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what would cuddling with Reiji, Ren, Masa and Tokiya be like? :33

Here it is! Apologies if its not to your liking!!


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  • He loves holding you but eh he’d rather send you a 500 page letter on how much he loves you instead of going and hugging you coz he’s too shy
  • He prefers to hold your hand or stroke your cheek gently
  • You have to initiate the cuddles here or he will turn into a blush-filled mess trying to wrap his arms around you
  • He’s shook when you first hold him
  • He gets used to your warmth and arms and slowly hugs back
  • It feels like as if he’s scared to hold you
  • He loves holding you though, cutiepie
  • He kisses your cheek or your hair, while rubbing circles your hand.
  • His other hand loops around you
  • There’s some space between the two of you, mainly for Masa to stay sane
  • He’s the big spoon
  • He likes watching you if by any chance, you fall asleep in his arms  

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  • He’s a cuddler, yes
  • Doesn’t have the time to leisurely sit down and hold you in his arms
  • When he takes a day off, he makes sure he spends loads of time with you in his arms
  • His cuddles are warm like his heart
  • He holds you close, his cheek on your hair, his palm enveloping yours
  • He talks about anything and nothing when holding you 

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  • He sometimes sings to you and kisses your forehead lovingly
  • Sometimes he holds you so your back faces him and you’re on his lap
  • This is preferred when he’s out showing you the stars
  • His cuddles are worth all the waiting
  • He is ALWAYS the big spoon 


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  • “_______-CHAN!!” He says, sounding serious like as if a murder has just been witnessed. “What’s wrong Reiji?” You reply, a little worried. His face changes from a serious expression to a puppy face. “Hold me.” He moans.
  • Will go and hug you for no reason
  • Surprise cuddles are his forte
  • Big spoon? Little spoon? Doesn’t matter to him
  • He can hug any style and anywhere
  • His cuddles are encompassing and filled with love
  • He kisses your cheeks a lot.
  • Sometimes he goes for the lips.
  • If he tries that in public, you jab his gut.
  • Keep calm and hug Reiji Kotobuki
  • He asks if you love him as much as he loves you sometimes
  • “They see me huggin~ They hatinnn” He sings, completely in tune but very stupidly. “Oh lord, shut up Reiji” You giggle.

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  • A very casual cuddler. Lazy too
  • In one hand, he’s reading a magazine, the other is wrapped around your waist, pulling you close so you nuzzle his chest
  • “Can you hear my wild heartbeat, honey~?” He coos, before nibbling your ear.
  • He’s like this big lion when he cuddles you. You cannot trust him to not eat you.
  • #verygoodcuddlesthough
  • Loads of kisses- on your lips, nose, neck, chin. Everywhere.
  • Cuddling->Frenching->the rest is up to your imagination
  • Sometimes your clothes disappear when all you are trying to do is snuggle together.
  • When he’s sad, he hugs you from behind, his face nuzzling your neck
  • He likes being the big spoon but sometimes you gotta be the man too.
  • Another guy who is merciless when he finds out you’re ticklish
  • His lap is your chair. Also if you fall asleep in his arms, there’s a good chance he might snap some pictures or talk to you in your sleep.

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Hii i really love your writting style 😊 could you do s/o silent treatment on QN because of something they said?


  • You grinned cheerfully and sauntered into the room, eager to talk to Reiji about your day. Unfortunately though, your chipper mood surfaced at a rather bad timing as Reiji was having a very bad day at work.
  • He did listen with a ghost of a smile on his lips but when he couldn’t go on listening, he just snapped at you. “〇〇〇-chan. Please. Stop talking.“
  • Silent treatment follows
  • Is really guilty but he knows what you’re doing.
  • Will try his best to make you talk. This includes annoying the hell out of you with his “ne, 〇〇〇-chan!! Look at me!! Talk to me!!”
  • Will probably cling on you till you speak. He even sings “We Don’t Talk Anymore” but that just made you pout further.
  • He’ll try to make you laugh, if talking is something you’re going to be stubborn about
  • If you’ll still be stubborn, he’s going to apologize sincerely.
  • “〇〇〇-chan, I’m so sorry. Hearing you so silent is like as if the light of this place has been robbed…I don’t think I can live with you not speaking to me..Forgive me?”


  • Ai was researching when you decided to hop cheerfully into the room and hug him from behind. The apparatus fell to the floor with a thud and you apologized immediately.
  • Ai would usually be patient but he was not today. It was a valuable assessment and doing it took a lot of time. “Could you please learn to be more quiet?” He said that, trying to sound calm but it came out very annoyed.
  • He sounded so annoyed that you chose to not speak to him
  • Is cool with you being silent.
  • He thinks that sometimes change is acceptable.
  • It turns awkward after some time.
  • He senses it but is not sure why. “Are you upset? It’s not your time of the month yet. What’s wrong?” His question met with a pout from his s/o and she didn’t respond.
  • He figures she need space so he leaves her be
  • Later, it was his s/o who first spoke up. She apologized.
  • Ai lowkey knew if he ignored her for some time too, she’d eventually speak up but that was his little secret


  • His temper is rather famous, I’d say. So sometimes even the littlest of things can get on his nerves. He usually is okay with you being chipper although it’s annoying.
  • With that said, Ranmaru did yell at you because you interrupted…his nap time. He might’ve been a little too rude back there. Rude enough to cause your silence.
  • At first, he thought that you just didn’t have anything to say. It was very odd though.
  • Whenever he tried to talk, you looked away, ignoring him and that incurred his wrath.
  • He straight out asked what the hell was wrong with you.
  • More silent treatment follows.
  • Ranmaru tried to talk to his s/o but it was of no use.
  • He pulled you into his lap. You didn’t respond. He cradled you, rocking back and forth, you felt a small smile forming on your lips. Then a small jab of pain. He bit your ear, releasing a soft whimper from your lips.
  • “Heh. Finally a sound. It feels funny whenever you don’t talk. I’m not going to apologize though since you were too annoying.” He said, looking away but the firm grip on your waist did tell you he was sorry. For being mean at least.


  • “It would do the world some good if you learned to be quieter.” He rudely scoffed. He didn’t want to sound so irritating but you couldn’t help but be offended.
  • You were just trying to make conversation but for some reason it irked Camus.
  • Which was odd because he was accepting of you but sometimes, it did get on his nerves and all he wanted was some quietness every now and then.
  • He wanted peace and quiet so you decided you’d give him exactly that.
  • “Mission: Myu doesn’t exist” has begun
  • He found it extra annoying when you did not talk anymore. He tried to start a conversation but you always looked away, ignoring his existence
  • Doing that only got on his nerves. He cornered you to the wall and met your eyes with his icy cold gaze.
  • “You..how dare you ignore me.” He muttered through gritted teeth. You thought being quiet would appease him but he seemed even more flaring here!
  • You did make up though. You apologized and he did too, surprisingly.
  • “I do apologize if I sounded rude.” You smiled when he said that. “Some peace would still be appreciated though.” He scoffed soon after but you were grinning.

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The boys from starish reacting to their s/o all of a sudden hugging them for no reason.


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The blond giggled softly, turning to you as he wrapped you in a tight bear hug. “______-chan! I love you!” He grinned, his eyes lit up with joy and surprise, deciding to smother you with all the love and affection he could give!


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The raven haired idol smiled softly and kissed his s/o’s forehead lovingly. “Why hello to you too, ______.” He greeted, happy that his s/o was in a good mood today, affection from them always relaxed him on a stressful day.


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“_______-CHAN!!! MY DARLING!” Cecil’s voice resounded, full of joy as he tackled you in a hug. This one embrace from you kept him going for the rest of his day and also sent him over the moon.


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Otoya blushed a little before wrapping his arms gently around his s/o, glad that they were so happy to see him. “I’m back from work, _____-chan. I missed you too!” He beamed, his smile bright as the sun.


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“Y-you seem happy….” Syo muttered out, very surprised by the sudden display of affection. It wasn’t always for him to be greeted by a hug from ____’. He reached his hand out and patted their hair gently, sighing. “I l-love you too…”


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The honey blonde idol raised an eyebrow, studying his s/o’s form before remarking. “What a pleasant surprise honey~” He cooed, looping an arm around his s/o’s waist and pulling them closer to him.


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Masato froze in place, taken aback by the feeling of his s/o’s arms around his chest. They nuzzled closer and he slowly relaxed, before tentatively hugging them back. “I’m back, _____.” He whispered, his hands running through their hair.

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What if the s/o was normally shy and quiet but decided to catch the members of Starish and Quarter Night of guard by slapping their butt?(/•^•)/

IM BACK!! :D Apologies for the delay and I’ve answered it with kaomojis since I thought it would be a different style, hope you don’t mind!

Otoya: Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ

Otoya.exe has stopped working.

Ren: !! …. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧

“Ara? The little lamb’s all bold now? Isn’t this a pleasant surprise~”

Reiji: (°3°)…. •̀.̫•́✧

“Did you like what you felt, my girl/boy~?”

Ai: (๑•̌.•̑๑)ˀ̣ˀ̣

“○○○….why do you want to touch me there..?”

Syo: (」゜ロ゜)」


Cecil: (ò w ó)/…..(〃∇〃)




Camus: ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

“How dare….What makes you think you can touch my rump..?!”

Tokiya: Σ\(° _ °)/…..ƪ(‾_‾;)ʃ


Natsuki: Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

“Hmm?? ○○○-chan??”

Masato: (O_O) …. (O////O)