Dear diary,

I informed the team that Hope Solo has undergone shoulder replacement surgery. Someone yelled out “HER SHOULDER FUCKED UP FROM HOLDING THIS TEAM UP FOR YEARS” and I said no, it’s because its been damaged over years and years of diving and landing on her shoulder which is typical for goalkeepers, just as a striker would deal with a lot of leg injuries over their career and they said “oh”


ashlynharris24: Kickin’ all day with @tripps_kahai. He killed this piece.  #NotFinishedTho

  • Male @ my school:Alex Morgan is sooo hot
  • Me a fan with a secret blog:ummmmmm, she is also a veryyy talented player who became successful through hard work and dedication.
  • Also me on my secret blog:DAMN 😩 ALEX IS 👀SO 💦HOT 😩💦😩😩😩💦💦💦👌👌👌

christenpress: Here is some best friend puppy cuteness to start your humpday.! Video c/o @spress9876