Utapri x Free! crossover Parents AU idea

As probably everyone already noticed I just love way toooooo much UtaFree (Utapri x Free! crossover). :D And I have tons ideas for this. ;) So here my little idea for my fav AU for Utafree crossover. :D

Especially for my two wonderful friends:my cutie teddy bear Lola-chan miyakuli and adorable fluff empress Rachel racyue  with who I fangirl about UtaFree a lot. :* :* :* :* :* :*

Firstly look here for chibi Free! cuties

Aren’t they super adorable? They really are :D,  and i imagined that it would be cuteness overload if the parents of Free! chibis woud be… Utapri boys. :D Utapri boys would be such adorable and amazing dads! Here dose of my headcanons for this:

♥ The cutie blondie couple Natsusyo…

 … would be of course dads for this cutie blondie baby devil Nagisa. :D 

And you know i think it’s quiet interesting that as we know Nagisa in childchood was forced to crossdress, and hahaha poor Syo also is forced to crossdress quite a lot… so like father like son? ;) But at serious. it would be such cute family! :D Full of cuteness and love. :D Cutie blondie power! Awww :D

♥ RenMasa cuties…

…would be dads of this beautiful butterfly boy. :D 

I mean the hair colour of Rei is so much like Masato’s. :D and all this love for beauty would be probably because of daddy Ren and his fondness for beautiful stuff. :D I can totally imagine that at first they would be so awkward but soooooooo adorable too. :D And they would be super doting parents for Rei-chan. :D besides Rei-chan from the youngest years is the best friends with son of Natsusyo: Nagisa. And further they became couple.

♥ As for Otokiya. :D

They would be dads of two cutie boys. 

One would be very similar to Tokiya- quiet and graceful and with dark bluish hair and blue eyes.  And also with very kind heart like Otoya.  it would be of course our cutie Haru-chan. :D

And Haru-chan would have younger brother. :D Who will have hair and eyes colour after Otoya- red one. :D and also would be very emotional and full energy like Otoya. ;) It would be of course Rin-chan. :D

And don’t forget he would have very similar voice to his daddy Tokiya ;) (both of them has Mamoru Miyano as seiyuu ;))

Can you imagine how cute family it would be?! And  Tokiya and Otoya would be such affectionate, caring dads for thier beloved two sons. :D Haru and Rin would be also very cute brothers though they would compete a lot and sometimes argue too, but Otoya and Tokiya will handle this perfectly. :D

♥ And the last family it would be RanRei family. :D 

Where also Reiji and Ranmaru would have two baby sons. :D

Older one would be of coruse Mako-chan :D

Makoto is such cutie pie as his daddy Reiji and also has very simialr voice to his daddy Ranmaru (both of Ranmaru and Makoto have Suzuki Tatsuhisa as seiyuu). And also has brown hair like Reiji, though Reiji hair are much darker (Mako’s hair are in lighter colour because oif Ranmaru’s hair teheheh ;)).

And the youngest member of RanRei family would be of course Ai-chan :D

Ai-chan would be super cutie pie as his daddy Reiji and will have grey hair as his daddy Ranmaru. :D 

Both Reiji and Ranmaru are very protective parents and all their family is full of love and happiness. :D and also everyone : dads and big bro Makoto would be doting a lot on the youngest family member, Ai-chan. :D Makoto and Ai are very close brothers, always support each other. Makoto is the best big brother you could imagine. the same Ai-chan- the cutest lil brother ever.

Besides both Ai and Makoto fall in love in sons of Otokiya. ;)  Makoto is boyfriend of older Otokiya’s son- Haru. 

and Ai dates with Rin. :D 

All these cutie sons of Starish and Quartet Night will grow up together and will spend many time together. For example cheering for their dads during concerts and etc. And when they will grow up they also want to create their own band and sing together. :D 

Utapri x Free! Crossover headcanons

Thanks to talks with my friend I made quite many headcanons for Uta no prince sama x Free! crossover which I call UtaFree ;). This crossover gives me quite many happienss because there is sooooooo many possibilities (and so many lovely guys together ;)) . ;) Maybe someone will enjoy thhis too so here big dose of my silly headcanons and some loose thoughts about UtaFree crossover. :D Dedicated especially for my super adorable friend racyue. Because thanks to our talks Utafree was born and all my crazy ideas. ;) Thank you my Sweetie :* Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug. :*

Name for crossover- UtaFree ;)

First the most obvious things:

  • Haru: both series have main character with Haruka name, :D (though in one series it’s boy in other girl ;))
  • Seiyuu: Utapri and Free! has many similar seiyuus: Makoto-Ranmaru, Rin-Tokiya, Nagisa-Nagi Mikado, Momo- Masato. :D
  • Colors: All boys from Utapri and free! Has their own colours. Blue- Haru (Free!) and Tokiya (Utapri), green- Makoto and Cecil, red- Rin and Otoya and etc.
  • Childchood friends: we have them in both series: MakoHaru, RenMasa, Natsuki x Syo.
  • And some of them has a little simialr type of personalities like Tokiya- Haru, Syo- Nagisa (cutie blond shota) , Otoya - Makoto (happy sweet sunny boy) and etc.
  1. Both boys from free! And Utapri are cute so I’m sure they will get along quite well and would be good friends and their interactions could be very intersting.
  2. Nagisa and Syo could be great friends because in some way both of them are a little simialr and besides both had the similar „painful experiences” with dresses. ;) I mean Nagisa was often dressed up in girls clothes by his sisters in childchood and poor Syo by Natsuki into cute pinky dress ;).
  3. Also Natsuki would love Nagisa as friend for sure- he is all small and cute as Natsuki loves the most ;) (So cutie nitori will steal his heart for sure too ;)). and besides Nagisa will be probably the first person who will eat Natsuki’s cookies and food and like this, because Nagisa has really strange taste for food. ;) He willl eat even Natsuki’s food. Probably. (though i’m not sure his stomach will survive this).
  4. Rin’s dance-do you remember this legendary:D Rin’s dance as policeman in Free! 2 ending? :D So my theory is that Tokiya (who has the same voice as Rin ;)) was teaching him this beacuse hahaha we all know that Tokiya is great in the dance like that (utapri 2 ending and his sexy body moves :D).Besides i think that it would be brilliant if starish would teach Free! Boys their dance :D. and both of them could dance and sing togetehr. :D Becasue we all know that Free! boys love dancing ;)( free! Ending 1 ;)). They could go even together to karaoke :D (it would be the biggest eargasm ever >//////////< )
  5. Utapri boys and Free! boys should change clothes for one day (week? ;)) . :D I mean it would be great to see Free! boys would look adorable (and funny) for sure in utapri stage uniforms :D and utapri boys in…. swimsuits (nosebleed) . :D
  6. I can’t really imagine them as ship but i think that Nitori Aiichiro and Ai Mikaze would have great ship name AiAi- LoveLove ;)).
  7. Cecil can’t swim and he doesn’t like water… so who would be better to help him to fight this fear than Makoto-sensei? ;) Makoto will be glad to teach Cecil how swim and defeat his fear for sure. Though I’m not sure if Haru will be too happy about this ;) so he will be probably in his super jealous mode and then Haru can scare off Cecil thanks his beloved mackerel because Cecil is afraid of the fishes ;). So in the end it would be probably Camus who would teach Cecil- poor kitty. ;)
  8. Cecil by some time was transformed into cat and what if he was this cat that Rin found in drama cd? :D I’m sure that everyone (especially Makoto and Rin) would take great care of Cecil in his cat form.
  9. For me MakoHaru and Otokiya are a little similar couples ( happy, sweet angel x silent, dark-haired cutie) so I would love to see them together in double date. :D They would be adorable.
  10. Kisumi and Nagi Mikado have pinky hair so… they coul be related. ;) (hahaha I’m sorry i know how silly it is ;)) Like cousins or something. :D Kisumi could be great big brother figure for Nagi as he is for Hayato. :D Like for example when they were still kids kisumi were taking care of chibi Nagi and was very protective towards him so even if Nagi can have quite troblesome personality ;) Nagi would be much more sweeter and warmer around Kisumi and Hayato. And kisumi could be the only one who knows Nagi’s true face and he probably try to help him find more friends and be more social. And I’m sure that Kisumi and Hayato would cheer on mikado on Heavens concert. Big pinky and tiny pinky and third medium pinky on the stage. ;) Cuties. ;)
  11. Utapri and freee! Boys could spend summer together, like on the beach were they could singing and swimming on the same time. ;) and they could play in beach volleyball. Starish vs. Free! :).
  12. As there was already some time ago some posts about this that Nitori could be a lovechild of Masato and Ren- becasue of Nitori and Masato haircut ;) and the fact that because mix blue and orange in some proportions can give grey as Nitori hair. :D I imagine that they would be doting, protective parents (especially Ren). Poor Rin for dealing with such overprotective father-in-law ;) but I’m sure it would be quite hilarious and lovely and warm. :D
  13. UtaFree Kindergarden AU- not too many ideas about this but I think it would be cuteness overload if characetrs from Utapri and Free! Would be going to the same kindergarden. :) So many cute chibis. :D

Thank you for reading. And sorry for all my delusional headcanons. Hahaha I’m alraedy too deep in utafree. ;) Please don’t mind me. ;)

Utapri x Free! Halloween crossover

I love a lot Utafree! (crossover between Utapri and Free! :D) so here this time some of my headcanons and observations for Utafree Halloween crossover where free! boys  and utapri boys will spend Halloween together. :D 

Especially for my teddy bear Lola-chan @miyakuli and fluffy Rachel @racyue :D.

What’s the most important is the fact that in official arts Free! and Utapri boys have quite similar types of Halloween costumes. :D So thanks to this on UtaFree! Halloween party we have:

❤ Two witches who are our adorable blond shotas :D Nagisa and Syo. :D 

And as you see they are great combo in collecting sweets. :D I can totally imagine these two would be the most excited in doing trick-or-treating. :D (and besides who could say “no” to these sweet blond witches?! I would give them all sweets of this world :D)

❤ Two silent dark-haired beauties with blue eyes in ghost costume. :D It’s Haru and Masato of course. :D

i guess these two would be these who would be the most calm on this Halloween party but they will be enjoying this a lot and will be happy to be able to spend time with all their precious friends (and even if they both wouldn’t be saying too much they would understand each other very good and would be good friends ). :D And besides Haru would be protecting his cute Makoto boyfriend from all “scary” things Mako-chan would be scared of. :)

❤ Two hot yet dorky ;) vampires: Rei and Ren. :D (so thehe we have VampiRei and VampiRen :D)  

I have this image that Ren would want to teach Rei how to be super hot cool vampire.. but in the end both of them would be just cute dorks and comedic relief of this party. buhahaha (sorry babies :*)  And  besides Halloween atmosphere and vampire costume would cause that Ren will get in very romantic and affectionate mood (and will want to bite cute neck of his cute Masato boyfriend ;)) so embarrassed poor Masato ghost would have to calming him all the time because they are in public ;). :D 

❤ We have also two handsome warewolves (and both has Mamoru Miyano voice :D) Rin and Tokiya. :D

I guess both would be at first quite embarrassed by their fluffy costumes. ;) but then their adorable boyfriends Nitori and Otoya would be saying how cool they look and would want to pat their fluffy ears and would want to cuddle to them so tehehe Rin and Tokiya would start to enjoy this Hallowen party. ;) 

❤ There we also have two the biggest sweethearts ever Makoto and Natsuki. :D and even if they don’t have exactly the same costumes. :D 

Because one is Frankenstein’s monster and other mummy, it’s quite sweet that such cutie pies want to be “scary” having costumes of  scaaaaary monsters from horror movies.  ;) and on the same time.. they are probably soo scared by everything during Halloween. :D (awww babies :* let me hug you both:*)   and haha almost all Halloween they will spend behind  backs of their brave patient boyfirends Haru and Syo (who are soooo much smaller than their adorable scared boyfriends :D) hiding by all stuff they will be afraid. :D Haha Halloween is such scary day for them but together with their protective boyfriends they are o.k and they have maaaany fun. :D

❤ Plus we have lil lovely devil- Otoya. :)

And i’m sure his adorable Free! countrapoint in Free could be Kisumi. :D 

Buhaha Kisumi would be in pinky devil costume ;)). Adorable devils attack! :D And haha i get this feeling that Kisumi could get a little too touchy with his lil devil friend Otoya ;) which will make Otoya’s boyfriend Tokiya to react in Haru’s style (when Kisumi is too touchy with Mako and it wakes up Haru’s adorable jealous mode :D). :D So be careful Kisumi baby :* i geuss jealous Tokiya can be veeeeery danegrous. ;) and don’t forget he is warewolf!. ;)  

❤ Besides we have also this cute official art of Quartet Night boys in Halloween costumes- Peter Pan version. :D 

This one who has the biggest fun is of course Reiji. :D And he would be making up the most funny and crazy Halloween games for all UtaFree crew. :D

And I think that rest of Samezuka boys would also look great in such Peter Pan costumes. :D

Momo would be Peter Pan like Reiji. :D (such unstoppable combo of two Peter Pans full of energy and smile :D)

Ai (Nitori) would be Tinker bell like Ai Mikaze. :D Both are so adorable, awwww double Ai team as Tinker bells are waaaay too cute :D They would make everyone melt sooo much. and I have this feeling that they could be great friends. :D Nitori thanks to his lovely heart and his sensibility could learn Ai Miakze tons of things about people and life :D And Mikaze could help Nitori in enhancing his swimming thanks the amaizng datebase and wisdom Ai Mikaze has :D ). 

Seijuro would be wearing pirate costume like Camus, and Sousuke  Indian costume like Ranmaru. :D (Can i start nosebleeding? :D) 

And hmmm I geuss Gou could have Wendy costume? Like I’m sure Rin would also invite her for this UtaFree! Halloween party. Tho I’m pretty sure Mikoshiba bros, I mean Momo Pan and pirate Seijuro would be chasing her during all this  party and saying how cute she is. ;)  But no worries :D i’m sure Sou-kun would protect cute Gou Wendy. :D 

Happy UtaFree Halloween for everyone. :D

Trick or Treat? :D


Utapri & Free! official arts - Christmas theme

For my baby emrpess of Makoahru fluff Raaaachel sweetie @racyue

Wish you very veeeeeeery merry Christmas. :D

It’s lil UtaFree! (Utapri x Free crossover is really too big weakness of mine >///<)  for christams for you. :D Happy UtaFree! Christmas for you! :D

Just imagine how amaizng and cute would be  if Utapri and Free! boys would spend Christmas together Just too many adorbale boys in one place. :D 

Ultimate water gun fight ;) Utapri vs. Free!

As super big lover of UtaFree idea (crosover between Utapri and Free!) I couldn’t miss the fact that boys from both series just love so much fight with water guns. :D and I had to use this for crossover idea :D

Especially for my two wonderful friends:sweet teddy bear Lola-chan miyakuli  and adorable empress of makoharu fluff Rachel racyue :* with who I fangirl about UtaFree a lot. :* 

As Free! OVA already proved this, Free! cuties enjoy water fights a lot. :D

But they are not alone in this. ;) Also cuties from Utapri seems to enjoy water fights veeeeeeeeeeery much :D 

So I totally demand crossover in which we will have the most adorable and hottest ;) water guns fight. :D Where Utapri boys will fight with free! boys with water guns. :D it would be such fun! Especially for such hot summer days. :D And also for bigger fun we can mix squads for both teams :D And thanks to this we will get tons of new adorable interactions between boys. :D 

And here little bonus:

Theheheh what do you think about UtaFreeKar crossover with tons of pretty boys fighting with their toy water guns? :D it would be really ultimate water gun fight. omg… so many hot and wet guys in one place! :D  my nose would not stop bleeding and i would transform into water too because I would melt that much :D

UtaFree! 1: Haru Haru Haru-chan!

Natsuki was on his way back to his room when all of a sudden he heard a small crash just a few doors down.
“Huh? What was that?” he said, taking a nibble from his overbaked cupcake. He ran down the hall to see what was going on. He stoppped and saw Nanami Haruka on the ground, rubbing her bottom after the fall.
“Ow ow ow…” Haruka muttered in pain. She looked up and saw Natsuki offering his hand to her.
“Are you okay, Haru-chan?” he asked politely. Haruka smiled and pulled herself up. She brushed the dirt off her bright yellow dress and fixed her hair.
“What happened to you?” said Natsuki.
“Well, I was on my back to your room when this small blonde boy came running down the hallway and bumped into me. It wasn’t Syo for sure.”
“Well ‘blonde’ and ‘small’ are in my vocabulary, so it could be Syo-chan!” Natsuki laughed wholeheartedly. “I’ll go find the boy and see if he can apologize if he hasn’t already.”
“That’s fine as long as you find him.”
“Haru-chan, come quick! Haru-chan!!!!” Nagisa shouted as he searched for his friend Nanase Haruka. Apparently he ditched Nagisa to go find an indoor pool of some sort. Makoto and Rei weren’t there, so it was just the two of them. Nagisa made his way to the corner when he suddenly ran into Natsuki.
“Oh? Do you happen to be the boy Haru-chan was talking about?” asked Natsuki.
“Huh? Me? Haru-chan? Did he tell you something about me?” Nagisa was so confused that it made Natsuki smile even more.
“‘He’? No, no Haru-chan’s a ‘she.’ She told me that you ran into her a while back.”
“Oh! I did run into some girl a while back! I’m so sorry!”
“I know she’ll forgive you,” Natsuki smiled at the shota.
“By the way, what do you mean by ‘he’?”
“Ah, well we have a friend who goes by the name Haruka and we call him ‘Haru-chan’ for short!”
“Uwa, so do we! Her name’s Haruka and we call her ‘Haru-chan’ too! Oh my gosh it’s such a cute nickname!” Natsuki began to squeal over the thought of Nanami.
“My name’s Hazuki Nagisa. What’s yours?”
“Shinomiya Natsuki. Pleasure to meet you!” The two shook hands until Natsuki decided to give Nagisa a bear hug because he was THAT cute to Shinomiya.
“Our Haruka is Nanase Haruka. What about your Haru-chan?”
“Nanami Haruka!”
“Oh my gosh their names are super similar yet they have the same nickname!” Nagisa squealed in amazement.
“Right? We should have them meet up sometime too! Say, want to see my adorable Syo-chan?”
“Of course I will!”
Then the two headed off to Natsuki and Syo’s room as if nothing strange happened…