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I’m just posting the shit out of this because these are just too awesome to be contained in one place.

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Designed by yours truly. You know you want one.

The Highlighter - Alan Black (Utah Crimson Fliers)

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Seeing how this guy has been doing some great writeups, I figured I would give him one of his own. (Not to say he doesn’t deserve one on merit alone!)

Alan has been playing quidditch less than a year, but is already one of the sport’s more recognizable characters. Be it his online presence, his pink socks, his midriff, his ginger-ness, or just his sheer physical ability, there are few people in the quidditch world (particularly the west coast) who have not heard of Mr Black.

I have yet to see Alan play with his new team, the Crimson Fliers, but I have seen him play as a keeper for Stanford, and as a snitch, and he is a fun character to watch throughout.

As a player he is very intense – an all out effort guy. Playing with Stanford he carried a pretty much the whole load. Probably more than he needed to, actually. They had a few other players who were solid with the ball, and he probably tried to force the issue on his own too much. Not that forcing the issue on one’s own is always a bad idea, but when a team has organized beaters and chasers strong/quick enough to at least offer some resistance it is not going to work. He reminds me of Kevin Oelze a little in that manner. A guy that gives his all, but sometimes would be better to let off the gas a little. 

But all that said, I think he will be an absolute weapon with the Fliers. They already have some solid chasers who can carry most of the offensive load (more writeups upcoming), and that will let Alan be able to move to the wing and only attack when he has the mismatch (which is often, because he is physically very imposing). And I know he has the motor and the smarts to keep getting better. Sky is the limit for this guy as a chaser/keeper.

And then there is the snitching. Alan had a super quick rise up the snitch ranks, as I don’t think he had ever snitched before Western Cup, and by the end of that tournament he was doing a solid job as the snitch in the championship game. But this is not to say he does not still have some growing to do. His Western Cup ended with a sneak from behind grab, which Alan has learned from, as I noticed he was much more aware in future matches. But he still has problems with seekers who have low centers of gravity. If you can get under Alan’s shoulders he is pretty much done (as is any snitch). But since Alan is tall, that is easier to do with him than someone like Brady, who is more compact. The upside, is that Alan’s height also brings wingspan, which is a tremendous weapon (particularly when teamed with his strength) against seekers like Donavan. and we are about a year from every elite team having a Donavan type, massive seeker – I know Texas subs in one of their big chasers, with lots of success – so that wingspan will get more and more important as time passes. But since teams can sub seekers at will, he is going to have to get better at keeping the shorter guys off his waste. But aside from that, he has a tremendous snitch-ceiling too.

Big ups to Alan!

Moscow Manticores at the University of Idaho

The Moscow Manticores started their official team in early September of 2012. We started off with only one person knowing how to play the game(our current president Andrew Wilson). Shortly after the creation of the team we decided captains which turned out to be Lauren Blenn and I (Tim Martin).

We practiced twice a week and played our first game in late October. 10 members from our team drove down to Boise, Idaho to play a game(non-official) against the Utah Crimson Fliers. Though we lost both games and had a fair amount of fouling due to our inexperience, it was a fantastic learning experience. Many on the team feel that is when our team really got serious. To this day we are still very grateful for them giving us the chance to learn from them.

Our next games weren’t until Northwestern Cup held at Western Washington University. By this point major improvements were seen on our team and we felt more like a real quidditch team. While there we played against the Cornish Yetis for our first game. This game was our very first win as a team and we were beyond excited, we felt validated. Our next game was against UBC which we lost. As well as the next two games which were both against WWU. In the end we came in 4th out of 5th place, still felt better than last, especially for a new team! As a side note WWU was a very great host, very sportsmanlike and just fun to play with.

Over Christmas break a few of us who live down in Boise, Idaho also got together to practice and help teach the newcoming Boise State University team, the Abraxans! Their captain(Stew Drifloft) went to Snow Cup with us(as talked about below) and will be attending the Western Cup in February. Whether he will be a participant or an observer is yet to be determined.

Finally, most recently a good portion of our team went to the third Snow Cup down in Salt Lake City, Utah; which was hosted by the Crimson Fliers. With the amount of people on our team who could go we determined that we couldn’t enter as a team, so we all went as mercs. 3 of us (Andrew Wilson, Emily Brown, and I) were on the purple team, 2 of us (Jon Wheless and Lauren Blenn) were on the green team, and another 2(Aspen Groves and Amanda Wells) were on the white team. We also had a volunteer ref there named Autumn. In the end of this tournament we all learned so much from being around veteran quidditch players! We quickly realized how we could fix our strategies as a team to be better. After these changes we have noticed very big changes in all of our members.

And this is the history of the Moscow Manticores! As of yet we are not 100% sure on if we will be attending Western Cup or not but it is definitely hopeful for us!