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Anime with WOC characters

I know there isn’t alot of representation for dark WOC in anime, so here’s a few examples of some anime with brown or black women! (All of them are main characters, or at least in a good amount of the anime)

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Anthy)

Michiko to Hatchin (Michiko and Atsuko)

Oh! My goddess (Urd)

Deadman Wonderland (Karako Koshio)

Darker than black (April)

Book of Bantorra (Noloty)

Basquash (Sela and Miyuki)

.hack// (Mary and Mimiru)

 Magic Knight Rayearth (Caldina, Tarta and Tatra)

Inktober #11

WIP detail shot, from chapter cover for Steven and the Rose Bride. The boy with the Rose Gem meets the Rose Bride.