Quiz no Prince Sama Team Round Up

4 out of 5 of this is from the utapri.tv website under the goods section, under the DVD/Blu-ray Section

  • Vol 1: Miyano Mamoru and Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  • Vol 2: Taniyama Kishow and Morikubo Showtaro
  • Vol 3: Shimono Hiro and Terashima Takuma
  • Vol 4: Suzumura Kenichi and Maeno Tomoaki
  • Vol 5: (not official but this will probably happen) Suwabe Junichi, Toriumi Kousuke, and Aoi Shouta

Now this is one hell of a quiz no prince sama if you tell me.

Hello, my little princesses! I have some more Syo Kurusu shots (and .gifs!) that I’d like to share with you all tonight! I had such a fun time cosplaying my Uta no Cutie Sama at Otakon Day 0 this year, and I’m so happy I finally had the chance to get more shots as him. The only other con I really cosplayed him at was Otakon 2013, so it was amazing to bring him out of retirement! I took a lot of shots, so you can expect some more Syo throughout the next few weeks! <3 You can watch my violin playing in my Youtube Otakon video!

Photographer | Syo Kurusu


Stage☆On are my favorite UtaPri cosplayers on YouTube because they look great and are pretty decent at dancing too. Check out their other videos too!


Damn, those are my fave coreo cosplayers

anonymous asked:

Hellos! Can I request-and feel free to deny if it makes you uncomfortable-Natsuki, Otoya, Cecil, Reiji,and Ranmaru's reaction to their s/o wearing kemonomimi(your choice on what animal) lingere?

I have a vaaague idea of what that lingerie might be like, but with such a cute idea in mind, let’s do this~ Long post ahead!






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Where would Starish like to kiss their s/o? And where would they like to be kissed? (Like on their body ;//;)

You might have wanted NSFW, but since it wasn’t specifically stated, I took a SFW approach. There are many NSFW and/or taken stuff in the beginning of the askbox and I personally won’t do NSFW at all. -Mod Adri

Where they kiss:
Forehead - Natsuki
Eyes - Otoya
Cheek - Syo
Lips - Cecil
Neck - Tokiya
Collar Bone - Ren
Hand - Masato

Where they’d like to be kissed:
Forehead - Otoya
Eyes - Masato
Cheek - Natsuki
Lips - Syo
Neck - Ren
Collar Bone - Tokiya
Hand - Cecil