uswnt vs nzwnt

anonymous asked:

So that O'solo in the NZL match? Thoughts? Do you think Kelley played well?

That O'Solo was strong. Especially the 93rd minutes in stoppage time. Overall thoughts of the game? Bright first ten minutes getting the goal but seemed to slow down and allow NZ back into the game rather than go searching for that second well. Again got the second goal straight after half time, but seemed to stutter once more. They controlled parts of the game, but other times sat back too much in my opinion. I thought Tobin and Morgan Brian were possibly the best players.

In regards to Kelleys performance, strong running of the lines. Did her defensive duties when called upon. Maybe just need to get forward a little more and link up play with her attack. In the final third.

A good start getting the win, but they have to build upon this game.