Shining Quest - The Forest (Translated by Ghostie.)

Warrior Otoya - A warrior protecting the castle in the Shining Kingdom. He has a straightforward and innocent personality.

Assassin Camus - An assassin that is faithful to the mission and has a calm composure. It is rare for him to appear in public.

Alchemist Ren - An alchemist that can produce anything and everything. He is traveling for those who seek riches.

Archer Ai - An archer specialized in sharpshooting. Nowadays, he is traveling with his companions.

Next up is the warrior, Otoya’s route!

My Stance On Eiichi (and related discourse)

[WARNING: its long as hell]

Okay so right now (and ever since that Eiichi episode) the utapri fandom has a huge divide, and honestly? Well, idealistically, that divide wouldn’t exist. But really, I’d be perfectly content if we could just tolerate each other, like can we at least do that? I think most of us want that. Yeah, I know, who am I to say this? I’m just one random asshole on the internet, I know I can’t make a real difference, but y'know, whatever XD 

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Quartet Night Songs compilation

Hi everyone! It’s my first post since… a really long time, I guess. Sorry.

Y'all know, I’m ADDICTED to Quartet Night (it’s my fav group in UtaPri!) and I wanted to do something interesting.

So, i’m “collecting” some/all Quartet Night songs and attaching them into a zip file. You can download if you want, i’ll share the link later :3

I’m considering doing the same thing for the solos. 😊

That’s it! Kisses and hugs from a brazilian UtaPri stan!

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Just Friends

Ren x Reader

You wake to the feeling of gentle tugs at your hair. As your eyes open, you realize your surroundings. You’re nestled on Ren’s chest, fingers sleepily clutching the smooth fabric of his shirt. His cologne is stronger here, but still carefully balanced. He’s always been so skilled at managing everything about his appearance. You realize the hair pulling is his fingers tugging through your strands, slowly… softly.

It’s warm.

He feels you shift and you hear him chuckle. “Welcome back, Lady.” You sit up quickly, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and trying to push down those fluttering, candle flame feelings of your crush on him. You frown groggily.

“What time is it?”

“About half past six.” He smirks. “You fell asleep after begging me to watch TV with you.” You bite your lip and he sighs, playfully exaggerated. “I could have been writing lyrics or playing games with Aimi, but….” He opens those intense eyes a sliver, catching you in a cerulean stare. “I suppose being the pillow to a cute little kitten like you has its perks.”

You try to laugh it off. “Well, heh, I must have been more tired than I thought….” His playful demeanor slips away into something more familiar.

“You been resting enough? I know you get caught up sometimes, in your thoughts, your work.” He reaches up and brushes his thumb down the side of your face. “You really need someone to take care of you, Lady….” You smile, brushing off his flirts as you have for years. It’s just the way he is, it doesn’t mean anything, even when your friendly feelings have blossomed into something more and you’re always struggling to swallow the way you want to kiss him when he’s honest with you.

You laugh. “Maybe, but no one wants to take care of someone like me.”

“Well! Tell you what,” he says as he drags himself to his feet, running his hands under his hair to shake it out, “if you get tired of waiting, I’ll be your knight in shining armor. Now, what do you want for dinner? I’m feeling something spicy.” You follow him to the kitchen, catching up to bump hips with him and insist he needn’t go so far as making dinner for you both, he must be tired too, surely. He simply laughs and throws an arm around your shoulders, reaching up to ruffle your hair in a way that has you melting. You hide your feelings by brushing your fingertips down his open waist and he recoils, shoulders hunching up around his ears as he laughs boisterously.

“Hey, hey, what did I do to deserve that?”

You wrinkle your nose. “It’s for teasing me all the time!”

He smiles, recovering to grab your hand and kiss your knuckles. “Would you prefer me more sincere? Should I call you my princess, Lady?” You freeze for just a moment, lost as he stares at you intently, lips curled in that placid, unreadable smile he always gives you. Then you pinch his nose and pull your hand away.

“Always with the jokes, Ren.”

“Well, you know me,” he murmurs noncommittally. It strikes you odd and you narrow your eyes, sneaking a glance at him. He smiles at you, but there’s a tautness to his expression you haven’t seen before.


“I think,” he says quietly, “that we should make curry tonight.” He brushes past you to search the kitchen for ingredients. You have to take a deep breath because, for just a moment…

…you didn’t really feel like ‘just friends’ anymore.