Clamgirl, Suzy, and the Limitations of Undertale

(undertale spoilers)

Very little is known about Suzy, the enigmatic daughter of Clamgirl’s neighbor who lives in another city. Not only is her mention hidden away in a chance “fun” value, her mysterious mention makes her a person of interest, and one of several unexplained aspects of Undertale. However, perhaps her elusive quality is exactly what she’s meant to represent: the importance of accepting Undertale’s limitations.

Meeting Clamgirl

If the game’s “fun” value is between 80-89, a unique NPC by the name of Clamgirl (according to her sprite name) will appear in Waterfall.

She will urge the player to meet her neighbor’s daughter, “Suzy,” who is described as being about the same age as Frisk. Clamgirl then proceeds to give her blessing of Frisk becoming friends with Suzy.

Suzy – The Reason Frisk Came Here?

Upon talking to Clamgirl again, she adds the following, which was updated in the January 2016 patch.

Currently, this is the only information on Suzy provided. This cryptic message from Clamgirl implies it’s possible that Suzy may be related to Frisk in some way, perhaps to be revealed in a later patch. However, it’s just as possible this is a misdirection from the author! Her relation to the Frisk (and the Player) are only as connected as one interprets it to be. After all, while Clamgirl speculates that Suzy may be the reason Frisk came to the Underground in the first place, Asriel states, “Only you know the answer, don’t you…?” Furthermore, there is additional important dialogue from Clamgirl after defeating Asriel.

“A Limit”

If Frisk spoke to Clamgirl before and then talks to her again after defeating Asriel in the pacifist route, she says the following.

As implied by Clamgirl’s dialogue, as well as other supporting evidence, the game of Undertale takes place in a single day. Much happens over this day: not only can Frisk save the underground, but they befriend countless monsters, go on dates, and explore several distinct cities. Then, that day can be reset and completed in numerous combinations. However, while Clamgirl encourages Frisk to find and become friends with Suzy, this one objective is impossible to complete within Undertale. The city that Suzy lives in cannot be reached because the elevator inside of the MTT Resort is broken.

Yes, we know. 
The elevator to the city is NOT working.

No amount of searching, hacking, or debugging will make the city accessible or cause Suzy to appear. Suzy is simply inaccessible to the player.

The Lesson

Clamgirl’s message seems to be directed towards completionists and theorists that are looking for every outcome and all the answers. Realistically, there is a limit to what can be done in a day, and there is a limit as to what can be included in a game. The finality of that lesson is one the player must come to accept.

stealikeanartist  asked:

Okay! I have decided on my request. I imagine dear Frisk has a looot of PTSD after everything they've been through, and I would love to see your take on how they deal with/experience it (you did a fantastic job with illustrating mental illness in FiNaGLC). I would like to add maybe a request tp have some fluff (or sad) time between Frisk and the skelebros (I love my skelebabies). You're amazing for taking on this challenge, by the way. Actually you're just amazing in general.

Here you go!

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Hi! I read you theory that says Undertale takes place in only a day. But… I think it takes a lot more. Here’s the proof http://imgur.com/a/XKuQy 


Thank you for the screenshots! While this is definitely dialogue from the game, there are several reasons why we still believe Undertale takes place in one day.

In regards to the dialogue in the screenshots:

It is very unlikely that the Froggit means Frisk has physically grown into a “thoughtful and conscientious person.” The phrase “to grow as a person” means to develop through life’s experiences. The day has certainly been full of many experiences.

Similarly, another Froggit comments on how Frisk has matured. While it may seem odd that Frisk has matured over the course of one day, consider the fact that Frisk has the power to load and save. What is only one day for the monsters can be a much longer time for a time traveler – this depends on how many times the player loads and resets of course. Regardless, Frisk can learn from their journey in the underground – a different world from the surface.

The second sentence seems to imply physical growth, but it may not be the case. It could be another way to indicate that Frisk has grown as a person.

In addition to the our theory, another user added his own thoughts in a reblog. More importantly, an important update to the dialogue was included in the January 2016 patch. This dialogue can only be seen if the “fun” value is between 80-89 on a pacifist route. After defeating Asriel, Frisk needs to backtrack to waterfall to talk to Clamgirl.

The pre-patch line was:

But there’s a limit to the things you can do. Accepting this is healthy.

The addition of “today” is very significant. This update to the dialogue drives the point home that this game really takes only a day. Because of this limit, Frisk is unable to meet Suzy, the one Clamgirl thinks Frisk should befriend.

anonymous asked:

Are clam girl and that dude In hotland that you see after you help Undyne the same thing? Call me a doofus but I seriously can't tell them apart >m<

(undertale spoilers)

The two are different characters! The one you meet in Waterfall is Clamgirl, while the second one in Hotland is Clamguy.

therealeasya  asked:

What about this Suzy person that appears to hold the key to knowing Frisk's backstory?

(undertale spoilers)

There is not much known about Suzy, but we do have a new theory about her role in the game. It will be posted momentarily!

As for the last Anon, here is the deleted tweet in question.

Toby likely meant Monster Kid, considering the kid with the yellow soul is not alive anymore. Their soul is already with Asgore, and I doubt Clamgirl would fail to notice Suzy disappearing!


anonymous asked:

for the whole "Undertale takes place in one day" You don't necessarily have to reset to get that dialogue, also, shouldn't it take place the same day as in real life since you have to be there on the same day as on the sign?

(undertale spoilers)

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by “You don’t necessarily have to reset to get that dialogue.” Which dialogue are you referring to?

As for the same day as in real life, considering that the So Sorry monster is a hidden character, it’s hard to say if the condition to meet him isn’t simply for meta purposes. 

There are instances where the game uses the day of the week from the real world – such as in the dating HUD used during Papyrus’ date and in the Riverperson’s dialogue. However, we are strictly speaking about the game universe when we say the game takes place in one day – we aren’t considering the implications of the real world day.