Blog entry 2017-04-17 13:22 - Yesterday’s live with Breakerz-san finished

The second part of this ‘finish’ included dinner…

When suddenly I turned my head and next to me…

was Kyan-san who was fast asleep Zzz…(*´?`*)。o○

He was very busy this past month and a half so that’s why he’s so tired (*´σー`) Thank you for your hard work 

Since there won’t be more chances like these…

Kiryuuin-san joined me on the picture too *click*! lol

They might as well….

Every person who was close joined the picture!

(*つ▽`)っ))) ahahaha 〜☆

Everyone laughed like crazy and drank and it was such a nice atmosphere ♪ 

That’s all for today ♪(*⌒∇⌒*)


Kenji-san as a babysitter <3

Ahhh I haven’t been updated for how long?(almost a week?)

I was too busy doing my homework ;___;

(And I have a lot of homework this week as well…. T-T )

So I guess it’s time for some doodling~!

I miss these dudes…. ;/////;