utauhetane started following you

“Ah, another UTAU that I have to deal with?” Tei thought aloud to herself. She looked at the new UTAU, her eyes moved up and down as she observed his uniform. ’Not to shabby, it’s okay. Not as great as mine, but ok’ Tei then went up to the green UTAU and poked his cheek, checking to see if he was the real thing.

“You alive kid? You seem kinda deadbeat unlike all the other hyper and bubbly UTAUs out there. I haven’t seen you around here also… What’s your name, huh?”


Another person entered the her forest? Was he here to commit suicide? No, she doesn’t want that, she did her best to hide the nooses in the trees so then people would not know that this was a big suicide spot, since she wanted to attract people to the forest… to maybe become friends with Hua Po. Even though such acts of mass suicide on the same tree create Hua Pos, no one wants their soul to become a Hua Po instead of moving on, since it is a very lonely existence.

But maybe this man was not here for such a thing? Maybe he just got lost? Yes that got to be it! She hit those heavy nooses too well for someone to realize what this forest was! The small fairy, about the size of a person’s palm, fluttered over to the odd man, giving him a curious look.