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i can’t believe mettaton is a fucking vocaloid

seriously tho i’m glad undertale utau covers are a thing bc i finally have a use for all those years of aimlessly screwing around in utau. thanks

the original song is by ryo, and i used a vsq by CheezItsAreYummy


art&animation by kuma (me)
cover by @0chromat
ust by Sánge

i wanted to practice some animation and i’ve heard the Kagerou Days cover my friend Steel did so I got inspired to do a thing!! full credits in the video description !

Thank you guys~<3 The streaming was just beautiful!!!

Wow more than 7 hours of streaming, I advanced a lot with Underverse 0.2 Part two, and I had lots of fun with you :’D.
As I promised you, I’ll post one of the scenes that I made, this was one of the most difficult animations I made, but thanks to you I did it!! I’m so proud with the result, and full of gratitude with you for your support!! :)

I really loved how looks Ink ;w;  you’re so hart to animate, but I still loving you,, pal <3
Ink belongs to @comyet

Now, it’s time to sleep a bit with a big smile in my face :3