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Emi~chan! I want to request a scenario where Starish and QN's s/o finds that their contact photo is a picture of them sleeping and so they ask the boys why they took a pic of them sleeping and they tell them its cause their cute. Thank you ~ :)

Natsuki: “Huh? Are you really surprised that’s your contact picture? *giggles and opens photo gallery* I have a whole bunch of pictures! You look adorable in every angle! I never miss an opportunity to take a cute picture of you!” ((I have a headcannon about this habit of his.))

Tokiya: “It’s not as if I get to see your sleeping face every night these days. It helps me feel at ease when we’re sleeping miles apart.”

Cecil: “You’re not going to make me to delete it, are you? I’m sorry. It’s just that this photo is my absolute favorite of you. Every time I see it, it brings a smile to my face.”

Ren: “No one in this entire world looks more beautiful while sleeping than you. That photo is proof of that.”

Otoya: “Y-Y-You weren’t supposed to see that! I’m sorry you probably think I’m a weirdo now, don’t you? I’m sorry. You just looked so cute that night. I couldn’t help it.”

Syo: “Huh? Oh, yeah I just have that picture in case you were wondering what you look like when you sleep…No buying it, huh? *chuckles* I’ll come up with a better story. So, ask me again in like five minutes.”

Masato: “I must admit I am a little flustered now that you know I’ve taken pictures of you sleeping. Somehow, I feel guilty since I didn’t ask your permission. But you were sleeping so peacefully that I didn’t want to wake you.”

Reiji: “Don’t make that face! You’re making me feel like a creepy old man. I just like the cute smile on your face when you sleep. That’s all.”

Ranmaru: “Don’t you repeat a single fucking word of this to anyone but… Ya know those nights I’m away for work and I call you right before bed? With that picture and hearing your voice it’s almost like your with me. Tch, the hell are you laughing about? WHAT’S FUNNY?!”

Ai: “You look very beautiful in your most relaxed state. I wanted to be able to see it anytime of day, so I took a picture..”

Camus: “When you’re asleep in my arms, you let out a sigh and smile just like you do in that photo. Every time you do that, it makes my heart race. I feel as though I am the only one who can protect you.”

This is a frame from the recent UtaPri ep:

I recognized it immediately! 

Because I have this wallpaper on my computer!

Notice that Kat-Tun sign? They must have based this frame on that Tokyo photo.

I know anime artists sometimes base stuff on real places/etc, but that’s my first time actually noticing that, so I’m happy! ^____^