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「うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE LIVE 6th STAGE」
「Uta no☆Prince-sama♪Maji LOVE LIVE 6th STAGE」

Has ended。

To everyone who has supported us,

I have nothing but thanks。

For being able to meet everyone,

I have nothing but thanks。

For giving us the best smiles,

I have nothing but thanks。

I can’t use good enough words、、、

I really like。



Everyone part of the staff,

Everyone who’s a fan。

I really like them。




The me right now,

Is very happy。

And so,


Has built up。


Today, I’ll stop here。

Since to everyone,

My thoughts of appreciation are overflowing and won’t stop。

About everyone,

I really really really like everyone!!

写真は、諏訪部さんがくれましたm(_ _)m☆
This picture, I got it from Suwabe-san m(_ _)m☆



♪ JANUARY 2016 ♪

Natsuki is worried that his s/o loves Satsuki more than him.

Quartet Night’s reaction to their s/o ex trying to win them back.

Starish & QN’s reaction to the ice cream video.

QN plus Masato & Ren’s reaction to their s/o shamelessly flirting.

Ren confessing to his s/o on New Years Eve.

How would Starish & QN react to their s/o singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Ren, Masato, Ranmaru, Syo & Otoya has a nerd lover.

Syo proposes to his lover on New Years Eve.

Starish & QN’s reaction when something inappropriate plays on the store intercom when their kids are there.

Ren’s Wedding Day.

Reiji, Tokiya, Ren & Masato father headcannons.

Syo & Otoya father headcannons.

Starish, QN & Satsuki playing Guitar Hero with their s/o.

Reiji, Ranmari, Tokiya, Ai, Masato, Natsuki & Satsuki’s reactions to their s/o telling dirty jokes.

Starish & QN’s reaction to their s/o wanting to elope.

Starish & QN at the movies with their s/o.

Otoya, Syo, Reiji, Ranmaru, and Camus trying to taste their s/o’s unfinished cooking.

Starish & QN’s reaction to their otaku s/o claiming characters as children, waifus and husbands.

Quartet Night’s reaction to their model s/o getting a nude shoot offer.

Ranmaru, Reiji & Ren cuddle headcannons.

Starish & QN’s reaction to seeing nsfw fan art.

Ai, Reiji, Tokiya, Ren, Masato & Natsuki’s s/o had a bad experience with pools.

Syo’s tall s/o.

Starish & QN dancing with their s/o.

Starish in the zombie apocalypse.

Starish & QN’s s/o has coughing fits.

Syo relationship headcannons.

Ranmaru relationship headcannons.

What would Starish & QN’s superpowers be?

Tokiya celebrating his birthday with his s/o.

Happy Tree Friends reactions.

If Starish & QN were TV show hosts.

What makes them cry.

Otoya, Ren, Syo & Ranmaru comforting s/o after a nightmare.

Marriage Order (First-Last)

Syo, Ranmaru, Ai and Otoya walks in on their daughter dancing.

(NSFW) Starish & QN kinks.

Ren meeting his s/o’s family for the first time.

Syo forgetting his s/o’s birthday.

QN finds out that their s/o has a terminal illness.

What happens when Natsuki’s s/o accidentally knocks off his glasses.

What they miss when their s/o is pregnant.

(NSFW) Masato in the kitchen.

(NSFW) Ai.

Boxers or briefs.

Starish’s crush is moving out of the country.

S/O rescued a kitten.

Natsuki confesses to his crush.

Starish & QN playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Satsuki is worried that his s/o loves Natsuki more than him.

Reaction to s/o being pregnant with twins or triplets.

Natsuki and his s/o swap bodies.

Otoya’s sweater made with love.

Starish & QN’ playing video games with s/o.

A dance underneath the moonlight. (Tokiya, Natsuki,Ai, Reiji & Satsuki)

Starish when senpai notices them.


Ranmaru finds out his sister is dating Ai.

♪ FEBRUARY 2016 ♪

The boys catch their s/o checking to see if they’ve gained weight.

(NSFW) Passionate gifset.

Hearing their s/o singing.

QN’s s/o smacked their ass and left a hand print.

S/O cut their hair short.

Starish and s/o reunited and feels so good.

(NSFW) Otoya.

Tokiya’s child is playing HAYATO.

Starish finding out Haru and Tomo are dating.

Ranmaru’s hot pocket obsessed lover.

Starish & QN’s s/o cries because he gave them a meaningful gift.

(NSFW) Foreplay.

Starish & QN trying to flirt with their s/o.

Jinguji with twins.

Crush gives them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

S/O playing in QN +Natsuki, Satsuki and Masato’s hair.

♪ MARCH 2016 ♪

Coffee date with Syo, Ai and Tokiya.

Where would Starish take their families for vacation.

S/O believes that they are cursed.

Where would QN take their families for vacation.

Starish and QN’s reaction to the sin that is this blog.

What does Tokiya, Ranmaru and Reij do on restless nights?

Camus confessing his love.

Ren as a husband and father headcannons.

A young kid is hitting on their s/o.

Anger headcannons for Otoya, Cecil, Reiji and Ranmaru.

Best-Worst handwriting.

Camus dealing with a breakup.

Most-Least likely to hold a grudge.

Returning the love on White Day.

White Day headcannons.

White Day with Reiji.

Pet Peeves.

Sad Nacchan headcannons.

Ren, Ranmaru and Reiji with a little sister.

Affection headcannons for Ren, Reiji, Camus and Natsuki.

What kind of flowers would Starish give their s/o.

How QN would spend a rainy day off.

What kind of flowers would QN give their s/o.

What Reiji and Ranmaru were like in their early teens. (Written by @xxyuichanxx)

Tokiya cooking headcannons.

Starish and QN’s reaction to getting giri choco.

Syo comforting s/o who is afraid of thunderstorms.

Cecil and Reiji cooking headcannons.

Jealous Ranmaru headcannons.

Starish & QN’s s/o in thigh highs.

The kind of jokes the Starish would tell/find funny.

What subjects would they teach?

Masato first kiss headcannons.

Starish & QN sees their s/o in lingerie.

Satsuki relationship headcannons.

S/o is now a cat for some odd reason.

Syo and Otoya angst headcannons.

Syo and s/o pregnancy headcannons.

Ren and Syo’s s/o overworked themselves.

Starish and QN’s female s/o somehow turns into a boy from perfume…

♪ APRIL 2016 ♪

(NSFW) Ai.

Finding out their s/o is pregnant.

“First-to” List.

Ranmaru takes care of drunken s/o.

Ren’s s/o is a barista.

Otoya friendship headcannons.

♪ MAY 2016 ♪

The Ran Chan Kitten Saga 1, 2, 3 & 4.

How the would react to their s/o stealing their favorite food.

Ranmaru sees Ren flirting with his lover.

Masato meeting the parents for the first time.

Tokiya’s child is crying because they failed an exam.

Ren, Tokiya and Ranmaru morning headcannons.

Ren, Ranmaru, Reiji, Camus sees their s/o in a wet shirt.

What flusters them.

Masato headcannons.

What they like in a partner.

Ren taking his s/o shopping.

Their opinions on professional wrestling.

Starish dealing with allergies.

♪ JUNE 2016 ♪

How QN acts aorund their crush.

Reiji first date headcannons.

Camus treating his wife.

QN Quirks.

Seeing plushies of themselves.

Starish & QN play Five NIghts at Freddy’s

S/o has a habit of cracking their joints.

Lingerie shopping with the bae.

Starish Quirks.

Most Dom-Most Sub

Natsuki defending s/o from a thief.

S/o would rather wear a suit than a dress on their wedding day.

Masato in a relationship with someone who does not hold the same traditional beliefs as him.

Tokiya and Ren’s s/o brings home a pet.

Make-up or no Make-up.

Tomochika Shibuya headcannons.

Reiji defending s/o from a thief.

Who likes having their hair pulled?

What type of party would Starish throw?

Where they would like to have their first child.

Older brother Ren headcannons.

Starish & QN playing in their s/o’s hair.

Satsuki defending s/o from a thief.

(NSFW) Shower sex.

Are they ticklish?

What type of house would they like to live in?

♪ JULY 2016 ♪

The one with the long lost child.

Type of party the QN would throw.

Starish group outing headcannons.

Starish & QN as pick-up lines.

Starish kissing headcannons.

Syo with an s/o the same height as him.

Most-Least likely to play PokemonGO.

Their favorite anime genres

Age to be married.

What makes them upset.

Seeing their baby wearing a cute onsie.

Ren, Otoya and Ranmaru’s s/o has sunburn.

♪ AUGUST 2016 ♪

Dork s/o crying because their fav died.

QN’s s/o is told he is out of their league.

Starish making up after a bad argument with s/o.

S/O kissed their gay male bestie.

(NSFW) First Time (s/o in pain)

♪ SEPTEMBER 2016 ♪

Reiji reflecting on his seemingly emotionless s/o.

S/o defending Reiji from the rest of QN.

Starish suddenly kissed by crush.

Satsuki experiencing love for the first time.

♪ OCTOBER 2016 ♪

Starish waking up next to their s/o the morning after.

Pregnant s/o is growing more visible.

Ren, Syo and Ranmaru has an assignment together.

S/o wants to put make up on them.

The Birds and the Bees talk- STARISH.

The boys meet their seiyuu.

Starish standing up to bullies.

Favorite place to do “the do”

Dirty pick up lines this time.

Ren with girl bestie headcannons.

QN standing up to bullies.

Best-Worst decorators

Halloween Celebration(+Costumes)












Starish going to a haunted house with their s/o.

♪ NOVEMBER 2016 ♪

Anger headcannons for QN

(NSFW) Tokiya.

If their child walked in on them about to do the do.

Seeing s/o’s tattoos for the first time.

Taking care of their sick lover.

Reiji, Masato, Otoya and Cecil’s s/o can’t have kids.

First date with Reiji.

Ai conversation that wasn’t what it sounds like.

QN gossiping about Starish.

The time they were a little too rough.

If their s/o stole their instrument.

Syo’s short girlfriend.

Their child winning a school talent show.

S/o playing in their hair.

S/o is jealous over his kissing scene.

Starish & QN plays truth or dare.

♪ DECEMBER 2016 ♪

They boys have set a pic of their sleeping s/o as their wallpaper.

Take my sweater.

Moving in with Starish.

Starish Christmas Headcannons

QN Christmas Headcannons

Heavens Christmas Headcannons


♪ JANUARY 2017 ♪

Ren’s wife goes into labor.

Starish Phone/ Texting Headcannons.

QN giving their s/o a massage.

Ren and Reiji’s cat related prank on Ranmaru.

Starish finds out their s/o used to date their senpai.




♪ MAY 2017 ♪

Quartet Night Phone/ Texting Headcannons.

Restaurant AU.

anonymous asked:

Hi again. I'm the same anon who asks about the rules. Thank you so much for that. I would like to request for Starish, QN and Heavens reaction to shy , plain (not ugly but not pretty) and tomboyish (prefer t-shirts over tight tops, sneakers over high heels) s/o having people gossip about s/o when two of them pass by some random citizens saying "how did that plain girl get such a hottie like him?". S/o personally is not bothered at all but the princes don't have the same reaction

Boy this was some work! 18 people in one ask xD Anyways, tell me what you think!

Your date was going amazing despite the several pairs of eyes locked onto you. Your boyfriend and you didn’t care, choosing to enjoy yourself rather than bother with their attention. With your hair cascading down, a shirt and pants put on and your favourite pair of sneakers; it was all perfect until that one whisper.

“So plain. I wonder how she got him.”

You walked on, head held high as you ignored the sudden downpour of whispers that were now initiated.

“Yeah! ○○○-kun has better taste in girls, she’s…ugh.”

Your boyfriend stiffened and your grip tightened on your interlocked fingers as you pushed forward, silently asking him to not react. Giggles were followed. His fingers were shaking but you gave him a small smile, sure that this childish behaviour would end soon.

“I know! She must have seduced him with her….other things…” Someone purred teasingly, causing laughter to erupt and your boyfriend stopped, tugging you back as he turned to face them.


You didn’t like the smile Otoya’s face had. It suddenly turned cold when he heard that accusation. Determined to rectify the situation, he kissed your forehead before looking at them. The words came out immediately. “Stop! What do you know about ○○○-chan huh?! Nothing! That gives you no right to talk about her badly!” The redhead fumed, ever ready to defend you no matter what happened. He took your hand and walked off, making sure to shoot everyone a scary glare before doing so.


Your date was pleasant until they ruined it throughly. While you were used to such insults, knowing that they didn’t really affect you, Masato wasn’t. He didn’t like, he hated, the fact that you tolerated such utter nonsense. His grip tightened on your fingers and you tried to persuade him to let go but he wasn’t having any of that. “Enough of this childish banter. One does not continue to insult someone just because that person tolerates it. ○○○, let’s go, I’d rather not deal with them.” He warned, satisfied when the women nodded, utterly shocked. If these girls were a bunch of men, consider their futures ruined if Masato ever demanded a search carried out on them.


His smile turned firm, almost cold. His ‘grin’ widened as he leaned closer to that girl who insulted your assets. “Wahaha! I didn’t hear you quite there! What did you just say?” He asked, his voice bright and cheery but it sent shudders of fear down your insulter’s spine. They looked away, suddenly embarrassed. Natsuki smiled at the rest who averted their gazes before turning back to you and humming happily. He didn’t wheedle an apology out of them but was sure that they were sorry for crossing by you and speaking like that.


He did not like the words he just heard. He was disgusted, willing to break a few jaws but alas, he did not raise his hand at a woman. His eyes narrowed at the crowd who visibly looked afraid to their wits. “I see. ○○○ seduced me. Of course she did, which is why she dresses so ‘plainly’ as you put it, and does not announce to the whole world that we’re dating. Of course, she seduced me.” He chuckled darkly, his eyes glinting predatorily. “I’ve never heard anything more dumb than that. ○○○, we’re leaving. People who gossip about you are just jealous.”


One gaze from Ren had them stiffen. He smirked, the expression not reaching his eyes as he slowly sauntered towards your accuser, eyeing them from head to toe. “So, lady, care to repeat what you just said?” He whispered, low and dangerous. The girl shook her head almost immediately, shooting you a glare. Ren stepped in between, shielding you from her. He spat out the next few words. “For you to insult someone because you don’t have what they do..do you know what it speaks about you, ladies?” The girl’s face turned pale and the remaining who laughed along with her, tried not to cower. Ren ran a hand through his hair, his smirk widening. “It says that you are someone who cannot see the beauty in a person. You are someone who judges people by just their surface.” His voice was cold, enough to horrify you as well the motley. “I want you out of my sight and a million miles away from my honey. Now.”


He balled his fists angrily, his voice louder than before. “You all, stop! Enough there!” The girls looked shocked as he dropped his fists, glaring at each and every one of them. “Ugh. You all are children. ○○○ did nothing to get me. I fell in love with her. Wanna know why?” He narrowed his eyes, noting the speechlessness in the audience. “Because she’s definitely not like this.” He spat out and took your hand, making sure you left the place immediately. He might’ve lost a few fans there but you mattered more.


You swore that you heard the prince hiss when he heard the first insult itself. Now? He was furious, ready to destroy anyone, anyone who insulted you. “How repulsive.” The words came out louder than he intended it to. “This is so mean of you to do so.” He told, pointing his shaky finger to every one of the girls. “So what if you all think ○○○ seduced me? It does not change that I love her and that I know her more than you all.” He pivoted on his heel, stomping off, with you in tow. He didn’t want to start a fight but if he was still a cat, he would have most certainly scratched every one of them. You were his precious princess. You don’t deserve such horrible accusations.


He laughed. Loudly. Clenching his stomach, he turned back to face your pile of insulters, shaking from the after effects of his sudden outburst. Your eyes were widely open and so were the eyes of the women who so freely gossiped about you. “I’m sorry, sorry~ ○○○-chan seduced me? I’ve not heard a funnier joke than that!” He laughed again, the sound darker and dangerous this time. He smiled at the women who refused to meet his eyes, shaking his head. “The one who’s ugh is you, not my ○○○-chan.” Seeing them stiffen, he smirked and continued. “Besides, if she did seduce me, I doubt I would have left our bed and brought her out on this date!” He added cheerily before taking your flustered hand and running off.


You had to hold onto Ranmaru to prevent him from actually starting a fist fight with women. He just stared them down, his heterochromatic eyes glaring daggers at every single one of them. “Ran…let’s just go..” You whispered helplessly and he stiffened at your pleading voice. He decided to heed to your request but spat out a few words before leaving. “Disgusting. I’d die sooner than be admired by any of you.”


He didn’t like the mixed bout of anger and frustration kicking inside him. He knew that people gossiped like this only when they were jealous, indicating that they couldn’t have what the subject of their topic possessed. This was normal among humans and yet hearing such insults towards his ○○○ irked him. He wanted to give them a setback and so he did, when he eyed them all with a narrow gaze, his tone flat. “Stop. This is nothing but immature behaviour. Although ○○○ remarkably tolerates this, I won’t. How you all talk makes me feel disgusted.”


He wasn’t going to tolerate this. His icy blue eyes turned cold as he suppressed a scoff, instead plastering on a smile that was everything but pleasant. “Peasants.” He disliked the kind of language he used for a motley of women but right now, none would get away with insulting his ○○○ to his face. The word did shock his audience as he eyed them all murderously, his glares sharper than a dagger. “Apologise to ○○○ now. I would not bear with you all talking to her with such disrespect. She is my countess, my jewel. Far be it from me to bat an eyelash when fools like you openly accuse her being.”


It was only once when you saw Eiichi snap. You had committed his form to memory so that you would not rile his temper up again. Now here he stood, his fists curling, his eyes glinting dangerously. He snickered like a devil, sending the women into another set of whispers but his low voice shut them up. “Low. So so so very low of you to talk about my ○○○ this way. Why do I even have you as my fans?” His trembling laughter shook you to your very core. He made sure to leave them all a glare before taking your wrist, pulling you close to his chest and walking off.


You knew your boyfriend was a man of few words but his silence now scared you more than his talking. His grip on your hand tightened and you tried not to yelp. You tugged on your intertwined fingers, indicating that you two should leave but Kira halted you in your steps, pulling you close. “No.” He whispered to you. He repeated that louder to the women in the back, his golden eyes gleaming with a sense of protectiveness. “○○○ is nothing like how you picture her to be. She’s the most amazing woman I have ever met.” His words rocked the females into silence. “Your behaviour speaks a lot about your character, however.” He told them loud enough before walking off with you, clenching your fingers reassuringly.


“Haaa…I smell jealousy of their nails~” Nagi cooed, completely in character, the only things that showed how angry he was were the twitching of his lips and the narrowing of his brows. He sauntered up to them, his coffee cup still in hand from your recent date. Eyeing them one by one, he smiled when he found his target, the one who thought you ‘seduced’ this boy. Without a word, he splashed the cold liquid onto her, she screamed in response. He smiled innocently but his eyes glared murderously at every one of them. “Whoopsie! I totally accidentally dropped that~ I’m sorry~” He sang out. His next few words were cold. “Do that next time and I doubt cold coffee will be only thing that spoils your dress.”


He was torn in between yelling and politely correctly the women who dared to insult you. Clenching his fists, he breathed out slowly, deciding to take the gentle route first. “I beg your pardon?” He asked, ever the gentleman, hoping they would correct themselves. He didn’t expect the women to repeat their words, this time they sounded far more dramatic. He balled his fists, you held his arm and pleadingly tugged on it, asking him to let go. He stared into your (e/c) eyes, his violet ones burning with anger. He turned back to them. “That was very rude and childish of you. I believe you owe ○○○ a sound apology.” He said, his piercing gaze unwavering. Seeing the determination in your boyfriend made you tear up and a few of them apologised. In the end, Eiji showered you with all the love possible, in an attempt to make you forget those insults.


His smile froze when the last few words dropped out of those women’s mouths. You saw his eyes darken a shade dangerously but your grip was firm on his arm. He met you eyes and was torn between doing something to those snakes disguised as women or to just walk off. His rage won. His fingers traced your hips as his arms wrapped around your waist, lifting you up in the air. You shrieked, surprised by the sudden motion, the emotion only increasing when Van brought his lips to yours, claiming you passionately before your onlookers. Collective gasps were heard. Some jaws dropped. Jealousy was the obvious emotion amongst them. He pulled away, kissing your mouth again before turning to them with a smirk. “Say what again? ○○○ is my girlfriend. I love her. My one and only. You dare do that again and I doubt I’d tolerate it. Feel lucky that she’s so patient.” He spat out, making sure you didn’t have to deal with such an event again.


You saw his jaw twitch, the veins in his biceps rising as he glared at the women. You tried to pull him away, sure that he would go violent but he wanted to give them a good thrashing, by words if not actions. His clenched fists were turning pale from the force as he edged towards them with every step; you ran frantically behind him squeaking a “Yamato, don’t!” and “Yamato, please.” along the way. He didn’t listen. Stamping his foot loud on the ground, he eyed them all. “Say what? Repeat your words again.” He challenged, cracking his knuckles. The pale, aghast faces of the women did not serve him well and he was determined to get an apology out. He motioned towards you. “Apologise to her.” He thundered, his eyebrows furrowing. “Now.” You heard a mumble of sorries and nodded before yanking Yamato off, covering your blush and tears for he just stood up for you, proving his love.


“How utterly terribly disappointing that all of you are blind to the obvious beauty ○○○ possesses.” His clear voice rang out, like a stream of pure water amongst the cacophony of cicadas. He shook his head disapprovingly, ready to hex the person who dared to throw such false statements at you. When one of them tried to justify their words, he shot them a glare, silencing them. “Apologise to ○○○ this very instant.” He demanded, his grip tightening on your hand.

Social Media HCs!!



He has a hard time deciding which form of social media he prefers when it comes to Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat…So, he uses all three of them faithfully. He has specific purposes for each platform. When he wants share abstract thoughts, he takes to Twitter. When he wants to share pictures of his cute new hat, his adorable dessert, or a photo of Elizabeth he runs to Insta but when wants to talk to his audience about how his day went, give a sneak peek of what a day in his shoes is like or embarrass his friends he uses Snapchat.


He has a public account for everything except FB. It is the only private form of social media he has. He has a small amount of friends because his FB is limited to real childhood friends and family. It is under a different name. He never saves his FB profile photo to a picture of himself either. He does this so that it would be fairly difficult for just anyone to find him. He has a Twitter and Instagram but they’re generally only ever used for promotional purposes. They’re usually ran by a PR team rather than himself. Every now and then, he’ll delight fans by allowing his team to share a candid photo of him to his Insta.


He’s an Instagram fanatic. If he’s not in a group chat harassing his friends, he’s on Instagram sending love to fellow idols and sharing adorable selfies. He loves to follow fans back and blow up their notifications because he knows it makes them happy. He replies back to comments as much as he can.  Aside from Insta, you can find him and his smiling face on Snap along with a video of Camus pretending to be sweet when we all know that once the camera goes off, Cesshi is getting his ass handed to him.


He has every single social media account you can possibly think of. His username is always something along the lines of @theRealJinguujiRen. He uses Instagram faithfully. He doesn’t follow everyone back so if a fan gets a follow they must be pretty special. In fact, if he does follow a fan back, it’s for reasons. He has gotten into trouble for DMing fans so he doesn’t do it as often as he used to. He doesn’t have a FB account and has gone a public record stating that. He urges fans to understand that although the accounts may say it’s the real Ren Jinguji, it’s really not and to steer clear of them. There are many Instagram users that follow him and has no idea that he even sings for a living. They just follow because he’s nice to look at. He uses his Twitter for promo purposes. His Snapchat is private and he only shares it with people that he knows well in real life. It’s practically impossible to find. He’s gotta have something for himself, right?


One may speculate whether or not he actually lives on Twitter. He uses his Twitter for both personal use and promotional purposes. Fans can take to Twitter if they curious about how much water he drank that day, if he skipped a meal or if he’s working. Trust me, they can find it all if they want. He is not one to think twice before posting and once he nearly exposed a Starish project in pre-production. The agency put him on probation and they had to monitor everything before he posted it. But, since he updates so often, they gave up and left him with a slap on the wrist. His Snaps are often silly videos of him joking around with [read: annoying Tokiya] the others.


His Snap is LIT at all times. He is that person that just makes you hate that your life isn’t theirs. He always seems to be having more fun than anyone else in the world. His stories be centuries long if we’re just being real but they’re so entertaining you can’t look away. Otoya and Natsuki make appearances in his snaps on a regular basis. His Instagram is a more humble look at his life, shockingly. He usually posts photos of himself and the others in the studio or on the set of an interview with captions like: ‘All in a day’s work,’ ‘So ready for you guys to see what we’ve got in store for you ;),’ ‘Love my job!!’


Have you ever witnessed your grandparents using Facebook?  Okay, good. Imagine that but instead of Gma or Papa, imagine Masato. Haha. Just kidding. He’s not that bad but he’s not what one would call proficient. His Twitter and Insta are half-ran by a PR person and half-ran by himself. He’s never sure what he should or shouldn’t post so the promotional posts always outweigh the candid posts.  Go to his Insta if you want to see a candid video of him, playing the piano and singing! On the rare occasion that he does actually post on his own, it’s always something like a photo of a beautifully prepared meal with the caption: ‘Itadakimasu!’, a picture of a waterfall he visited or some shit and on the rarest of occasions, a stunning selfie. He doesn’t use Snapchat but that doesn’t stop him from making appearances in anyone else’s snap.



He is another guy that lives it up and doesn’t mind sharing all of his good times with the public. He’s most active on his Snapchat. He loves giving fans a behind the scenes look at his life. He once made an entire Story he called ‘Getting Ready with Onii-chan!!.” Fans were able to witness a shirtless idol, walking around his place with bedhead and a bonus cooking class. Did anyone really care about the cooking class? No. He was still shirtless. Glorious? Everyone else thought so. Anytime he meets a fan out in public (non-work related) he features them on his Snap. The other members of QN are often shown in his Stories as well. Now, whether or not they wanted to be is up to your interpretation.


Although he has an account on every mainstream social media platform there is, they’re all ran by his PR team. He has 0 dealings with them. He is more interested in spending his time watching Youtube videos.  He has an account that is oddly named and he lives in the comfort of knowing he can comment and like any video he wants without having to think twice about what it could do to his reputation. Not only does he not have to worry about being stalked by fans but there’s no way for his activity to be monitored by the agency.


He’s more of a forum kind of guy because he’s always interested to learn other people’s opinions on things. But if he had to choose at least one popular social media platform that he uses often it’d likely be his Twitter account. He prefers it to Insta and Snapchat because it is the most impersonal form of social media. To him, social media is just another way to stay relevant with his audience. He can post the most abstract thing and generate thousands of like and RTs which gets the job done.


It’s not that he tries to rub the idea that he lives a better life than you in your face, it’s just that…. He truly does live a better life than you and you just have to accept that as fact. He likes to pretend that he doesn’t care about social media but the truth is, Instagram is his guilty pleasure.  Just one look at his elegant aesthetic and you’ll know how much time he spends on it. To be fair, at first he wasn’t interested in the app but after time went on he found himself curious and voilà now he has the most beautiful Instagram you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Honestly, his Insta makes even the wealthiest people look like peasants.

Happy birthday to Nacchan~! 🎉

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“Smiles have all sorts of meanings. Merry smiles, happy smiles, sad smiles, and pained smiles. But I believe all smiles lead to happiness.“ 

- Natsuki Shinomiya (MLLS Episode 7)


Words describing Natsuki: relaxed, gentle, affectionate, perceptive, adorable, patient, volatile


Basic info:

Height: 186cm

Weight: 70 kilos 

Blood type: AB

Birthday: June 9th

Zodiac: Gemini ♊️

Instrument: Viola


“So warm… This might as well be a continuing dream. In order to feel you like this, I will love you more and more.”

-Natsuki Shinomiya, Repeat Love

Natsuki’s Aesthetics 


Natsuki has a little teddy which was his first gift as a child. He still sleeps with it when he feels afraid 

Syo once gave him a fedora. He wore it for a month straight, embarrassing the ochibi

He has a strong build but he’s unaware of that one fact when he decides to smother someone with love and hugs. 

At his home, there is this apple tree that he always has a picnic under. The scent of apple blossoms with tea and baked goods is the scent of home to him

He spent a lot of time reading mythology and astronomy books. The only kinds of books he doesn’t read are cookbooks 

He likes to go tea tasting with Camus. The two of them enjoy desserts together. Natsuki is also knowledgeable about herbs. 

His favourite shows are the kiddy ones because of his love for cute things. He tries to get Syo to watch them (which pisses him) and Syo in return tries to get Natsuki into manlier shows.

Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff


“If I’m with you, I can soar in a dream!

Tied tightly together, our phrase sings of love!

That’s right, I sing for your sake

Because I can meet you, I’m waiting upon the moon…”

-Natsuki Shinomiya, Southern Cross Waltz

Cell Phone & Texting Headcannons




He likes to have a cellphone that would be large enough to keep up with but small enough to be practical.

He does a great job at misplacing things bit his cell phone isn’t one of them. He takes very good care of it. In fact, he’s more likely to lose his car keys before he’d lose his cell phone.

Generally, Reiji goes case-less unless he is gifted one.

On the rare occasion that he does go into the market for a case he makes sure it’s something that can last him for a while. He doesn’t mind spending a little bit extra to ensure quality.

His phone is always set to simple ‘ol ‘Swipe to Unlock’.

Reiji loves to keep his wallpaper fresh with the latest selfies taken of himself, his lover or both!

He puts lots of thought into his ringtone settings. He sets simple factory provided tones for saved business numbers but for his friends and family it’s a totally different story. Let’s just say it can go from cute to obnoxious real fuckin’ quick.


Texting this guy is always lively. It’s full of exclamation points, one too many emojis, unnecessary capitalization and random combinations of Japanese and English.

He loves it when he sends a typo because he makes fun of it himself and then replaces the actual word with the typo for any future use until he forgets it.

When he’s not working, he sends out them replies like it’s nobody’s business.


He has a plethora of sad, hurt, depressed reaction gifs for specific use in group chats.



When Ranmaru looks for a new phone, it’s always gotta be something that has a great sound system for his music listening needs.

He is probably the most protective person of them all when it comes to his phone, it’s always passcode/fingerprint protected and if he suspects that someone has learned his passcode he changes it.

He may share his code with his s/o but only after careful consideration. It’s not as if he has much to hide, he just prefers to keep his private things, well, private.

His cell is most likely set to vibrate but on the rare occasion that it does ring aloud it’s probably a nice classic he doesn’t mind hearing over and over again.

If he is in a relationship, his background is probably a picture of them otherwise it’s likely just a pic of his bass.


The ONLY person he’d enjoy texting back to back is his lover. THAT’S IT. Anyone else will get left on read when once he gets annoyed with the conversation.

He HATES group chats. He’s only mildly okay with being in one when it’s work related but anything outside of that he’ll mute the chat.

He doesn’t really use very many emojis unless his texting his partner. His most used emojis are either related to food or feeling annoyed.

He never corrects his typos. He knows that it happened and he doesn’t care.

He texts back pretty slow. His lover knows that anytime they need an immediate answer to a question, calling is their best option.



This dork is willing to drop hundreds on a cell phone. He does extensive research on anything he’s interested in before making the purchase though. His phone is never just a phone.

He is usually very loyal to his phone. In fact, he can get pretty snobby when discussing other types of smart phones.

His cell phone will never, ever be seen out of his pocket without a shockproof case and thick screen protector.

He doesn’t care about ringers or backgrounds. He toys around with all of the factory provided options before settling on one and then he moves on.

Obviously, he treasures his cell phone and would never allow it to fall into the wrong hands.


There will never be a typo found in a single message that he sends. He’s quick to correct anyone else’s.

His role in every group chat that he doesn’t have much to say in is to linger until someone sends a typo and then give them shit for it.

No matter who he’s talking to, he always responds quickly and never types more than is necessary.

“What’s ‘smh’ supposed to mean?”



He’s always swapping out his cellphone for the latest upgrade and will replace the current version over the slightest thing. Oh, there’s a dent at the bottom from a 3 1/2” fall? REPLACED. There’s a minor, too faint to notice scratch on the back? REPLACED. There seems to be something sticky on the face? REPLACED.

His cell phone is white and case-free because cases take away from the phone’s elegance.

His camera roll is littered with photos of himself and Alexander. That said, his background is one or the other.

His ringer is always set to low or vibrate. He hates going places and hearing other people’s cell phones going off obnoxiously loud.

Since he doesn’t use if phone very often, he accidentally leaves it behind quite often and doesn’t realize it until he really needs it for something. (Which could be hours later)


Man, this guy is the king of leaving a bitch on read. Seriously, if it’s not something that really requires him to reply he’ll read that shit and toss his phone aside like it’s nothing.

He isn’t a very big fan of texting, even to his lover. But, he does send them a cute ‘Thinking of you…” text every now and then.

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Happy birthday Syo-chan~! 💞🎉

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“I get seen as a carnivorous type, but seriously that’s not true at all. If anything I’m a shy person… I want to become manly and cool, but it’s hard to say that I’m all that. Real life doesn’t go as well as a drama huh?”

-Syo Kurusu, ASAS Booklet


Words describing Syo: energetic, outgoing, egocentric, stylish, understanding, sporty, determined


Basic info:

Height: 161cm

Weight: 52 kilos

Blood type: O

Birthday: June 9th

Zodiac: Gemini ♊️

Instrument: Violin


“Run for your partner. If you think you’re in danger, they’ll stretch their body to protect the one they love! That’s what makes a good man!”

-Syo Kurusu, MUSIC


Syo’s Aesthetics 


As a kid, Syo was too short to ride most of the amusement park rides. Kaoru didn’t mind because he wasn’t a fan of them anyways and because he wanted to look after Syo

Syo is awful at math but Natsuki’s damn good at it. 

Natsuki got him a friendship t-shirt when they were kids. He still has it.

There’s a special boutique downtown that he frequents very often. He likes collecting accessories to wear for the right occasion. 

Once he needed CPR because he swam too much at the pool.

After his first time meeting Ryuya, Syo shrieked like a fangirl into his pillow

He’s always wanted to go deep sea diving

Syo and Otoya enjoy sports and video games. They usually wait together in a queue for the release of a new game that they are looking forward to.

His Hogwarts house is Gryffindor

“No matter how hard the obstacle, sometimes a man just has to do it

I probably might be laughing three seconds later after I swear to protect you.”

-Syo Kurusu, TRUE WING

anonymous asked:

For the 5 requests, what would STARISh and Quartet Night do if a cat started following them home/to the school?

Natsuki would find it cute that the cat liked him enough to follow him around but he’d do everything he could to help it find it’s rightful owner. He knows that if Elizabeth ever went missing, he’d want the person who finds her to help her back home.

Tokiya and Camus might find it a little annoying after a while and ask one of the others to help get rid of it.

Cecil (former cat-man), Masato and Ranmaru (probably a cat whisperer) would take good care of it until they could find it a nice, welcoming home.

Ren and Ai would ensure it’s not someone’s pet by checking for tags or a labeled collar and if not– he’d turn it over to Ran Ran’s care ‘secretly’.

Otoya and Syo finds it pretty cool that the cat had chosen him of all people to follow and he may get attached but after a while, he’d feel really guilty about keeping it.

Reiji knows about his bandmate’s soft spot for cats. So, he’d get it all cleaned up and bring it home as the household’s new pet. It may piss of Camus but he knows how happy Ranmaru would be to care for it. So, it’s all worth it.