utaite viptenchou


96neko & VIP Tenchou


During the Nico Nico Wonderland talk, Lon was having some problems with the connection so she wasn’t able to speak for a few minutes, and in that time, everyone was just…

96neko: She’s cute, right~?

Kogeinu: She’s cute~

Inotan: Totally.

vipTenchou: It’s amazing… I wonder where does her voice come from?

Kogeinu: Right? It’s because she’s an angel (that’s why she has that voice)

Inotan: It comes from her ear…

96neko: From her ear…?

vipTenchou: From her ear?!

Kogeinu: Her voice comes from her ear? www It comes from her ear… amazing!

‏@viptentyo (LINE公式アカウントの)そらるさんに話しかけたら「ちょっと静かにして」って冷たく返された。

viptenchou: I tried talking to Soraru-san(his official LINE account) and he replied me coldly “Be quiet for a while.”

@soraruru:@viptentyo すいませんうちのそらるが…厳しくしつけておくんで…

Soraru: Sorry about my Soraru… i will be sure to strictly discipline him….