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Unsure is this anonymous specific ask,anyway I see you're looking into finding a meaning behind Uta's name so thought to throw "Uta Codex" your way to look it up,as for his name in general I can personally say it's name usually meant for females mainly(It's also used in Nordic countries as female name again) and way his name is written in katakana ウタ is way female's first name is written (詩 would be one of ways to write it as male name)...but don't interpret that wrong way,just adding it there.

Ah, thanks for the addition. It’s less a search and more a journey my asks are taking me on.

I’d never heard of the Uta Codex, but I’m always game for more Donato connections, even if they might just be coincidental.

I’ve mentioned before that Uta has a good deal of gender play going on so it makes sense that is name is unisex with a female tilt. Though in my understanding names being written out in Katakana is done for all sorts of reasons. It is, historically, more common with female names, for reasons associated with literacy rates and a preference for sons, but these days, as far as I know, it’s a matter of being “cool” and “hip” as much as anything. (Higemaru’s first name, Touma, has several traditional Kanj spellings, and his family is plenty educated, but it’s given to us in Katakana.)

It also seems to be something Ishida uses for Ghoul names, even when there is a possible Kanji writing of the name, which might have something to do with lack of literacy among ghouls. It’s even more common in ghoul aliases, even when they are Japanese words.

Uta, of course, almost certainly has no problem with Kanji himself I mean dude has a tattoo in Latin-greek on his neck from Martial. He strikes me as rather well read.

I think his name is in Katakana more in the “hip and trendy” sense. It fits with the rest of the Clowns, too.


I saw this crack theory that Uta was actually a human and I can’t stop thinking about it. Because that really would be the biggest troll of all. Except no one would ever believe him..

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