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[Kuro Crest Story Limited Edition A + B Ver.] 

Congratulations to Mafumafu and Soraru for their first unit album! It’s so amazing and the interview was so cute to see~ They’ve come a long way since the beginning, and I’ll definitely continue listening until the end ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

Remember to support them by buying the album if you can!

Biidama no Naka no Uchuu (Unofficial English Translation: The Universe Inside the Marble) album information (Soraru’s Solo Album)

Tracklist updated! Taken from Soraru’s website ( bnu.soraruru.jp )

01. Atmosphere (song, lyrics: Harumakigohan)
02. Suteko no Stela (song, lyrics: Neru)
03. Discord Alien (song, lyrics: buzzG)
04. Rinki na Wakusei (song, lyrics: MikitoP)
05. Uchuu Sou (song, lyrics: Chintara)
06. Black Psychopath Hole (song, lyrics: YASUHIRO)
07. Chuu no Iriguchi (song, lyrics: NishisawasanP)
08. Towa no Superstar (song, lyrics: koyori)
09. Cosmos to Aoi Hana (song, lyrics: Pusu)
10. Haiki Robot no Yume (song, lyrics: Chroma)
11. Kiwoku no Sora (song, lyrics: Toa)
12. pluto (song, lyrics: Mafumafu)
13. Biidama no Naka no Uchuu (song, lyrics, vocals: Soraru)

Animate [normal edition / ¥2000 + ¥160 (tax)]: A4 file folder
Animate [special edition / ¥3000 + ¥240 (tax)]: A4 file folder, metal badge, waterproof pouch
Lagoa: 44mm metal badge (pre-order bonus | art by saine)
CDJapan (no tokuten available yet)

Release Date: July 19, 2016

+α/Alfakyun. 2nd Album  「αβ叫喚」(αβKyoukan)

Release: 2016.01.27


Vocal:  +α/Alfakyun.

Illustration: Nekoda Itsu



Track list:

  1. Tokyo Teddy Bear - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  2. ECHO - CrusherP  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  3. Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! - JesusP  feat. +α/Alfakyun. with Copula
  4.  Red Purge!!!  - P.I.N.A  feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  5. Lost One no Goukoku (rearranged)  - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  6. Terror - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  7. Interlude #1
  8. Girl&Ragdoll - Gom (HoneyWorks)  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  9. Kono Retsutoukan wo Sukutte kure - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  10. SuperMoon  - Rerulili  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  11. Kanjou Halation - DECO*27 feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  12. Heartbreaker - SHIKATA  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  13. Interlude #2
  14. Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo - doriko feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  15. calling (”Andante” Opening song)  - Kameria feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  16. Ai no Scenario (Album Mix) - HoneyWorks feat. +α/Alfakyun
  17. Migikata no Chou - NoriP  feat. +α/Alfakyun
  18. Seisou Bakuretsu Boy - Rerulili&Moja  feat. +α/Alfakyun with Ikasan

Mafumafu’s new album description on the animate shop website…
歌い手 & ボカロPとして活動するまふまふ さん。 その真の姿は … 混沌の世界に降臨した闇の大魔導士。

Active as an utaite and Vocaloid producer, Mafumafu san. His true form is … a great dark sorcerer who has descended upon this chaotic world. 


Vocal / Majiko & MikitoP

I don’t usually write personal stuff here on my tumblr but i kinda lost my temper on the recent event that someone is allegedly selling soramafu albums (NOTE: Triple it’s original price) in amazon.jp. Inclusive is a “photo” of soramafu which i think they took illegaly during lives.

I don’t know where to start but I hope who ever did this will get caught. IT IS VERY ILLEGAL AND VERY DISRESPECTFUL to people like soraru and mafumafu who worked really hard on their merchandise to be ripped off their hard work. Not only that this person is disrespecting fans as well who would be played like fools if soraru and mafumafu did not take into action the very saddening event.

I think we should all be reminded that utaites who make albums barely earn profit from making the albums since all expenses are paid by themselves. Even the lives they perform are all paid by them so the tickets and the album prices we buy just go all to the bill of getting a new album produced or a place for the event to be held at.

To put it simply there are people in this world who continue to give joy and happiness to others ((in this case us fans)) without almost getting anything back except kind words and never ending support.

I just really hope people will understand this. We should be really grateful they are still producing albums with all their might for all these years the least we could do is TO RESPECT and TO SUPPORT them.