now he was thinking about it and gods, he felt sick. 

Their half-arsed glances in the hall of Camelot were like flashes of war battles. They never opened their mouths or brandished a weapon, but the flickers of their eyes were enough to wound. He supposed they hated each other. But, then he would remember the beautiful should-be princess who stood beside Arthur at banquets, challenged Uther in solitude, and was forced into magic just like he was. He missed that Morgana. He wished he had helped sooner, had shared his secret. 

But, no. Arthur was his destiny. Albion was his future. He couldn’t bring her comfort amidst her confusion. There was too much to risk. 

He caught the tail-end of a royal blue dress dart behind a pillar - the expensive silk immediately alerting him to who it was. (Shut up, can’t a man admire dress textiles? Jeez. You sound like Arthur.)

The bubbling in his gut was back. 

Acting on instinct, he followed her haste footsteps, barely trying to keep quiet. There was, he’d admit, some part of him that wanted Morgana to know he was there. 

Looks weren’t enough. It was time to talk. 

hey, I burn better in the dark,
hey, is that me crying?
hey, it’s pure poison where you are,
hey, is that me dying?
tell me a happy ending story,
is there a happy ending story?
is there, is there? tell me a happy ending story,
tell me a story

~ Hole, Happy Ending Story.

proof that I can still make non-casmund related graphics, plus I decided to give Morgana some love.

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A bright light filled the sky as Valkyrie entered this dimension, though she couldn't get control of her landing and crashed none too softly into the ground. She let out a soft groan and stood slowly, rubbing her sided gently. Now, Valkyrie had no idea what dimension she was in, but when she left the safety of the forest, she knew this would be hard to handle. Not only would people question her clothes, but her way of speech and the way she held herself. Thinking this over, she headed into town.

Morgana decided for a walk down into the lower town of Camelot. Court life was weighing on her mind as was other things…darker things. Morgause had promised to meet her again soon to talk about things that related to her claim to the throne and to her abilities. But for now, she had to play the perfect ward lest Uther suspect her in any plot against him. The more he trusted her, the easier it would be to take his crown. She wandered around the market place and eyed different goods. Then in the corner of her vision, she saw a flash of something strange…when she turned to look at what it was she saw a woman in strange garb looking back at her. “You look like quite a wanderer.” she mused towards the stranger.