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How dan and phil probably broke up #41
  • Phil: *to dan* If I was an enzyme I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes ;))

Banning abortion means prioritizing a cluster of cells over a grown human being, or as the case may be, a pregnant child as young as 10 or 11.

Banning abortion means forcing women to be mothers regardless of their position in life without ever forcing men to be fathers; without even making sure that men pay child support from wherever they choose to run off to.

Banning abortion means forcing those with female reproductive systems to suffer the risks of ectopic pregnancies, pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, placenta praevia, placenta accreta, unforeseen hemorrhages, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, amniotic fluid embolism, and sepsis– risks that include everything from emergency hysterectomy to death.

Banning abortion means condoning the consequence of more girls and women dying from illegal and self-induced abortions, and more newborns left on doorsteps, and more newborns left in cardboard boxes and garbage cans and bodies of water, many of whom will die.

Banning abortion means cornering rape victims into maintaining long-term contact with their rapists and experiencing the powerlessness of sharing their children with people they know to be unsafe, or to experience the trauma of giving up their babies for adoption.

Banning abortion means requiring once joyful mothers-to-be to carry nonviable or dead fetuses– forcing devastated couples with the nursery room already painted– to suffer through a gruesome late miscarriage, stillbirth, or the torture of knowing their child will be born only to suffer horrifically and die within minutes, hours, or days (whereas the parents of already born and terminally ill children have the choice to transition their little one to hospice care or end life support).

I understand and respect why some women (as well as transgender or nonbinary uterus owners) would not feel comfortable choosing abortion for themselves, and at the same time I truly believe we must allow all owners of uteruses autonomy over their bodies. We cannot claim to respect bodily autonomy of all people equally if even a non-sentient deceased body’s organs cannot be donated to save many lives without the person having agreed to it while alive, yet a living adult can be forced to submit to a nine-month saga right in the middle of their internal organs that totally transforms their body and ends in either the extremely painful and potentially injurious event of childbirth or very invasive C-section surgery, not to mention a baby they must now make decisions for. Outlawing abortion is not about saving lives– we know already that outlawing abortion results in people (mothers as well as children) needlessly suffering and dying. Outlawing abortion is about devaluing women; controlling women; dismissing that a woman is qualified to make choices regarding her side of the reproductive process.

Last month, I shared about my ordeal last month(what is likely endometriosis) and how I needed to make changes. I completely eliminated soy and cut back on caffeine considerably and incorporated more raw fruit in my diet. Thankfully, I didn’t have to give up alcohol and could still have my weekend fun as long as it is in moderation. I have been drinking lemon water everyday and I have also done more prayer and meditation. I started my period yesterday and I had minimal pain and discomfort. I feel fantastic! Huge clots are coming out of me like lava and I’m bleeding the right way again. Signs of detoxification I exhibited were nasal congestion and frequently blowing my nose and headaches. Before I started my cycle, I had a headache and was very congested and sneezing a lot. I thought I was catching a Summer cold, but the morning I started, it was all gone. I want to share the power of healing and diet the natural way. I wanted to get this message out there that you can heal yourself. It made me sad learning of women who were taking harsh medications, being hooked on prescription drugs, and having hysterectomies done. They have an organ cut out of them and the pain still comes back and they suffer further problems. I wanted to share my story of success and triumph and inspire others to do what is best for them and take good care of themselves.

Bonnie & Clyde - Jughead Jones X Reader

Anon Request: can u pls do a (dating) jughead x reader where the reader is on her period and absolutely miserable and he takes care of her and does everything for her and is the sweetest and kindest and there’s just a lot of fluff:,,,) im on mine right now and i cried @ school because i was explaining to my friend how beautiful jughead is so yeahhhh lmao i need this,,, xoxo

I am sorry this is kind of short! It’s more of a drabble but I really tried sweetie :’) I feel like if I had a boyfriend I would marry him on the spot if he did this though~ Enjoy! <3 - Juggie xx

Word Count: 526

Warnings: one swear, fluffy, Jughead kinda out of character? idk, reference to criminals of the Great Depression

You are the light of his life; always laughing and smiling. A ray of sunshine and a beacon of hope in his darkest moments, his rock, his happiness.

But as much as you love being all those things for Jughead Jones, you are miserable right now.

It’s Friday night but here you are, in your biggest pair of pajama pants, clutching a pillow to your stomach in a fetal position craving chocolate and a relief from these cramps. And as if he sensed how much you wanted him there with you, you heard a tap tap tap on your window.

You slowly sit up, your head pounding and you feel strands fall loose from the messy bun on the top of your head. You look down as you walk towards the window to let him in. You were suddenly embarrassed by your lack of makeup and how crazy you may look.

He climbs in through the window and takes his jacket off and a bag he had brought as you close it again. When you turn to face him he is smiling down at you, “You’re beautiful.”

Damn that boy, always knowing what to say. You simply wrap your arms around him and offer a sad smile, “I feel awful.”

“Betty told me you started today, so I brought you some stuff.” He gestured with his head over to the bag and you quickly untangle yourself from him to go look. Some chocolate, your favorite candy, your favorite movies, his laptop, some Tylenol, and his journal; oh how you love this boy.

“Well let’s not waste anytime then Juggie.”

You two are soon snuggled up on your bed, munching on chocolate and watching a movie on his laptop. One arm is around you and his other hand is writing on the journal set on his leg. Every now and then he’ll turn and place a soft kiss on your head, forehead, or cheek. Your head is in the crook of his neck; his smell comforting and distracting you from the hell taking place in your uterus. As you feel yourself drift to sleep you ask him, “Whatcha writing Jug?”

You can sense his smile as he begins to read it aloud, “Here with her is where I feel most safe, no feeling can compare to the beat in my chest when she’s tucked into my neck and my side, I find no place is more safe than when I am with her, the love of my life, we’re Bonnie and Clyde.”

Your heart swells, how in love can you be with him? Your eyes meet and you lean up to give him a kiss. “I love you Forsythe.”

“And I love you (Y/N).”

He stroked your hair as he whispered sweet nothings to you and kissed you over and over until you faded into your dreams. His touch was so relaxing and with each one you were pulled closer and closer to your night’s dreams. Ironically enough your reality seemed better since Jughead came along. You fell asleep feeling on top of the world, but how could you not? You were being treating like royalty by Jughead Jones.

NOTE: Y’all I write poetry but I feel like that little bit I wrote for Jug was a bit subpar. Sorry. Hope you guys enjoy! :) <3

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Dear AV. I'm in the middle of fertility treatment. I've been told today there are complications which mean we prob can't progress with our transfer. We only have 1 embryo. And now I'm oversharing. I identify w Scully SO much in seasons 7-8. Could you write a little drabble about how shit it all feels, how scared she is that her one shot won't work, how her body is tormented w hormones but her mind won't rest? Thanks, and I'm really sorry for oversharing. Just needed to tell someone.

Anon, I’ve been thinking of you a lot. I hope you are well, and that this is what you were looking for. All my love.

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Have you done a kuroo x readers first time yet? If so, could I just have some overall hc of kuroo or maybe a scenario where he's being ignored and trys his best to get her attention again? I'm down for litteraly anything kuroo....or Lev....or tsukki

Kuroo’s first time:
“__, call me helicase…”
“‘Cause I really wanna unzip your genes.”

Kuroo rested his head down in between the dip of her hips, idly watching her facial expression go sour.
“Tetsurou, that was so bad.” She snorted, propping herself up on her elbows.
“Oh c’mon, it wasn’t that bad.”
“It was so bad you didn’t just turn me off, but you managed to destroy my entire reproductive system. I can feel my uterus failing by the second.” Kuroo couldn’t help but laugh, rolling his eyes at his girlfriend’s words. He knew she was lying through, her red cheeks contradicting her subtle poker face.
“Oh please, I know you want me.”
“I want you as much as a muscle wants lactic acid.”
“Now that’s just mean!” Kuroo snorted, lifting up the hem of her shirt and pressing a soft kiss to her stomach. She smiled at him, her fingers finding their way into his hair and pushing his bangs back. He pressed another kiss and, without warning, blew against her stomach, hard. She screeched, arching her back and attempting to slide away.
“You’re seriously giving me a raspberry right now?”
“Oh yeah baby, you like that?” He cooed, mock seductively. She giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand. His hands gripped onto her hips to keep her down on the bed as he blew another raspberry against her stomach. Her shrill giggles caused him to laugh himself, breaking his blowing for a moment or two. “You like that, huh?”
He continued to watch her with a silly smile. A fond swelling erupted in his chest just watching her, and he swore in that moment he’s never loved anyone more. He took his hands off of her hips, placing them by her head and pulling himself up on her body. He met her face to face, and lowered himself onto his forearms to kiss her lips softly.
“I love you…” He muttered through a broken kiss, lowering one of his arms to grab her hand and interlace her fingers with his.
“I love you too, Tetsurou.” She replied as she dipped out of the kiss. They kept kissing, his hand slipping away from hers and returning to the hem of her shirt. He tugged at the fabric, fumbling awkwardly as he pulled it over her head and onto the floor. She giggled, sitting up and grabbing his own shirt and pulling it off a little more deftly than he did hers.
“God, I can’t even get your shirt off without struggling, how am I gonna manage this thing?” He snorted, fumbling with one of her bra straps between his index finger and thumb. “You might as well put a rubix cube on the back of that thing, goddamn.”
“You’re an IB chemistry student yet you don’t know how to take apart some clasps?” She teased.
“Honestly, yeah. I’ll deconstruct an atom before I learn how to undo this.” He shrugged, leaning back into her and kissing the junction between her neck and shoulder. He rolled his hips against hers experimentally, and when she sighed in content, he continued. She leaned backwards, unclasping her bra and letting it fall off of her. He went red in the face, his eyes following it as she threw it on the floor.
“Goddamn…” He muttered, becoming captivated in her naked chest. “Can you tell I’m a virgin?” He laughed awkwardly.
“Oh don’t worry Tetsurou, we’re all virgins here…” She sniffled. “Just wait until I see your dick. I’ll cry.”
Kuroo laughed, placing his hands on her bare back and tracing comfortable circles into her shoulder blades.
“You wanna take your pants off for me?” He muttered, the words making his cheeks flare redder.
“What happened to wanting to unzip my genes?”
“Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.” He ran his fingers along her torso and down to the button on her jeans. “Actually, I can’t do this. Please help me.”
With a nervous laugh she slid off his lap, and pulled off her jeans, her hands evidently shaking. She was getting nervous now, he could tell. No matter how sarcastic or aloof she acted, he could see straight through whatever facade she put up against him.
“It’s ok to be nervous, __.” He muttered, kicking off his joggers easily. “I’m so nervous I could vomit.”
“Ok, please don’t.” She stared at him with wide eyes, sitting across from him with crossed legs.
“I won’t. I just want you to be comfortable, okay? We don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready…” He sighed. “It was an honor just to see your boobs, to be honest.”
With that she broke out laughing again, more out of nervousness than hilarity.
“Tetsurou, I love you.”
“I love you too, __.”
The next turn of events had Kuroo’s heart pounding. She pulled off her underwear daintily, although she kept her legs shut. He looked upon her for a moment and licked his lips, his eyes darting between her body and his. He got lost in his thoughts, coming back from them when his eyes met hers.
“Yeah um…” He stuttered, grabbing the condom from the nightstand and fumbling with its package. “I’m really nervous, if you can’t tell.”
“Are you gonna vomit?”
“Your words, not mine.”
“Oh, yeah, right…” He trailed off again, staring at the elastic band of his boxers. “Here goes nothing…” He pulled them down quickly, like he was ripping a bandage. He sighed down at his crotch, hesitantly meeting her eyes. She looked down at his dick, then up to his eyes, then back down to his dick.
“Kuroo Tetsurou, you are going to kill me with that thing.”
“Wait, can that really happen?”
“No, no, but…” She sighed, covering her face with her hands. “It’s scary, Tetsurou…”
“Do you wanna stop?” He suggested.
“No, I definitely do not want to stop, it’s just that…I’m scared.” She sniffled. “Can I get a hug?”
Kuroo smiled setting the condom down on the bed and shuffling over to her. He scooped her up into his arms, letting her nuzzle into the crook of his neck.
“I’ll try not to hurt you, okay?”
“Damn, you better not hurt me.” She slid away from him, eyeing him up and down and nodded. His smile never faltered as he slipped the condom on, watching her as she crawled on top of his lap.
“Do you mind if we do it this way?” She inquired, her eyes never meeting his. She was beet red, her focus solely on his thighs.
“Whatever makes you comfortable, baby.”
She nodded, gathering up the courage to lift herself up and settle on the tip of his erection.
“Fuck…” She whispered into his ear as she lowered herself a bit lower. “Tetsurou, just slam into me. I think its gonna hurt more if I sit here for three hours trying to do it myself.”
“You sure?”
“I’m sure.”
Kuroo sighed, grabbing a hold of her hips with trembling hands.
“Ok…” He mumbled. “Three… two… one… blast off!”
He pulled her down as quick as her body would let him, and when her hips collided with his, she stared at him with wide eyes, her mouth utterly agape.
“Holy shit, fuck, heck…“ She hissed, leaning her head against his shoulder. “I don’t know if I should be complaining about how bad it hurts or how upset I am that I’m losing my virginity to a guy who said ‘three two one blast off’ as he put his dick in me.” She whined, regaining her composure as she looked him in the eyes.
“I know I’ve said this a lot today but I really love you, Tetsurou.”
“Enough to forgive me for saying ‘three two one blast off’?”
“Enough to forgive you for anything.”
They sat in silence for a moment, the cautious grinding of her hips bubbling up a warm feeling inside of him. Slowly, slowly, she brought herself up on her knees, then lowered herself back down. She started at a steady pace, Kuroo’s hips bucking up to meet hers. Her face was convulsed, out of pain or pleasure, he didn’t know. She was completely focused in her movements, and nothing else. Her hands were tight on his shoulders, using his body as a crutch for hr movements.
“Am I doing ok?” She pondered, getting used to her steady pace and increasingly picking up her speed.
“You’re doing…” Kuroo wasn’t used to the new wave of pleasure that ran over him, and involuntarily, he moaned. His bit his lip bashfully and nodded. “Wonderful…”
“I can’t tell if I hate the feeling of this or love it.” She breathed. “I’m gonna say both.”
They fell into another drawn out segment of silence, the only noises in the room were her soft moans, his groans, and the whirring of the furnace.
His eyes never left hers as they continued, their heavy breathing in sync. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, making her jolt, suddenly. She sighed, leaning into him as her hips never faltered. He left a bruising trail from one collarbone to the other, then kissed her pulse softly.
“__, you’re the only person on earth who will ever make me feel this way.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mm…” He moaned out, his hips stuttering as he jerked forward a bit, a louder moan then escaping him.
“God, __…” He panted, his fist balling into her hair. “I… I just…” He whined again, a little quieter this time. “You just made me…”
Kuroo sat there for a little while longer, watching as she came to a high of her own, her reddened cheeks growing redder as she chanted his name like a prayer, her hips slowly coming to a stop.
“Did we just?”
“We totally just…”
“And I didn’t die?”
“Me neither?”
“Holy fuck.”
Kuroo laughed, glancing down at their hips.
“I might just cry, __.” He exhaled, running a hand through sweaty hair. His eyes met hers again, and he had to bite down on his lip to hold back something.
“Babe, you know what?”
“You must be RNA, cause you really help me uncoil.”
“Really, Tetsurou!”
COSPLAY! (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt out of place in my body. I grew up as the shortest and stoutest of three daughters. I can recall being told by my father as a preteen that I needed to lose weight. I have a small frame, no torso, wide chest with not a lot of boob weight for the width of it and very large, wideset hips. Hips that, when I started flirting with my first real online crush, I felt I needed to warn him about - tell him that “they look kind of weird.” His next IM to me was “Yeah they do look weird.” He loved the pictures of me from the waist up, but that one…the only response was an agreement to a self conscious statement i made that I hoped in my nervous, pre-teen way, would be refuted.

I was 12 years old and it paved the way for 15 years of constant fear of judgement.

I laughed it off, but i remember even then that talking to him didn’t feel the same. The mindset I ended up developing was that I had to work a lot harder to be found attractive. The first strategy I came up with was to talk myself up - If I at least pretended that I LOVED my hips and stomach then maybe other people would respond to it and accept me. That path led me down to my first real heartbreak - my very first relationship I had with a girl ended with me pleading her to tell me what was wrong with me, why didn’t she like me - was I not pretty enough? Her response that came too soon for me to prepare for was, “It’s just you’re kind of egotistical and it’s annoying.”

Next thing I knew, born from the broken heart of a 15 year old girl was the next brilliant strategy…Obviously I was a shitty person AND had the most repulsive body, so I didn’t eat. I kept my head down, isolated myself, and developed an eating disorder. I was prescribed Darvocet and Hydrocodone the second time I got my period at 13 - I ended up having endometriosis (which surprise surprise - I didn’t properly care for and wound up having scarring so widespread that I either had to learn to live with the pain of adhesion scars tying parts of my organs into knots or get a hysterectomy SO OUT THE UTERUS WENT and i feel GREAT NOW!)

So all that led me down a road that lead to dropping out of high school, becoming chemically dependent on narcotics, and eventually getting hospitalized when my doctor made the call to abruptly stop prescribing me the medication. While I was in the hospitalized, I learned a lot about loving myself, I did a lot of really important, healing therapy….But the psychiatric medication and the fattening food they served me led me to gain 60 lbs in three short months at the age of 19. I went from being 122 lbs to being close to 180. 

Of course, with all those ingredients, I had developed a toxic relationship and when I decided to let her see a picture of me after those months to try and maybe feel love in my life again…To put it in simple terms, I went back to feeling exactly how I felt when that first boy crush I had verified that my body didn’t look normal, and therefore, I was not attractive.

FAST FORWARD TO MY COSPLAY YEARS! I never felt comfortable doing it, because I always felt like there just wasn’t a character with a body like mine that existed. Period. So I tried it, became OBSESSED with it but…no matter how hard I have ever tried, never felt like I could ever be good at. And even if I’ve been part of a group that placed 2nd in a contest…I knew it wasn’t me. I was the big ol’ fat grease stain that everyone pretended not to see.

I did feel hot when I cosplayed GLaDOS and when I unknowingly publicly posted them on imgur (in an attempt to use free online storage to compile a makeshift portfolio LMFAO GOD) well…





Fast. Fucking. Forward. To overwatch.
I barely play it. Megan, the missus, plays it so much sometimes I feel like she has a closer current relationship with it than with me (i get jealous easily BUT ALSO I KIND OF MOSTLY KID) and she so happens to be a big fan of Junkrat and Roadhog. 

So, you know, I kinda did too.

And recently I’ve developed some good attitute adjustments, started thinking more positively and while discussing the idea of her cosplaying junkrat and maybe having me be Mei I just kind of thought on a whim I’d rather be Roadhog. First jokingly but then like

Why SHOULD I have to cosplay the one girl character with a fuller figure - a figure that actually isn’t even close to mine. But it’d be hot, i’m not Chinese, and tbh I didn’t want to because she may be thick….but not the kind of thick I am. 


Hello, my name is Rissa. I am officially starting work on a Roadhog cosplay, and my weird hips and poochy tummy will be on display - no more shaper topped with a cincher topped with control tights just to feel a little more confident that i’m not offending people with my fucking muffin top.

my weird body and I might not be male. Or even close to that thick. 

This time it’s just on MY terms.

call me fat. please, i invite you to because it’s completely goddamn irrelevant at this point. I’m cosplaying ROADHOG.

I AM UN. STOPPABLE. Gonna make every day an arm day and buff up. Play up my belly. Display my hysterectomy scars.

who fucking CARES, right?





“Hey, are you ready to go?” Draco asked Y/N, his thick Slytherin scarf hanging around his neck. Y/N was sat in one of the armchairs in the common room, her legs strewn over one of the armrests. 

“Go where?” she asked, looking up at the blonde-haired boy.

“Hogsmeade. It’s Friday, right?” he replied, scrunching his eyebrows together. 

She sighed. “Oh yeah. I’m sorry, I don’t know if I’m up for Hogsmeade today…”

Draco sat down at the coffee table adjacent to the chair. “Why?” he asked, concerned. “Are you okay?”

She nodded, placing a hand on her pelvis. “I’m fine. Just cramps.”

“Oh.” Draco said. “Are you on your - uh… time of the month?”

Y/N laughed, shaking her head. “You can say the word period, Draco. It won’t kill you.”

He smiled at the sound of her laugh. “Sorry.”

“And yeah, I am on my period. But you should go to Hogsmeade, with Blaise or something. I just feel like getting in bed and being alone, to be honest.”

“Are you sure? You’ll be okay?”

“Yes, Draco. Believe it or not, this has happened before.” she said, swinging her legs around so that she then sat normally on the chair, facing him. She smiled at the boy with too much concern for her.

“Okay.” he said, knowing that Y/N needed her space every once in a while.

He leaned over and pushed his lips onto hers, smiling into the kiss.

“Bye.” she said, after pulling away. “Have fun.”

Y/N spent the next hour curled up in her bed, in the empty girls’ dormitory, losing herself in a book. She was just about to take a nap, when she heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come in!” she yelled, a bit muffled from her pillow.


She sat up at the sound of Draco’s voice. She was surprised to see him walk in, green scarf askew and a brown paper bag in his hand.

“Why are you back so soon?” she asked, licking her lips.

He shrugged. “I missed you.”

She grinned at his lame response, as Draco sat down on her bed, unwrapping his scarf from his neck and shaking out some loose snow from his hair.

“Did you bring me some painkillers, by any chance?” she joked, gesturing to the paper bag.

“Still hurts, huh?” Draco asked, frowning. Y/N nodded. “Anyway, I got you this.” he said, pulling out a chocolate frog from the bag.

“Chocolate?” Y/N said, raising an eyebrow. “How stereotypical. Just because I’m a girl on my period, I want chocolate?” she said, scoffing.

“Oh, you don’t want it?” Draco said, one of the corners of his mouth curving into a smirk.

“Oh, no, I definitely want it.” she said, smiling. He laughed and handed her the candy. As she unwrapped the plastic, she watched Draco untie his boots and shrug his coat off, throwing both items on the floor.

He turned to her and said, “Scoot over.”

“Why?” she said, biting into the frog’s head.

“I’m getting in there with you.” he stated, climbing over her and lifting the comforter to climb underneath.

“Your clothes are dirty!” Y/N said, scooting over to make room for the obnoxious boy whom had just climbed into her bed.

“Fine.” said Draco. He then rustled under the covers for a moment, before pulling out his jeans and throwing them across the floor. 

“There.” he said, kissing her on the forehead.

Y/N just laughed, shaking her head. Draco grabbed the brown paper bag left on the bed and began to rummage through it.

“What else you got?” she asked, mouth full of chocolate.

“Stick to your frog!” he said, pulling the bag away from her.

Y/N smiled, playfully elbowing him in the ribs.

Eventually, the two of them lying down, eyes closed, with Draco’s arm wrapped around her torso. He lightly traced patterns with his fingertips on the soft skin of her waist. Despite the pain, Y/N felt very calm.

“How does your uterus feel?” he mumbled next to her ear.

She opened her eyes and grinned, holding back a laugh. “My what?”

“What? I used the proper word!” he said, and Y/N could tell he was smiling as well.

“You’re an absolute dork.” she said, closing her eyes again. 

Draco nuzzled her neck, sending butterflies to her stomach. “Yeah, but you love me.” he whispered into her neck.

“Yeah, maybe.” she said, grin spreading across her face. “Actually, my uterus feels horrible.”

“Want me to massage you?” Draco asked, eagerly.

“No, Draco, that’s -” she started, but he had already begun massaging her lower abdomen. “That tickles!” she said, squirming.

“What?” he asked, pretending to be oblivious. “This?” he said, doing it again.

“Stop!” she said, laughing so hard that her cramp seemed to intensify.

“Okay, okay.” Draco said, squeezing her body against his. “Let’s go to sleep.”

“We can’t go to sleep; you’re not even supposed to be in here. What if someone- ” Y/N said.

“Shh…” he said softly, into the crook of her neck. She closed her eyes.

And that’s how Pansy Parkinson found the two of them, cuddled up in Y/N’s bed, sleeping, Draco’s arm wrapped delicately around her waist.

this is oh so fluffy i’m sorry hahah

i hope you liked it, anon! xx

The Hotel (Part 3 of The Concert)

Characters: Rockstar!Jensen Ackles, Reader

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 964

Warnings: None

A/N: Thanks @nadiandreu7 for the reading over, unbeta’d

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The Concert Masterpost  

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

3) The Hotel 

Is this your- are we in your hotel?” Dumbfounded, you take his hands and climb out of the car.

Did he really? You ask yourself for the third or fourth time in the evening..

“Why exactly are we here?” You look at him and his poker face gives you literally nothing but you keep talking before he has the chance to say anything.

“I mean, I think I know… And although I’m flattered. Don’t get me wrong, I really am. If I must admit this right here,” you singal between the two of you with your hand, “always been a fantasy of mine…”

You take a deep breath to keep talking, “you know, spending the night with Jensen Ackles… But, I-I can’t, I’m sorry, I’m not- I won’t put out just because you bought a beer and some fries and you are Jensen Ackles, the sexiest man alive.”

You slip his jacket from your body and fold it in half with clumsy hands while you’re hit by shaking chills.

“Here!” You shiver again rolling your eyes unconsciously, he stares at you, still processing the three hundred words you just said in less than a minute.

“Hey wait, no! Um. What was that?” He gives you a weird look, pointing at you.

“A chills replica, it always happens, after the first one, sometimes too when I’m near a person and they get the chills.” You say shrugging. “Anyway… Really, really nice to meet you. I’m just gonna grab a cab or take the bus or whatever, don’t worry about it.”

You turn to leave but Jensen stops you, grabbing a hold of your wrist. “Wait! I didn’t mean your chills, I meant that whole speech you gave me?”

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That period feel when u

Turn into a shit fountain

Feel like there’s a knife fight happening in ur uterus

Can’t move

Feel so nauseous that saltines look offensive

Are so tired that simple thought processes are impossible (I literally forgot my middle name wtf)

Would literally fuck a sink bc ur so horny

are more sensitive than a straight guy’s ego

Generally wanna die


Contractions but not really

Anyone else have a baby that pushes their butt, back, arm, leg, any other body part so hard into your uterus it feels like it’s cramps up? But then if you feel the rest it’s just hard where they are? It’s been happening a lot. I’m not concerned about it, but boy, stop sticking your elbow in me. It does not feel good.