uta no prince sama parody

The first episode of Osomatsu-san is like Gintama on drugs

I mean seriously look at this. After a whole thing in their old style about the anime being rebooted, it goes to this:

And then


And then they proceed to 

Over which “MASA” celebrates wildly, including Obama and Einstein hugging. But wait, there’s more. The siblings are all introduced, and then the heroine is. And then, indoors, mind you, Karamatsu does this

And within a minute, they all fight for Totoko’s love

After which, she… 

dies. She dies in the first episode of the show, minutes after meeting the “heroes”. BUT THAT ISN’T THE END.

They go and break the fourth wall.

AND THEN, the other characters start coming in and changing the genre. By this point, all hope of a plot is gone. In their attempts to create the “perfect modern anime”, they start doing this:

Oh yeah, but this titan is no ordinary titan. Instead of eating them directly…

But I digress, have some more 

And then after that mess of a scene, they decide to go back to this

This episode broke enough copyright laws that it isn’t going to be released on the dvd or publications of the anime. THEY MADE THAT MANY PARODIES. And then, after 20 minutes, 20 MINUTES, they finally “start” the actual anime. This episode is what all comedies aspire to be.

I’m done. Finally QAQ;;; // gaveuponthefirstpartofthetitle


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