hey you guys, so i hit 1.5k followers the other day and i decided to make a tumblr follow forever in honour of it and stuff. anyway, y’all are super nice and everyone on here has a blog worth following! i’m sorry if i left anyone out, it wasn’t my intention! every blog i follow has made my time here worthwhile with the uswnt fans (WE WON THE WC!), the canadian fandom who are super sweet and of course the nwsl fandom in general! anyway, after that spiff, here goes.

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Hey everybody this is my first follow forever! I was going to do this when I reached 1,000 followers around the World Cup but I procrastinated so much that I gained another 100 followers in the meantime so here is my overdue 1.1K FF. 

Here are my favorite blogs that I’ve followed over the last couple years, you guys are all so awesome and I’ve loved getting to know some of you and bond over our obsession of this team! Mutuals are bolded :)


alexmorgans | alikriegersalkrieger | amygodriguezashleyjpalmer | ashlynharris24 | baby-hope | baby-horse | becky-sauerbrunn | carli-lloyd | chocolatemilkohara | cypher2 | epitomeofloyalty | erimacphoto |


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I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anyone, you are all amazing! Go USA!

Trends? Did you say Trends? Come, my child! I have so much to tell you.

  • America celebrated July 4, the day George Washington discovered fireworks.
  • Princess Charlotte got royally christened.
  • The USWNT licked Japan in the World Cup finals.
  • Ariana Grande licked a tray of donuts.
  • You guys ruined Zoobe in the most entertaining way possible.
  • Ringo Starr turned 75 with a little help from his friends.
  • SDCC. Lookin’ good, nerds.
  • Shark Week devoured Discovery Channel’s regular line-up of naked survivalists and coverall’d moonshiners.
  • Spoilers: Harper Lee dgaf about your Mockingbird headcanon. Seriously. Spoilers in search.
  • Wimbledon wimbled on. 
  • And Big Brother 17, the biggest brother yet.

Did you ever see a more splendiferous list? Now blogs:

  • Every Single Word (everysinglewordspoken): 100 years of film, a few dozen lines of dialogue from POC. 
  • GIF Artist Collective (gifartistscollective): Without GIFs there would be chaos. 
  • No Wrong Way to Play (nowrongwaytoplay): There is no game, only the polygonal edges of the universe.

Image via uswntgifs


Through the years - Hope Solo

1996-1999 Richland High School (Richland Bombers)
Three Rivers Soccer Club
Washington Huskies
2003  Philadelphia Charge
2004 Kopparbergs/Göteborg
2005Olympique Lyon
2009-2010 Saint Louis Athletica
2010 Atlanta Beat 
2011 MagicJack
2012 Seattle Sounders Women
2013- * Seattle Reign FC

* = current team