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Hello! Can you please write about Ren, Eiichi, and Camus having an s/o who's nervous about a test? Thank you!!!

I can relate to this so much! I myself have test anxiety >///<

S/O with test anxiety

Ren Jinguji 

Ren never really took school seriously, so when he heard about your nervousness about an upcoming test he would brush it off at first thinking it was just lack of confidence. Once he sees that you are genuinely torn up about it, he would clear his entire schedule and give you all of his attention! He will help you with reviewing and testing your memory if he can. However, he will make sure you do not over work yourself and get enough rest. He will often make you take breaks and offer a ‘massage’. He will even cook your favorite meal for you, of course he wants his little lamb to be well fed! Don’t worry about your test, little lamb! Ren will be there for you every step of the way.

Eichi Otori

Eichi is very smart and understands the importance of exams! If you are having trouble with a certain math problem or memorizing a term, he knows all the tips and tricks to help his Angel out! He doesn’t care how long it takes, he only wants the best for his Heaven sent Angel. While he himself has experienced anxiety from tests, he knows exactly how to help you out. He will make a cute study nest for you to do all your work and be comfortable. While you study he will go on snack runs for you and bring any extra supplies needed. Neck feeling stiff? He has you covered! In the end, he knows you have have nothing to worry about because you are an amazing person anyways! 


GLASSES Oh boy. If Camus even catches a hint of someone taking an exam nearby, he will go into full senpai-mode. He believes exams are of utmost importance. When he finds out his s/o has an upcoming exam, be prepared for major study sessions! He will not allow you to go out anywhere until you know the subject in and out. Though he means well, he might become frustrated time-to-time when you don’t understand a problem that quickly. However, he will try to pace himself and be understanding. If you are feeling stressed, he will make you some of his famous tea to keep you well hydrated and relieve any pains and aches in your body. After you passed you exam, he will reward you will lots of sweets and pastries! 

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STARISH+Satsuki with an s/o that is accident prone?

I grouped them here but also had an idea of giving each of ‘em a dialogue. Let me know if you want individual dialogues for this request! :D

Squad “Knight in Shining Armor”
Otoya, Masato, Tokiya

Cup about to fall? You’re about to slip and tumble downwards? Have no fear, the knights are here! They’d try to prevent any sort of incident but if that isn’t possible, consider them on their guard, ready to save you from embarrassment. It didn’t matter if expensive crockery broke or carpet stained with your now spilt drink as long as you were alright.

Squad “Laughs it off but keeps an eye on you after that”
Natsuki, Ren, Cecil

As the title suggests, you can hope for some teasing if you knock off certain utensils or hit into a pole. The trio here finds your clumsiness charming in its own way and yes, they’re ever ready to help you after a “___-chan, at this rate, the house will break down.” while chuckling. Despite the obvious wink and kiss on your cheek due to your clumsiness, they’d help you clean up.

Squad “"Tsk. You’re a trouble magnet” but helps you anyway"
Syo & Satsuki

Tsunderes here would be worried af when they see you twist and your ankle and tumble down. Or any similar situation as that one. They’d leap in to help but if they can’t, they’d nurse your knee while grumbling to themselves about how they couldn’t stop it and being the men they are, they’d add a “tsk, you should be more careful” as they help you up.

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look how our haikyuu smol children dominates the chart

Tsukkiyama big fan here!

Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)

The duo posters continue, this time with Yamato Hyuga and Kurusu Syo bearing gifts! New art work from Otomedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), illustrated by key animator Tadashi Sakazaki (坂崎忠).