So I was talking to Baseball and I decided to try and look up some of my first and only fanfiction I ever posted publicly back in 2004.

I found it.

Shockingly, it wasn’t too bad. Bad. But not that bad for a 15 year old. Hell, I see 15 year olds on tumblr that definitely write better than I did back when I was their age.

Anyway, 27 reviews and only one of them was negative!

“I thought this thing was a piece of crap! I’ve never read anything so stupid in my whole life, and I’m 42! You definitely don’t have a future career in writing! Have a nice day.”

I’ve fixed their grammar and punctuation, but you get the idea.

Well, lovely ff.net user, you’re right.

I didn’t make a career in writing.

It’s become one hell of a great hobby though.

I flipped through some /utg/ threads on 4chan for the first time since probably April too, and it’s so damn amusing to be called an “autistic faggot” in one thread and then “ridiculously nice” in another.


I’m kinda sad I never posted anything else I’ve written online, because it’s gone forever, and I’ve written a lot of crap. Not a lot of fanfiction, but holy balls did I write so many stupid little stories on paper and then on the computer when we bought one for the first time.

I never posted them because I was scared that people would hate them.

So if you’re young, and you’re writing fanfiction or original stories or whatever, post them even if you’re scared! Even if you don’t think anyone will see them! You might get one or two bad reviews, people might attack you or think what you’re writing is stupid, but fuck those guys.

Put that shit out there even if it’s silly! Even if you don’t think anyone will like it!

Future you will be grateful for it.

I really wish I could stumble into some of those old worlds I created when I was younger, just to see what they were like, just so I could learn from them and see how far I’ve come, but I can’t.

So you should. Write and draw your little fucking hearts out you precious little creators.

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I might buy 50 acres of land just to have somewhere to shoot this thing.

Bushmaster BR308
Mission First Tactical Battle Utility Stock
BCM 762 Charging Handle
Timney 4# trigger
SCAR FDE KNS Anti-Rotational pins
Battle Arms Ambi-Safety
Vortex Optics 6-25x50 Crossfire II
Surefire 762 Procomp muzzle brake
UTG Recon 360 Bipod