Over on my main blog I’ve spent the last month doing an illustrated recap of the history of Dragon Age’s, erm, Dragon Age, as a project that lead up to release of the Dragon Age Inquisition trailer at E3. I was asked to put them all together in a photoset when I was done, so here we are! Unfortunately no full summaries as they are universally too large to fit into the captions boxes: original, individual posts are here if you would like to read them.

Set one here: the start of the Dragon Age up to 9:10 Dragon, covering the events of The Stolen Throne and The Calling.

Set One | Set Two | Set Three | Set Four

Dragon Age: Inquisiton Countdown: 25 Days Until EA E3 Conference

9:10 Dragon - Accompied by her colleagues and King Maric, Warden-Commander Genevieve of Orlais proceeds into the Deep Roads below Ferelden and discovers the existence of a sentient Darkspawn, the Architect, who attempts to broker an alliance with the Wardens. In the ensuing chaos most of the Wardens on the mission are killed.


Was cleaning out gigabytes of ancient screenshots and happened across these captures of the Architect and Utha. Unfortunately, the only way to take screenshots of them that haven’t been taken a hundred times before is to fight them, but even if they were somewhat harmed in the making of these, I assure you they are alive and well and hopefully happy in my canon game.

There was a gentle knock at the door, so soft that he almost didn’t hear it, followed by the slow creaking of the hinges. He detested that sound, as it always messed with his train of thought.

Setting down his quill, he turned to see the figure in the threshold. Her hair had turned gray in places, but she still stood firmly in place like a war veteran. Old habits, so they said. The splotches on her face were less apparent now, and some of the old vigor was still there. It seems progress was being made after all.

“Come in, Utha.” The Architect said, making a small gesture for her to sit on the bed. “What troubles you?”

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