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VOCALOID Ask Box Meme!
  1. Favorite VOCALOID?
  2. First VOCALOID song?
  3. How did you find out about VOCALOID?
  4. Least favorite VOCALOID?
  5. How long have you been into VOCALOID?
  6. Favorite producer?
  7. Favorite circle?
  8. Favorite PV artist?
  9. Favorite utaite?
  10. YT or NND?
  11. Favorite series?
  12. Do you prefer series or stand alone songs?
  13. Favorite VOCALOID novel?
  14. Favorite VOCALOID album?
  15. Favorite utaite album?
  16. Favorite VOCALOID song of all time?
  17. Best memory involving VOCALOID?
  18. Do you listen to VOCALOID in public?
  19. Own any VOCALOID products?
  20. Views on shipping utaite or producers?
  22. Favorite VOCALOID meme?
  23. Favorite UTAULOID?
  24. Favorite fan VOCALOID
  25. If you were a VOCALOID, what would your character item be?

Luz 3rd album “Reflexión” 2017.6.28 Release


[Kuro Crest Story Limited Edition A + B Ver.] 

Congratulations to Mafumafu and Soraru for their first unit album! It’s so amazing and the interview was so cute to see~ They’ve come a long way since the beginning, and I’ll definitely continue listening until the end ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

Remember to support them by buying the album if you can!

上北 健 「心分け」

song :   心分け (Kokorowake) / Share Hearts

music & lyrics :  上北 健 (Kamikita Ken) / KK

translation : hitosukui


One day I disappeared,
And I gave birth to you instead.
I will entrust you my heart, so please live as you will.

I am an impostor, therefore I cannot stay here.
I can’t put it into words, that’s why I will keep silent.


There is no need for two of us. Either is fine.
In that case, I don’t need a name nor do I need a face.
Starting tomorrow, I want to become you.
Without having to spare the tip of your finger, paint it out with the sullied you.


Ahh, a memory of that distant day. The misty sky being white or green;
As I brought my face near the window and looked out there,
The sea was black, so black, like the pupil of an eye.
It felt like I was going to be asborbed.
Suddenly you hold my shoulders, and my cheeks are dyed in red.
The fingers that combed out my hair have a slightly wrinkled and round shape.
That was a really pleasant sensation, and the back of my nose was hot*.
“This is where I stand”, “This person is my ally.”, I realized.


The sea was black, so black and deep, as if it knew everything.
It has come to take the present me away.
It is taking me away, but
“You can’t disappear just yet, if we just go together we could go back.”,
You said. My version of you; you are me.


One day I disappeared,
And I gave birth to you instead.
If you share this heart, it’s okay even if there is no place to go back to.


If we both go, it’s neither of us; it is me**.
A valuable name, a valuable face, heart, everything.
The me that is willing to become you is also precious.
Even if I’m sullied, love me, please love me.


Even if I’m not the real one, even if I am not wanted,
There is no need to doubt that the present me is me.


That is something for me to decide, and this is the answer I come up with by making that decision.

* He felt like crying.
** They both merge in one being, therefore it becomes only “him”.

+α/Alfakyun. 2nd Album  「αβ叫喚」(αβKyoukan)

Release: 2016.01.27


Vocal:  +α/Alfakyun.

Illustration: Nekoda Itsu



Track list:

  1. Tokyo Teddy Bear - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  2. ECHO - CrusherP  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  3. Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! - JesusP  feat. +α/Alfakyun. with Copula
  4.  Red Purge!!!  - P.I.N.A  feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  5. Lost One no Goukoku (rearranged)  - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  6. Terror - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  7. Interlude #1
  8. Girl&Ragdoll - Gom (HoneyWorks)  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  9. Kono Retsutoukan wo Sukutte kure - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  10. SuperMoon  - Rerulili  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  11. Kanjou Halation - DECO*27 feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  12. Heartbreaker - SHIKATA  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  13. Interlude #2
  14. Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo - doriko feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  15. calling (”Andante” Opening song)  - Kameria feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  16. Ai no Scenario (Album Mix) - HoneyWorks feat. +α/Alfakyun
  17. Migikata no Chou - NoriP  feat. +α/Alfakyun
  18. Seisou Bakuretsu Boy - Rerulili&Moja  feat. +α/Alfakyun with Ikasan
Labyrinth (歌詞/Lyrics)

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『DiVE!!』 / -Amatsuki- 【MUSIC VIDEO】 Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters OP

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering... does niconico pay popular uploaders or something like that? Like how youtubers get paid through adsense, is that what those sponsor messages at the of some videos are for? I know utaite sell merch and albums and the like, but I was curious if the actual site gave them anything. Thanks!

Hi anon! To my knowledge, utaite only receive profits from merch/album/ticket sales. The sponsor messages are indeed bought using real money from viewers but the money doesn’t go to the actual uploader. It goes to Niconico, and the sponsored video gets other perks like being advertised on the site or showing up ahead of other results in the search functions (at least, I think that’s how it works.) I’ve never heard of uploaders making money off of NND videos alone, but again, it’s possible there are ways to do that? :O I’m not 100% sure, that’s just how I think it works :P