>Asgore ‘King Kindergarten Killer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Spike The Tyke’ Dreemur
>Asgore 'Ankle-Biter Beater’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Crying Child Crusher’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Non-Senior Citizen Slayer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Toddler Terminator’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Munchkin Murderer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Innocent Infanticider’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Punt The Runt’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Mourning Mother-Maker’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Child Coffin Collector’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Youngster Euthanizer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Splat The Brat’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Be Mean To Teens’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Maybe Killed A Baby’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Gerber Grow-Up Plan Gleaner’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Preschool Purifier’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'When They Hit The Flowers, They’re Dead In Hours’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Extra-Small Exterminator’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Kiddy Cleanser’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'You Must Be This Tall To Live’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Crueler for the Preschooler’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Offspring Annihilator’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Get Rid Of The Kid’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Infant Slayer Player’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Stabbed Some Kids Through The Ribs’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Trust Fund Refund’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Playground Flaying Round’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Adolescent Suppressant’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Youthanizer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Out Of The Womb, Into The Tomb’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'No Longer Married Cause Some Kids Got Buried’ Dreemurr


The AIIF15 SPR build. Features: @vortexoptics 4-16x40 HS-T
@magpul PRS Stock
@grahamdefenseusa Gold TiN BCG
@americantrigger Gold curved trigger #goldtriggersnob
@lantac_usa Dragon brake
@leapers_utg Bi-Pod
@ballisticadvantage 18" SPR 223 Wylde
@midwestindustries 15" M-lok lightweight rail

A Day at School

(Frisk, Sans, and Toriel. I should also mention now I don’t do any shipping. I wrote this for /utg/ as a little challenge to myself to do something cute for once.)

A few months had passed since the barrier had been broken and the monsters slowly started to integrate into human society. It had been a little rocky at first, as most of the history of them had been largely forgotten. After all, the legend had simply said that Mt. Ebott was a place you never came back from, not that hundreds of monsters had been sealed inside.
Some monsters had it rockier than others. Questions on what had actually happened to those who stumbled upon the mountain and never returned were the most prominent, but were typically easily avoided. The top of a mountain was a cold, dangerous place after all and you didn’t exactly need a monster’s help to die at the summit.

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Just wasn’t digging the Magpul M-Lok covers, so those are gone except for a couple on the bottom in the event I rest the rifle there in a barricade or something. I also noticed that UTG put out some sights that didn’t quite look like your average hokey Chinese BUIS - like maybe they put some thought and effort into them. They just showed up today and initial impressions are pretty positive. More on that in later posts.