UST: aval!a (AvaliaKasa)
■曲 / Music:ひとしずく×やま△
■絵 / Illustrator:鈴ノ助
■動画 / Movie:TSO(とさお)&VAVA(ヴァヴァ)

Miku- Maria
Rin - Kuru Maniwa
Kaito/Len - Edgar/Enneth
Gakupo - Rennird
GUMI - Nori
Meiko- Linako Sonone EDEN
LUKA - Lark  @enigma-nyx
Mayu - Ame Hoshi [VCV] 2
IA- the fuckin default utau

so i ran out of utaus to use, and in the pic i drew all my ocs instead of the used utaus oop

Confession #1288:

“to people saying that confession like “we need more UTAU who are X” or “there should be more Y UTAUs” are forcing people and shit. No it’s not. Yes UTAUs are OCs and people do what they want but you dont understand how NEEDED these confessions are. Im black and none of my UTAUs are because I though no one wanted Black UTAUs only white/asian ones and these confessions made me realize that yes Black UTAUs are wanted and motivated me to work on one. And it goes for fat, trans, gay UTAUs as well”

Artist: PeachUnit

World Is Mine
  • World Is Mine
  • Mettaton

i can’t believe mettaton is a fucking vocaloid

seriously tho i’m glad undertale utau covers are a thing bc i finally have a use for all those years of aimlessly screwing around in utau. thanks

the original song is by ryo, and i used a vsq by CheezItsAreYummy


art&animation by kuma (me)
cover by @0chromat
ust by Sánge

i wanted to practice some animation and i’ve heard the Kagerou Days cover my friend Steel did so I got inspired to do a thing!! full credits in the video description !