Haruka x Ranmaru GIF ( Uta no prince sama 2 Ep.12)

I always thought that they could make a cute couple ,before even playing the All Star game.I’m so sad that nobody in tumblr was mentioning them. 

I made these Gifs and I hope people likes it.

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STARISH with a Yandere Girlfriend

Cecil: He would be pretty clueless. He would be flattered that his girlfriend wanted to be with him all the time.

Masato: Would be so freaked out. He is not one to be clingy so seeing her out his bedroom window will make him question his relationship.

Natsuki: Won’t be too suspicious at first. When his glasses get knocked off Satsuki will rat her out for being weird.

Otoya: Will be very freaked out when she asks to sleep in his bed after date 2. He will try to keep his distance and use disguises to hide his technicolor hair.

Ren: He saw all the signs early. He will not feed into the yandere. He may or may not have ordered a bodyguard to follow her around and prevent her from coming near him.

Syo: He has only heard about these kinds of relationships, but he never thought he would be in one. He trod on thin ice and he hated it. He considered faking his own death but he changed his mind. He got out of it when she hugged Kaoru instead of Syo. His acting classes with Hyuga really helped!

Tokiya: He did an investigation after date 3. When it got reported back she had a pair of his used boxers and a towel he used in dance practice, she had to go. He did the whole 9 with restraining orders and bodyguards. He even sent someone to convince her parents to change schools.

An Aine Kisaragi Character Development Essay
also rant #328575875 about Aine by Rai

tldr; an almost complete analysis of the character Aine Kisaragi written by yours truly - 1.8k+ words; 

do note, a a good portion of it is inference but honestly this is the only way I see his character to be as. I’m still actively learning and inferring about him more as I find more concise translations and summaries about him. Have fun reading~

trigger warnings also for: depression, attempted suicide

edit: added prediction why he chose the beach

edit as of 5/14/16: about reiji - reiji was indeed a child actor and enrolled at recommendation of his mother but he wasn’t motivated to work hard as an idol. meeting aine changed him to work towards being an idol.

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From Otome Game Award 2015 in Girl’s Style.

Popular game -Others- (beside PSP / PS Vita’s game) ;
1. Ensemble Stars
2. Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 nin no Ouji-sama
3. Idolish 7

Popular Character -Others- ;
1. Sakuma Rei (Ensemble Stars)
2. Tsurumaru Kuninaga (Touken Ranbu)
3. Kujo Ten (Idolish 7)

Popular Character Song ;
1. Maji Love Revolution (STARISH/ Uta no Prince-sama)
2. Evolution Eve (Quartet Night/ Uta no Prince-sama)
3. Voice of Sword (Knights/ Ensemble Stars)


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Week 2016
Day 2: Heavens Gate option a: favorite scene/moment 

“It seems that you’ve found what you were lacking. I’m sorry for testing you. You pass! The person who’s going to write music for these princes…is you!”