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🐰| C H O C O L A T E B U N N I E S |🐰

Names from Left To Right: Shonelle 20, Jaimema 20, Barbara 20, Alexandria 20, Betty 21. IG from left to right: @so_said_sho, @jay_casimir, @barbsaysplay, @allthejoye, @msbetty32.
2015 Black History Month Blogging Challenge #BlackBlogging

Join us as we write and share our responses to the following questions our team crafted. Use #BlackBlogging.

February 1: Introduce yourself! Who are you? Where are you from? What do you want folks to know about you?
February 2: What does Black History Month mean for the LatiNegrx in the US?
February 3: Pelo Vivo: LatiNegrxs & narratives of hair/care
February 4: Share a media representation that you believe is fair and accurate
February 5: Two things you wish everyone knew about LatiNegrxs
February 6: Two myths you wish to challenge about LatiNegrxs
February 7: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: LatiNegrxs & HIV, what is missing?
February 8: Week 1 of blogging, what has been discovered/learned?
February 9: Share a quote by a LatiNegrx you embrace
February 10: Colorism among LatiNegrxs
February 11: Suggested do/don’t for non-Black Latinxs who wish to stand in solidarity with us
February 12: LatiNegrxs & Language
February 13: What are rituals you practice that connect your Blackness & Latinidad?
February 14: LatiNegrxs & Self Love: Share your journey/practices/etc February 15: Mid-month check in/Week 2 of Blogging
February 16: LatiNegrxs & Liberation: Share your thoughts on what freedom and liberation mean for LatiNegrxs
February 17: LatiNegrxs & Education: Share an “Ah ha!” moment
February 18: LatiNegrx Selfie: Post a selfie/usie/groupie
February 19: LatiNegrx Media Makers: Share your favorite form of media by/for LatiNegrxs
February 20: Surviving colonization: How do LatiNegrxs do it in 2015? February 21: Misogynoir & LatiNegrxs
February 22: How do I find power in my Blackness & Latindad?
February 23: Week 3 Check In
February 24: LatiNegrx & Music: From Celia Cruz to Mariah Carey, share some of your favourite songs by LatiNegrx and what they mean to you.
February 25: LatiNegrx & Literature: Favourite LatiNegrx writer
February 26: Respond to this poem -

“i lost a whole continent.
a whole continent from my memory.
unlike all other hyphenated americans
my hyphen is made of blood.
when africa says hello
my mouth is a heartbreak
because i have nothing in my tongue
to answer her.
i don’t know how to say hello to my mother.” - Nayyirah Waheed

February 27: Share some ways you think that LatiNegrx can reach/connect with other people of African descent around the world.
February 28: Lessons Learned from the 28-Day Blogging Challenge