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Agent “I punched a grenade” Texas

Agent “I eat through my helmet” Washington

Agent “I like my balls on a grappling hook” Carolina

Agent “Still have a bit of fight in you” Florida

Agent “Who’s there?” Wyoming

Agent “Subtle as always” Maine

Agent “I hate grenades” New York

Agent “I am all your dads now” North Dakota

Agent “How am I going to live without him” South Dakota

Agent “Fuck the man” Connecticut

Agent “Tears in space” Georgia

Agent “I almost died in a bubble” Utah

upper big bend, utah

hey, is there anyone that lives in the slc utah area or anywhere in northern utah that can take me and my cat in for the night?

I can’t add too many details because i can’t really think straight right now, but my roommate is threatening to hurt me and kill my cat (who is my emotional support animal) and I need to leave this house as soon as possible. I promise to not stay longer than a night, I just need to have somewhere safe to stay for now until i can figure out what I’m going to do next.

Utah Gothic

-The stores are closed on Sunday. Everything is closed on Sunday. Do not leave your home. Do not answer your phone. Do not answer the door. 

-In the mountains, offerings are left at your cabin door. Bicycles and hiking boots in the summer. Snowboards and mittens in the winter. 

-The lakes are deep and silent, even when there is a drought, the lakes have no end, no matter how far the shoreline may retreat.

-Always offer a portion of your meal to the seagulls. Give them the choicest morsels. Thank them for their protection.

-The desert sands are red. The desert is still and waiting. You can hear the laughter of tourists echoing off the canyon walls. You can hear the screams of tourists echoing off the canyon walls. 

-There is a church on every corner, a funeral every weekend. If you go inside, there is a meal laid out for the mourners. Do not eat. Do not drink. Compliment the ladies on their meal, pretend to eat your Jell-O salad and funeral potatoes, then hide it under your cold slice of ham. 

-Do not ask about fry sauce. Asking will expose you as an outsider. If your meal did not come with fry sauce, it is a test. Make your own fry sauce. Prick your finger and mix the blood with a little paper cup of mayo. 

-There are no ghosts in the ghost towns. The ghosts linger in places still known by the living. In quilt shops and diners and schools.

-At night, you can hear the sad horns of trains. You do not live near the train tracks. 

-The mines are treacherous. On the ground are foot prints of miners trying to find the exit. The air is heavy and warm and you can hear the miners working, always working, harvesting precious resources from the earth. 

-The land is ancient and filled with the bones of creatures long dead but not forgotten. If you go out you can still find the fossils of trilobites and take them home with you. Set them on your windowsill and they will guard you through the night.

-The state has many national parks and monuments. They are protected.  If you must take more than photographs, go to the gift shop and buy a little bag of fool’s gold. Keep it in your pocket, always.

Part Two

Part Three

my most anticipated LGBTQ+ books of 2016 + 2017

New releases, whoo!!

  • Stream Raiders #1 by Sara Raasch (forthcoming, 2017) – YA novel about pirates and queer romance, and that’s literally all I know but it’s enough. *swoons*
  • Gena/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz (2016) – wlw romance in which 2 girls in the same fandom meet and fall in love online. This sounds so fanfictiony, aka MY JAM EXACTLY.
  • The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich (forthcoming, 2017) – Two teen guys who are also SPIES have to compete for the affections of a girl for Reasons but end up falling for each other instead.
  • The Ghost of Buxton Manor by Jonathan L. Ferrara (2016) – A boy moves into a house (Buxton Manor, presumably) that’s haunted by a century-old gay ghost. This is some kind of Peter Pan retelling and I am SO HERE FOR IT.
  • 27 Hours by Tristina Wright (forthcoming, 2017) – I can’t even sum up the summary, it’s just too epic and awesomely intriguing. A sci-fi thriller with space colonies and “a stellar cast of queer teenagers.” Give it to meeeee.

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Talking to a reporter in 2013, kidnapping victim and rape survivor Elizabeth Smart recollects the conversation she had with her abductor shortly after he led her into the hills behind her family’s home.

At just 14 years old, Elizabeth was abducted from her Utah home one night in 2002 after a man broke in and forced her out of bed. The intruder warned her that if she attempted to make a noise, he would kill her family while they slept. Not wanting to endanger her loved ones, Elizabeth bravely followed his instructions and was led out of the house at knife point. They then walked through the hills behind the home and into dense woodland, and it was during this time that Elizabeth came to recognise her captor. Just months prior to her kidnap, Elizabeth and her mum had given $5 to this man after they saw him begging on the streets, and they even offered him some work. His name was Brian David Mitchell.

Mitchell took her to a temporary camp built deep into the woods, which is where she met his co-conspirator for the first time: Wanda Ileen Barzee. Elizabeth was led into a tent, where Mitchell began performing a wedding ceremony and announced that the young girl was now his wife. Proceeding this, he pushed her onto the ground and raped her. For the next 9 months until her discovery, Elizabeth was moved across the country while being starved, raped and forced to consume illicit substances on what she described as an almost daily basis.

In March 2003, after convincing her captors to return to Utah, Elizabeth Smart was finally rescued. She had even persuaded her captors to hitch-hike in the hopes that somebody would recognise her as a missing person. One citizen did recognise Mitchell and Barzee suspiciously escorting a young child dressed in robes and a veil. Police immediately responded to the call, and the kidnappers were caught and subsequently arrested. Brian Mitchell, now 63 years old, spent 6 six years in a psychiatric institution and is now serving a life sentence as a federal prisoner. Wanda Barzee, now 70 years old, was given 15 years for her involvement.

ADVANCING SCIENCE: Research on the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats are one of Utah’s most iconic landscapes, covering more than 30,000 acres of BLM-managed land in the Salt Lake Field Office. Since 1914, this majestic landscape has served as the racing grounds for generations of land speed racers from around the world. For decades, these passionate racers have tested themselves, each other, and their vehicles in an ever-escalating contest to go faster than ever before.

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anonymous asked:

I live like 10-15 minutes away from Ted Bundy's murder house up Emigration Canyon, and I know several people in my town who have met him personally. One had a boyfriend who worked closely with him at the University of Utah Law School, and one got asked on a date by him but declined. My parents even knew one of his victims, she was the sister of a mutual friend. Bundy's like this weird hidden in plain sight part of my town's history, so thanks for sharing those photos from his execution.

Oh yeah? I bet when the friend who declined a date with him was aghast when she first saw him on the news!

I once lived in a place called Logan Utah, very close to one of my favorite LDS temples.

I remember the day I took this picture, it was not a good day. Until this moment. I was on walk and somehow ended up standing right here. I remember the feelings I had before I got there, I felt drained, worthless and desolate. But at this moment I was overcome with overwhelming peace and comfort. I knew then that everything would be okay.

Things haven’t gotten easier, they’ve gotten harder, but I always know that my Heavenly Father is there for me.

Oh my. This is just perfect!! Is it sad that the first place I ever saw snow was in Texas? I told Tobi I’d love to visit Utah one day. I said “you can snowboard while I sit inside in a warm hotel, admire the view and sit in a warm bath” hahaha…what? I like the heat okay! www.kaylaitsines.com/app
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