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My Medicine- The Pretty Reckless

You Can Be Happy- IAMX

King of the World- Porcelain and the Tramps

At The Bottom- Brand New

Lecher Bitch- Genitorturers

Ala Mode- Mindless Self Indulgence

I tag lie-ren-is-my-life and goblbluth

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☆ uwu

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comments: Ishida-sensei’s art IS MY WEakness hoe could u do dat to me XD Your blog is nice  about anime and stuff, i just followed you now u v u Thank for sending the ask! ~

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replied to your post“I’m tracking the mikayuu tag and I’ve never seen anyone put yuunoa in…”


so i went to see if you are right and i found few yuunoa posts that have tag mikayuu, not all yuunoa shippers are nice, and same goes for mikayuu shippers, not all of them are rude :)

I didn’t see too much when I had posted that, sorry. Also I agree that not all shippers of anything are nice. There’s always at least one who goes overboard.

Laash Yeh Kis Dulha Ki Parhi Hai- Faraz Hussain

REP: Laash yeh kis dulha ki parhi hai x2
Haathon mein khoon ki mehndi hai
*rep repeats*

Tukre tukre jism hai sara x 2
Khoon se bhara hai sehra uska x2
Nalakuna sehre ki lari hai
Haathon mein khoon ki mehndi hai

Meheka hua sandal se bandan hai x2
Shaadi ka johra ki kafan hai x2
Maut bhi khud jis par roh thi hai
Haathon mein khoon ki mehendi hai

Beyhn kare aik rath ki dulhan x2
Kaise baraooun aapne kangan x2
Baat toh abi aik shab ki hai
Haathon mein khoon ki mehndi hai

Maa ne kitne armaanon se x2
Phool chunne apni haathon se
Lash ke aab tukre ginthi hai
Haathon mein khoon hi mehndi hai

Aik chadaar mein laash utaa kar x2
Khemay mein jab laaye sarwar x2
Maa samjhi bete ki baari hai
Haathon mein khoon khi mehndi hai

Sheh bolay ab sog manaao x2
Churiyaan ab dulhan ki barhaao x2
Hum pe kiyamaat ki yeh garii hai
Haathon mein khoon ki mehndi hai

Nauha likhoon ya sehra likhoon
Barbadi ko shaadi kehdoon
Aankhon mein rehan nami hai
Haathon mein khoon ki mehndi hai

utaa-kun replied to your post“˜† uwu”

omg thank u so much <3

It’s nothing! You’re welcome! ‘ v ‘

hidebot replied to your post“˜†”

aahh thank you so much moka you’re such a sweetie <3 best of luck on your finals!! you’ve got this òvó9

Thanks! I’ll “fight with all you’ve got” ò v ó (hope that i won’t end up being amnesia or smth …)