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1. Do you prefer summer or winter?

Summer, I guess. Traveling and sitting outside with friends and late night walks without being frozen to death. And I’m so looking forward to playing soccer or go for a run without three layers of clothes.

2. What’s your childhood dream?

To be honest, I don’t think I had this one big childhood dream?

3. Weirdest thing you’ve ever done

Buying really weird underwear at a South African airport (and asking the shop assistant whether they are beach clothes. You can imagine the shocked looks.) because my luggage arrived four days later than me. It took a trip to Vietnam.

4. Looking forward to the World Cup next year? Who are you rooting for?

Yeees! Also because I’ll be allowed to talk about soccer even to my usually uninformed friends! No honestly, I love watching soccer. Rooting for Germany but not really with passion. I think they play great but my heart isn’t in it like in woso.

5. First thing you notice at other people?

Their attitude towards me. Or what I think their attitude towards me is.

6. Favorite subject in school?

I really liked german and history.

7. Which fictional character is the most like you?

 This is so difficult because most fictional characters are brave and spontaneous (what sometimes leads to a huge disaster…) and I like to think about a situation and plan a lot but at the same time I’m rather outgoing. I could identify with Hermoine because I also like books and knowledge, have a small group of people who I really trust around me, and I’m rather the realistic one, but I can’t see me fighting as brave as her ;).

8. Chocolate or ice cream?


9. 3 things you want to do in college?

Learn more - about the subjects I’m studying and about myself. Play soccer. Be openly gay.

10. If you had to choose 1 band to listen to the rest of your life which one would it be?

Wow, I don’t know. Maybe Coldplay? I don’t even listen to them that much anymore but it has always been the music to calm down for me, already when I was a child. So I guess I kind of need them.

11. Deschribe yourself with 3 words.

Sensitive. Ambitious. Happy with life right now. (I know that’s more than one word and not even an adjective, but whatever.)

My questions:

1. Which places do you want to see the most during the next ten years? (not more than three!)

2.Christmas whish?

3. Any New Year’s resolutions?

4. What is the best thing that happend to you at school?

5. Do you play soccer and if yes, since when?

6. What position do you play (and why)?

7. What could be your dream job?

8. Do you want kinds?

9. Do you think one can grow old happily without being in a relationship?

10. What is the reason you sign on on tumblr?

11. Who knows you the best?