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Mafumafu - Ashita Iro World End “Limited Edition A”

まふまふ - 明日色ワールドエンド[初回限定盤A]

Today, my Limited Edition ver. A of the album has been delivered (at last)! As expected there isn’t much difference, except the different color theme and the design of the cover (and of course the different DVDs)… Even the artist photo is the same in my case… Eh? What?! An one out of six chance and…ugh! (´•ω•̥`)

Does someone want to trade..? (Well, that doesn’t apply here, I guess…)

Whatever, at least I can do this now:

VOCALOID Ask Box Meme!
  1. Favorite VOCALOID?
  2. First VOCALOID song?
  3. How did you find out about VOCALOID?
  4. Least favorite VOCALOID?
  5. How long have you been into VOCALOID?
  6. Favorite producer?
  7. Favorite circle?
  8. Favorite PV artist?
  9. Favorite utaite?
  10. YT or NND?
  11. Favorite series?
  12. Do you prefer series or stand alone songs?
  13. Favorite VOCALOID novel?
  14. Favorite VOCALOID album?
  15. Favorite utaite album?
  16. Favorite VOCALOID song of all time?
  17. Best memory involving VOCALOID?
  18. Do you listen to VOCALOID in public?
  19. Own any VOCALOID products?
  20. Views on shipping utaite or producers?
  22. Favorite VOCALOID meme?
  23. Favorite UTAULOID?
  24. Favorite fan VOCALOID
  25. If you were a VOCALOID, what would your character item be?

Hello everyone! Sorry it took so long, but I’m back!

As seen in the wonderful utaite Araki’s album, The Sky’s The Limit, I present to you my own version of a song I wrote: Again!

So…it’s not really a new song, but it’s a new version! I hope you like it:

Thank you for all of your love and support. I’ll see you next month with ANOTHER new Gumi song!

まふまふ -「終点」 Mafumafu - “The Final Stop” (Lyrics)

If you preferred that I wouldn’t know anything
Then I guess it was better that you didn’t tell me anything
There is some truth in the falsehoods of somnambulism
And what was tucked away behind that seemingly-innocent boy’s sleeve

From the 12th storey of the building,
Once again today he casually lets one foot dangle off the balcony edge
In spite of his heavy heart and mournful face,
He can muster up neither the courage nor motive to die

I am in the form of a human, but does that mean I must conform in the same ways as everyone else?
I’m still allowed to hope, but what if this world no longer allows me to dream?
If that becomes the case, I wonder if it’s fine to hide myself in the summer grass until we both wither away
By the time I contemplated this and smiled to myself, it had already been announced:
“Next up is your final stop…”

If you preferred that I wouldn’t know anything
Then I guess it was better that you didn’t tell me anything
Plagued by terrorizing nightmares and a morbid fear of death
No single miracle medicine can return my soul or cure my PTSD

One day, rather than laughing for himself,
The boy had grown accustomed to being the one everyone always made fun of
Sentiment, affection, sorrow -
He avoids attachment altogether for that is better than embracing something only to have to let go of it

Feeding on my thanatophobia,
God gluttonously devours my fears

I have known since long ago that
There is deception because there will always be those who deceive

No matter how many countless layers you paint over the picture,
It will forever remain grim, but with the brightness of fond memories
It will reach beyond the boundless and
Never-ending darkness

That was the answer; that was the answer
I reached out but there was nothing to hold on to  
So I allowed myself to fall deeply
Into a temporary slumber…

If you preferred that I wouldn’t know anything
Then I guess it was better that you didn’t tell me anything
There is some truth in the falsehoods of somnambulism
And what was tucked away behind that seemingly-innocent boy’s sleeve

He lets his bangs grow so long
Because he doesn’t want to have to see anything
Hair bleached so white in hopes of it falling out
Because I don’t want it dyed in their colours…

With a resentment, we violently beat each other
Growing more envious, we lose sight of ourselves
So we search for others, or rather for sympathy
We try to act with compassion but do we really understand each other

If even the sound of this song
Or my acknowledgment, abandonment, or lingering regret
Or even the vibrancy of the four seasons
Will forever cease to exist, what remains
Is the darkness

That was the answer; that was the answer
What was swallowed up in the darkness of the black hole
Happened to be our future

I thought it would be enough if I continued to pray
But in the end you couldn’t be saved
I allowed you to fall deeply
Into a permanent slumber…

  • Lyrics/Composition/Vocals: Mafumafu
  • Illustration/Animation: Mafuteru

Translation by ‘TheAnimeKitty 25′/DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION


Shoose & Aisu will release their 2nd album 「空想センチメンタル」during the summer comiket, 11th August 2017.


[Kuro Crest Story Limited Edition A + B Ver.] 

Congratulations to Mafumafu and Soraru for their first unit album! It’s so amazing and the interview was so cute to see~ They’ve come a long way since the beginning, and I’ll definitely continue listening until the end ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)

Remember to support them by buying the album if you can!

+α/Alfakyun. 2nd Album  「αβ叫喚」(αβKyoukan)

Release: 2016.01.27


Vocal:  +α/Alfakyun.

Illustration: Nekoda Itsu



Track list:

  1. Tokyo Teddy Bear - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  2. ECHO - CrusherP  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  3. Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! - JesusP  feat. +α/Alfakyun. with Copula
  4.  Red Purge!!!  - P.I.N.A  feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  5. Lost One no Goukoku (rearranged)  - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  6. Terror - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  7. Interlude #1
  8. Girl&Ragdoll - Gom (HoneyWorks)  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  9. Kono Retsutoukan wo Sukutte kure - Neru feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  10. SuperMoon  - Rerulili  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  11. Kanjou Halation - DECO*27 feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  12. Heartbreaker - SHIKATA  feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  13. Interlude #2
  14. Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo - doriko feat. +α/Alfakyun.
  15. calling (”Andante” Opening song)  - Kameria feat. +α/Alfakyun.  
  16. Ai no Scenario (Album Mix) - HoneyWorks feat. +α/Alfakyun
  17. Migikata no Chou - NoriP  feat. +α/Alfakyun
  18. Seisou Bakuretsu Boy - Rerulili&Moja  feat. +α/Alfakyun with Ikasan

GigaP, Reol, and Okiku will be at Natsucomi as the circle “Anyosupenyosuyaya (あにょすぺにょすゃゃ)” to sell two full albums, “No title+” and “No title-”!
They will both have the same songs, all originals including “drop pop candy”, but one will be all Vocaloid vocals, while the other will have Reol as the vocals, as well as different arranges for some, or all of the songs.
Including instrumental-only tracks, there will be a total of 11 tracks.

The artwork is by Kei, who also did the PV art for “drop pop candy”. If you buy both albums at the event, you’ll get the event-limited clearfile (above), signed by GigaP, Reol, Okiku, and Kei.

Okiku is working to have the crossfade done by next weekend.

yuutamari no shiori’s track-list is out!
release date: april 22nd 2015
[ tokuten info here, general info here ]

track-list ]

0.いつかの君に [ itsuka no kimi ni  ]
1.カーテンコール(スズム)[ curtain call (suzumu) ]
2.ドレッドノート(まふまふ&そらる)[ dreadnought (mafumafu and soraru) ]
3.テレキャシスター(YASUHIRO) [ terekyashi star (YASUHIRO) ]
4.アノニマス御中(Neru) [ anonymous onchuu (Neru) ]
5.ゲーム少年は死なない(ゆうゆ)[ game shounen wa shinanai (yuuyu)  ]
6.マダママゴト(れをる&ギガ)[ madamamagoto (reol and giga) ]
7.宛らバイバイ(電ポルP)[ sanagara bye bye (Denpol-P/koyori) ]
8.残り火(そらる)[ nokoribi (soraru) ]
9.天罰(まふまふ)[ tenbatsu (mafumafu) ]
10.blue(Last Note.)
11.Feel Good Time(梅とら)[ feel good time (umetora) ]
13.たとえば(ふわりP)[ tatoeba (fuwariP)  ]
14.ユラユラ(ナノウ)[ yurayura (nanou) ]
15.夕溜まりのしおり(そらる)[ yuutamari no shiori (soraru)  ]