utau confessions

“I feel like as the UTAUs have more and more advanced features, it’s harder and harder to get noticed. Like, you used to only need a good CV and people would love it. But now you need like 5 pitch power scale VCV, breath endings, glottal stops, etc. I find that makes it discouraging for new UTAU makers to join in on the fandom.”

“I have a friend who pretty much bashes on those who use CV banks, Audacity–you get the gist. What made me even more angry was when that person said "do you see any Japanese users releasing CV usts?” I feel that UTAU is NEVER limited just to Japan, and that newcomers exist anywhere. I should be able to release my usts without people complaining how it’s not already VCV to make it easier for them.“

“I think the main problem with English UTAUs is that they were recorded like they were made for talking (more commonly known as "Big-Al syndrome”) I think that producers of English UTAUs should study more on how a human being actually sings, rather then just diving right into recording them. You see this problem with many English Vocaloids as well"

Confession #1097:

“As a person that does not like Undertale, I am absolutely appalled by the huge amount of Underloid stuff. Last time I searched for UTAU, over half of the results were Underloid. When I thought about complaining, I got hit by dozens of relentless die-hard fans. Fans worse than Vocaloid fans. I hate it so much. Now come and rant, I suppose, I know what to expect.”

Mod's Tutorial On Their Methods for UTAU Screamo

(for the submitter who wanted utau screamo tutorials)

I’ve used UTAU for quite a while, and like all users, I’ve inevitably come across those times where I need to get an UTAU to scream their heart out. Now, I have never used utaugrowl and don’t plan to, so I’m just going to rundown how I personally:

1.Make screamo VBs

2.Make non-screamo VBs scream.

These may not work perfectly for everyone, but they’ve certainly worked for me, so I figure they could help at least someone.

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