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Tbh I’m so jealous of people that get to see the love of their life on a regular basis. Like once a week? Jealous. Once a month? Jealous. Several times a day? EXTREMELY jealous. Like I can’t wait to do that, to be able to see my best friend all the time and know when I’ll be able to see them.


The incredible moment boy, two, shows fantastic strength and saves his twin brother from being crushed by a falling dresser

–The mother had gone upstairs and didn’t hear the dresser fall.  The parents were initially hesitant to even post the video, but decided to do so bring awareness to the potential dangers of children playing near dressers not secured to the wall.

Utah group will start a Boy Scout troop that welcomes gay leaders
Days after the Boy Scouts of America lifted a blanket ban on gay leaders, a Utah group that pressed for the legalization of gay marriage in the state announced Tuesday that it will sponsor a Boy Scout troop.
By ABC News

Restore Our Humanity, a pro-LGBT group in the state of Utah, has announced that they will be starting a Boy Scout troop that welcomes openly gay adult staff members. 

A quick recap: A little over a week ago, the Boy Scouts of America changed their longstanding policy that openly gay adults could not work within the organization. However, they maintained that individual troops could still bar openly gay leaders for religious reasons. 

You’d think that Utah, where many troops are sponsored by the Mormon church, would be a place taking advantage of that caveat almost universally. That’s why it’s a big deal that Restore Our Humanity is going out of its way to announce that it will welcome gay leaders wholeheartedly. 

Though Mark Lawrence with the group Restore Our Humanity said getting it approved and running may be an uphill battle in the conservative state where most troops are sponsored by the Mormon church, he said the new Utah troop could be a model for the future.

“I think it’s important for us to do this now,” Lawrence said at a news conference. Welcoming gay leaders could create new interest in the organization, he said. He has heard from several potential volunteers, including doctors, police officers and a rabbi, Lawrence said. […]

Restore Our Humanity was started to mount a challenge to Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage, which was overturned in a surprise court ruling in December 2013.

We need advocates who are vocal, visible and intentional in their allyship. This is an example of that. Well done, friends. 

okay but imagine going with gilinsky and the rest of the boys to utah to snowboard and it is so cold you guys cant stop shaking even tho you’re wearing three or four layers of clothes and it is so. damn. cold. your faces turn pale with some red parts and your nose is red and gilinsky sees it and teases you with things like “aw my little babygirl is cold” or “i think santa forgot rudolph here” but then after teasing you a lot till you got kinda annoyed he laughed and hugged you kissing your face (well, the small part of it that was visible), then suddendly when you and the rest of the boys are done with snowboarding he gets all touchy and needed but also gets kind of horny whispering in your ear something between the lines of “can’t wait til we get to the house so i can have u all to myself and warm each other with a make out session and /maybe/ some nice sex” and i just bye im going to hell for this