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Tokiya Birthday Accessory and Dreaming Card Collection for sale! 

ONE DAY LEFT!!!! Unfortunately the person this package was meant for ended up dropping out;;;; I completely understand their situation but unfortunately, this leaves me with money to pay for a package I honestly can’t afford and another strike against my account if I don’t pay and the warehouse sends it back to Broccoli. 

Tokiya Bday charm: 3625JPY+shipping
Dreaming Card Collection: 4165JPY+shipping

Entire Package: 7790JPY+shipping

No commission at all from me for this since this is an absolute emergency! I would prefer to leave the package together as it is since otherwise it would either cost shipping from me to you (and I STILL haven’t been able to get to the post office because I’ve been so busy OTL) or cost extra for the warehouse to split it but I’d still be willing to make the necessary changes if you only wanted one!

 Pleasepleaseplease contact me either by ask/fanmail or send me an email at nanni.munoz@gmail.com! Thank you so much!!

*also a note about the card collection: the picture is from AmiAmi’s site but since it’s from Broccoli, it will come with the exclusive Syo/Natsuki card!


DAY 11: most pitied character background

I honestly haven’t played the games yet due to the fact that I am not Japanese and I don’t have an PSP. OTL

But I read about Otoya’s background.

His mother died in a plane crash. He never met her mother back there. Then he never knew Shining Saotome is his father. He grew up in an orphanage. I don’t know…I just wish I can read Japanese properly.

anonymous asked:

What's the bravest thing you've ever done? For me, it's coming to talk to you. ; D

[Since this question is already answered, I’ll just repost the answers :D]

Otoya: The bravest thing I’ve done? It’s expressing my true feelings through my songs.

Tokiya: It’s leaving my life as HAYATO and become known by everyone as the true me. *smile*

Syo: It’s overcoming my fear of heights through the role I have given. I would say I’m so brave back there.

Natsuki: It’s embracing my other self, and not fearing consequences it may give.

Masato: It’s leaving my life as a heir to pursue my dream of becoming an idol.

Ren: Hmmm.. bravest thing I’ve done, huh? I’m not really sure about that. I know I’m kinda flirtatious, but I am ready to leave it to focus more on what’s important. :)

Cecil: It’s leaving my prince duties to do what I really love: Singing.

- STARISH (★^O^★)


Reiji: Hmmm.. Bravest thing I have done? Like the others, it’s leaving my past life to become an idol. ^_^

Ranmaru: I left my family to become an idol, and to pay the debt my dad left. I guess it’s an enough answer, right?

Ai: Being an idol despite being a robot.

Camus: Leaving my beloved country to pursue my dream

- Quartet Night (o⌒.⌒o)


HEYOO just send me your address (with name please) to nanni.munoz@gmail.com and please put “[username]: Prince Parka Order” in the subject line! I’ll throw them into the USPS shipping calculator and make the labels over this weekend and get back to you as soon as I can.

My goal is to get everything out by Monday or Tuesday!

cherrygeri: Masato parka size M
shiinsaku: Ranmaru parka Tokiya shirt Ren shirt size M
ochiibichan: Camus parka size M
50shadesofshinomiya: Camus parka size M
tomoekun: Otoya parka Otoya shirt size M
lastmariachi: Syo parka size M
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hijirikawaifu: Masato parka size M

(sorry for those of you who changed URLs in the meantime and have told me a bunch of times, I used an old list that already had the @username links so I didn’t have to redo everything but I have the updated list in my google spreadsheet don’t worry!)