Canyonlands National Park sits under the desert sun nearly every day, but in the early morning hours when the air is cool and the sun is rising, a majestic glow of indigo filled this Utah valley with mist. The iconic Airport Tower can be seen in the distance, standing just behind the Washer Woman Arch. Photo courtesy of Sam Koerbel. 


Local GOP official makes bizarre argument for denying women equal pay, later apologizes

  • A local Utah Republican official is in hot water after publishing a letter to the editor in a local paper warning that “equal pay for women has consequences.”
  • James Green, the vice chair of the Wasatch County GOP office, wrote the letter in response to Senate Bill 210 — legislation that would require employers to guarantee all workers equal pay for equal work.
  • Green worried that giving women their fair due would take wages out of men’s pockets and keep women away from the home. 
  • Green issued a letter of apology on Thursday, reported on by a local Fox affiliateRead more (2/17/17 11:18 AM)