>Asgore ‘King Kindergarten Killer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Spike The Tyke’ Dreemur
>Asgore 'Ankle-Biter Beater’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Crying Child Crusher’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Non-Senior Citizen Slayer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Toddler Terminator’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Munchkin Murderer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Innocent Infanticider’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Punt The Runt’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Mourning Mother-Maker’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Child Coffin Collector’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Youngster Euthanizer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Splat The Brat’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Be Mean To Teens’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Maybe Killed A Baby’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Gerber Grow-Up Plan Gleaner’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Preschool Purifier’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'When They Hit The Flowers, They’re Dead In Hours’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Extra-Small Exterminator’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Kiddy Cleanser’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'You Must Be This Tall To Live’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Crueler for the Preschooler’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Offspring Annihilator’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Get Rid Of The Kid’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Infant Slayer Player’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Stabbed Some Kids Through The Ribs’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Trust Fund Refund’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Playground Flaying Round’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Adolescent Suppressant’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Youthanizer’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'Out Of The Womb, Into The Tomb’ Dreemurr
>Asgore 'No Longer Married Cause Some Kids Got Buried’ Dreemurr

A Year Every Minute Chapter List

A Year Every Minute is Undertale fan-fiction based around the idea that Gaster is Sans and Papyrus’ father through means of cloning. The story begins after Gaster invents the CORE and continues throughout their lives together. Through trials and tribulations, success and happiness, we see their lives unfold before them. This extends past the True Pacifist ending and features shorts, as well as a planned alternate ending, prequel, and sequel.


[Part 1]

[Part 2]

[Part 3]

[Part 4]

[Part 5]

[Part 6]

[Part 7]

[Part 8]

[Part 9]

[Part 10]

[Part 11]

[Part 12]

[Part 13]

[Part 14]

[Part 15]

[Part 16]

[Part 17]

[Part 18]


[Part 19]

[Part 20]

[Part 21]

[Part 22]

[Part 23]

[Part 24]

[Part 25]

[Part 26]

[Part 27]

[Part 28]

[Part 29]

[Part 30]

[Part 31]

[Part 32]


[Part 33]

[Part 34]

[Part 35]

[Part 36]

[Part 37]

[Part 38]

[Part 39]

[Part 40]

[Part 41]

[Part 42]

[Part 43]

[Part 44]

[Part 45]

[Part 46]

[Part 47]

[Part 48]

[Part 49]

[Part 50]

[Part 51]


[Part 52]

[Part 53]

[Part 54]

[Part 55]

[Part 56]

[Part 57]

[Part 58]

[Part 59]

[Part 60]

[Part 61]

[Part 62]

[Part 63]

[Part 64]

[Part 65]

[Part 66]


[Part 67]

[Part 68]

[Part 69]

[Part 70]

[Part 71]

[Part 72]

[Part 73]

[Part 74]

[Part 75]

[Part 76]

[Part 77]

[Part 78]

[Part 79]

[Part 80]

[Part 81] (FINAL)




7.5" Lone Wolf G9 9mm pistol with a 6.5" suppressor. Cerakote done by Mod1 firearms.

Accessories include: KAK extension tube, UTG hand stop, Truglo Tactical micro green laser, Surefire G2 flashlight, B.A.D. lever, Troy iron sights, Trijicon RMR 3.25 MOA, Parallax Tactical 11.5" handguard, Magpul ASAP sling plate with MS3 sling, magpul MOE+ grip, and a BCM mod 3 charging handle.

So far I am really enjoying the RMR in the forward position.


Nothing super special here, just what works for me and my broke highschooler budget. Still need to figure out a way to carry my Hicapa reliably, so that’s not pictured here. But basically here’s what I have so far.

PASGT helmet (old style suspension)

  • ACH helmet shroud
  • cateye band

TMC 6094 (Smoke Green)

  • TMC triple M4 pouch
  • T3 7.62 shingle pouch
  • ATS MBITR pouch
  • Condor utility pouch
  • Condor double pistol pouch

Red Rock Assault Pack

  • Whatever gets thrown into it

DE M1014

  • ACM Red Dot Sight


  • EOtech 552 replica
  • Welded-on brass deflector
  • UTG G3 tri-rail
  • KAC vertical foregrip
  • Magpul XTM rail covers

TM Hicapa 4.3

  • Stock TM pistol, what’s there to say