I made a design for a utharaptor that i’m making a fursuit out of. He’s a utha raptor mixed with a lutino cockatiel. I tried to work as many traits that cockatiels have in to the design, such as the short snout, feet, inside of mouth and of course the crest.I thought i might give him a brown back with spots, to give him some sort camouflage but than i realized that lutino cockatiels are literally mutations and unnatural. (aka no camouflage needed in a safe environment)he’s named after my cockatiel, Pichu.  Also, ugle baby. ( @a-dinosaur-a-day could you maybe give some advice on what I should change?)

Kisi k maan piyar or izat ko jooti k neechay kuchalnay ko sarr utha k chalna kehtay hain tu mera sarr jhuka hi theek ya Rubb🙏🏻

Who Will Appear In DA IV?

The fourth installment in the Dragon Age series has not yet been announced, though I’ve personally heard buzz about it within the fandom. Not industry insider buzz, but more ‘Well, DAO and DA2 had roughly two years of development time between them, same with DA2 and DAI’, buzz.

Because of this, I’m hopeful that Bioware does announce a new Dragon Age game at E3, though until we hear it, I’m going to avoid boarding the hype train.

I’ve heard fan theory after fan theory about the next game, and while I think they’re interesting, I have something else I want to discuss: Who will appear.

Dragon Age is famous for having characters from former pieces of media reappear in their games. They even managed to do it in the first game in the series, having Duncan and Loghain, characters from books published before the games began, reappear, and then, in Awakening, having Utha and The Architect appear as well.

In DA2, Anders, Isabela, and Merrill all appear from DAO. Sketch from Leliana’s Song reappears, as does Nathaniel Howe from Awakening.

And in DAI goes all in on characters from previous media pieces, bringing in Briala, Fiona, Mihris, Cassandra, and Varric, just to name a few.

So, it stands to reason DA4 will have reappearing characters too.

So, starting in in-universe chronological order from their first appearance, here are ten characters I think, or hope, will be in DA4. Solas is not included as it’s pretty damn obvious he will appear again.

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Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 25 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:10 Dragon - Accompied by her colleagues and King Maric, Warden-Commander Genevieve of Orlais proceeds into the Deep Roads below Ferelden and discovers the existence of a sentient Darkspawn, the Architect, who attempts to broker an alliance with the Wardens. In the ensuing chaos most of the Wardens on the mission are killed.