Wambach does not remember the date of her U.S. debut or first goal, her pro championship with the Washington Freedom a dozen years ago, the two Olympic gold medals or the day she became the greatest international goal scorer. She does, however, remember when the United States lost to Japan in the World Cup final, a match that was decided on penalty kicks after the Americans surrendered leads late in both regulation and extra time. Four years on, it still gnaws at her.

 “It’s always there, and that is what happens in heartbreak. Heartbreak never goes away, but now we have an opportunity.” x


I don’t understand why the media will not acknowledge that some of these women have girlfriends or wives, yet they have no hesitation in acknowledging male partners. This bugs me so much. They have gone public with their relationships so there is nothing stopping these people from just saying it. Their relationship is just as valid as any of the straight women who are celebrating. It’s not that hard to say ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’ instead of ‘fan’ or ‘friend’.