art&animation by kuma (me)
cover by @0chromat
ust by Sánge

i wanted to practice some animation and i’ve heard the Kagerou Days cover my friend Steel did so I got inspired to do a thing!! full credits in the video description !

‘ello, thought I’d post this here, too, since you guys seem to like Undertale UTAU shit lmao

Making a CV English voicebank from scratch for Gaster was a lot of fun, but mixing it wasn’t as fun.

and yeah i don’t know what else to write here, since i’ve pretty much covered everything on soundcloud about this lol

USTs by Ashita-Tsukiloid and tama0003, W.D. Gaster belongs to Toby Fox, the art is by BAK and the song is by Crusher-P. Everything else by me*.

* the actual voice was made from numerous fl studio voices, i just made them into one utau voicebank

(whispers i am so sorry for uploading this twice but the original post stopped working)
hey here’s this shitty thing (based on this and inspired by this)

so yeah i thought MTT could totally sing News 39 because

a. singing robot
b. he has a news show
c. alphys is a filthy otaku who would program him to sing a vocaloid song

also i have no idea how to do this sort of remix/cover thing so :’D

to be finished probably never