I just reached 700 followers, and I wanted to do my first Follow Forever ever haha :D 
Omg, I just want to thank all of you for following me, to thank all of you who’s been there with me through my football obsession,Luke Shaw spams, my mood changes and all other things. 

I would like to mention one of the best people here who I can thank to, and they all been amazing to me paddywhackmcnair whatsthemata8 mothermufc shaw-united red-devil7 yanoozai herreramata degearojo robinvanbangme glorymanunited95 redmajestic amnathepenguincorn marouanefellainis manchesterunited4life k23designs fuckyeahmcnair paddymcnairr my-football-paradise daviddebae-a juanderherrera s-c-a-r-c-i-t-y herreramufc  oliverquueen ghostgoal orestis-karnezis d-degeas thecr7universe mcnairlovinn juanherreras heyherooftime  rafinhaismine persie-official manunlted dizzydegea and imagination-princess 

And the others amazing blogs heyunited barca-ney red-till-i-am-dead-deactivated2 redcrestonthechest daleyxblind ijsw thuleana neymartra la-cordobesa baeley-blind param11mufc egzonahh izafrech farhadlovesdanijela thediemond yanited20 andrinho-pereira mufcserbia mufc-kenya real-love-1909 alittletoo-obsessed ryangiggs-11 leamadridistka dontyouwishyourstrikerwasrvp marcorcus alwaysroo fely-13 lumierer justanothersoccerguy farthereastofeden captainrvp beautiful-devils adityen isco-esque uniteddevilbxtch carolnobreg marcoreddevil fuckyeahmarcosrojo utdmufc raaamseys underr-the-seaaa monkey-reus fuck-yeah-fcb raddyfalcao xxpuffpoox218 my-gonzo-neymar fxxball 

Thank you all, I love you.
Sorry if I fortog someone :(